Here's What The Good Bones Stars' Homes Really Look Like

"Good Bones" is an HGTV home renovation series that takes place in Indianapolis, Indiana, with a fun and distinctive cast focused on turning neglected houses into some of the most beautiful homes on the block. The focus on revitalizing neighborhoods paired with the fun and lovable cast has led to the HGTV show doing very well, currently airing its seventh season in addition to a spinoff series, "Good Bones: Risky Business."

Most people who watch "Good Bones" love it not only for the impressive home renovations, but also for the people in the show. There's quirky, antique-loving Karen and her fun, boss-lady daughter Mina, who are the main stars of the show — but there are several other cast members that viewers know and love. And naturally, when you're watching a show about houses and you're a fan of the cast members, you become curious about where your favorite home renovators live. Good news: We're here to fill you in on what the "Good Bones" stars' homes really look like.

Mina's Charleston-inspired home

Mina Starsiak Hawk, a real estate agent and the powerhouse behind "Good Bones," has spoken about her homes extensively on the show. In a 2017 home tour for HGTV, Mina showed off her then-home in the Fountain Square neighborhood, which was a cozy, yellow, two-story home with a focus on simple design and clean lines. "My house was actually one of our earlier renovations that I decided I needed to keep," Mina said in the home tour. Another interesting fact about Mina's home at the time? It was right next door to her mom's house.

When Mina and her husband, Steve, began planning a family, they knew a bigger house was in order. In Season 4, Episode 4, viewers get to see what Mina calls her "Charleston-inspired" forever home come alive — starting with an empty lot and ending in the completed house. The large, three-story home features a sprawling balcony and all of Mina's signature touches, such as light, airy colors, a marble-filled kitchen, and Charleston-inspired details like a custom wrought-iron gate. 

Another perk? The house was built on the lot right next door to her old place, so Mina didn't have to move far — and she's still next door to her mom, Karen. "This is the neighborhood Mom and I do a lot of our renovations in. ... The neighborhood is our home," Mina said in the episode. "I really can't imagine living anywhere else."

Karen's eclectic house

Karen E. Laine's home is located right next door to her daughter Mina's place, in the artsy Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis. While Mina emphasizes her love for light colors and a simple, streamlined design, Karen is known for her love of eclectic, antique pieces — one of them being her chandelier, which has bronze spoons and forks hanging from it, as seen in her HGTV home tour.

Other fun components of Karen's home are gardens in the front and backyard, an impressive water feature that includes koi fish and lily pads, and chickens that roam the yard. Unfortunately, Karen has had to deal with every homeowner's nightmare: break-ins. She told local news network Fox 59 in November 2020 that she had dealt with three break-ins at that point — and that the burglar seemed to have a vendetta. "It seems very personal and intentional," Karen said, due to the fact that the burglar returned multiple times and even went as far as defecating in her garage, according to the news outlet. However, Karen made it known that she isn't one to mess with, as she was previously a deputy prosecutor. "Probably not the house you want to burglarize, because I was immediately on the case," she told Fox 59.

Cory's diamond in the rough

Cory Miller, formally known as the project manager for Karen and Mina's business, Two Chicks and a Hammer, is a lovable goofball who always brings some humor to each episode of "Good Bones." He is sometimes referred to as "Toey," and after much viewer confusion and speculation, he clarified on Instagram (via Distractify) that this is because Mina's niece couldn't pronounce his name and called him "Toey," and it apparently just stuck.

As far as his home goes, "Toey" actually bought a house that the team renovated on the show. Season 6, Episode 2 (called "A Charred Charmer for Cory") shows the team renovating a home that had extensive fire damage but a lot of potential. Despite its rough condition, Cory falls in love with the Old Southside home, and the team renovated it with Cory in mind, adding dark, moody touches and a masculine color scheme to fit his vibe. Once the home is revealed to him in the episode, it's clear that he couldn't be happier with the renovation, saying, "I love all of this ... It really feels like home."

Tad's tiny home

Project manager of Two Chicks and a Hammer, general contractor, realtor, and real estate investor Tad Starsiak seems to be able to do it all. On "Good Bones," Tad is known for being the fun-loving but sensitive head of demolition. His demo antics involve things like throwing toilets and swinging from ceiling beams, which has incensed his sister Mina on more than one occasion — but it certainly makes for good TV.

According to the Season 5 episode titled "Tad's Tiny Home," Tad was sharing a rental with several roommates, but he was ready to "grow up" a bit and have his own space. So, naturally, Mina and Karen decided to tear down an old garage and replace it with a decked-out, nature-inspired tiny house for him. In the episode, viewers get to see the team transform the tiny home into a surprisingly spacious, boho-masculine living space. Tad noted in the episode that his upgraded place "represents the growth" he's experienced as he's built his career on the show and within Two Chicks and a Hammer.

The episode featuring Tad's tiny home was aired back in 2020, and it looks like Tad has continued to move on up. According to his Instagram, he recently purchased his second home, but has yet to provide pictures or other information about the new place.

Austin's cute bungalow

Austin Aynes is no doubt the most physically strong cast member on "Good Bones," and the demo squad certainly makes use of that — in many episodes, you can see Austin lifting things like refrigerators and large pieces of furniture like it's nothing. But Austin doesn't just provide the heavy lifting — he's also the construction coordinator for the show and, per his bio on Reason to Dance, a housing developer. A WRTV article also refers to Austin as Two Chicks and a Hammer's public relations coordinator.

In December 2020, Austin purchased his first home — a charming bungalow in Speedway, Indiana — and posted a photo of it on his Instagram with a caption stating, "Ya boy is a homeowner now." He followed that post up with another picture of the house a few months later, captioning the shot, "Once I get some grass growing, it's all going to come together ... well, if I can get grass to grow."

MJ's dream home

MJ Coyle, head designer for the show, is a newer addition to the "Good Bones" crew, but has quickly become Mina's right-hand man when it comes to interior design. His elevated, modern-yet-cozy design choices combined with Mina's preference for light, bright interiors have made for some of the best "Good Bones" houses yet — including MJ's own home.

Season 5, Episode 9, "MJ's Dream Home," shows the home that MJ and his husband purchased in the Wolfington neighborhood of Indianapolis, and the "Good Bones" crew collaborates with the couple to create the home of their dreams. After updating the home, modernizing the exterior, and creating a more open floor plan, MJ couldn't be happier with his dream home. "I'm so happy the house is done," he said in the episode, adding that he was "so happy" his husband also loved it. On MJ's Instagram, you can see the modern and classic design elements coming through in pictures of his home, as well as his pretty, tree-filled yard.