Here's Why An Insider Believes Dr. Oz's TV Career May Be Over For Good

Famed heart surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz became an unexpected celebrity after Oprah Winfrey made him a regular on her talk show (via ABC News). He went on to launch a show of his own, write six bestselling books, and lend his name to a consumer health magazine. Most people would be happy to achieve a fraction as much, but this year, Dr. Oz decided to aim his eyes on a different prize altogether. He ran for — and won — the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, beating out more established politicians. Using the theme "turn the lights on in America," the doctor hit all the right notes for some voters, vowing to fight crime and inflation, stop the flow of undocumented immigrants, promote school choice, and cut healthcare costs. 

For a time, it looked as though Dr. Oz would make it to Congress after all. His fame and platform seemed unbeatable. He even got the endorsement of former president Donald Trump, reportedly because his wife Melania made it clear that Dr. Oz's political future was bright. However, the 2022 midterms told a different story. It was a close race, but his Democrat rival, John Fetterman, ultimately won (via CNN).

Many might now be wondering what Dr. Oz will do to fill the time until the Senate seat opens again in 2028? Well, one option may already be off the table.

Dr. Oz has reportedly been begging to get his show back

Now that Dr. Oz's political aspirations have been shelved, it seems logical that he would go back to dispensing medical advice on TV. But that may not be as easy as it appears. Sources told RadarOnline that the doctor is "groveling" for a return, but his former producers have soured on him. One insider said, "No one in the mainstream will touch him. You can't alienate half of your audience with a political stance and expect to bring in an audience on your return to television." Another source claimed, "Dr. Oz is a social creature who likes to hear himself talk, and it's beginning to dawn on him that he's just not wanted in Hollywood circles anymore." 

It doesn't help that the doctor was widely criticized during his campaign for fudging on his Pennsylvania address (his primary home is in New Jersey, per The New York Times) and for being a millionaire trying to appeal to blue-collar voters. Dr. Oz's history of allegedly promoting questionable health remedies also worked against him. RadarOnline's sources predict that the best he may be able to hope for is a guest shot on conservative networks like Newsmax.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is reportedly regretting his endorsement of Dr. Oz's campaign (via Rolling Stone). Worse yet, Oprah winfrey, who helped make the doctor a household name, endorsed John Fetterman for the Senate seat, according to CNN.