King Charles And Prince William Face A Brand New Andrew Scandal

If there's one thing the royal family is good at, it's finding drama, and Prince Andrew's scandals seem to especially put pressure on King Charles III and Prince William. Before his birthday, King Charles refused to attend a party near Windsor Castle that the Duke of York attended. According to the Daily Mail, Prince Edward and Princess Anne were worried about their brother and attended the event, to the king's dismay. Sources have said that Charles does not want his brother making public appearances, and a Newsweek poll agrees, with 83% of the Brits saying they don't want Andrew to return to royal life either.

The Duke of York hasn't made much effort to restore his image. After Queen Elizabeth's death, a clip of Prince Andrew and his daughter had Twitter seeing red because the prince appeared to graze his daughter's bottom with his hands (via Twitter). A concerned royal watcher posted the video on Twitter with the message, "Prince Andrew is an absolute predator and the fact the queen supported him is unforgivable. That's his daughter by the way."

In October, a documentary about Prince Andrew dropped on Peacock, "Prince Andrew: Banished." However, Andrew's new crisis will likely cause big headaches for Charles and William.

Prince Andrew makes secret trip to Bahrain

What's a day without another Prince Andrew scandal? The Duke of York's latest scandal involves a business deal, according to The Sun. The outlet reported that Prince Andrew jetted to Bahrain a week ago to take on an "unofficial role" as a negotiator between the "West and oil-rich Gulf states." The Sun claims a billionaire flew the Duke of York to Bahrain, and royal insiders shared that the prince "fancies his chances" for another gig as a special UK representative for trade. However, other sources claimed Andrew was in Bahrain as a "privately-funded" VIP guest.

Prince William and King Charles III's reported plans for Andrew were to keep him away from the public. However, the duke's Bahrain trip seems like the opposite. The Duke of York's previous role as a British trade representative ended in scandal. The BBC reported that Andrew was forced to step down in 2011 from his role after years of controversy and shady deals that did not benefit the Crown. However, in 2014, The Telegraph reported that "Air Miles Andy" was at it again, clocking around 67,000 air miles that year with no official purpose.