The Versatile Makeup Product Celebs Love For A Luminous Holiday Glow

The holiday season is officially upon us. It's time for sequins galore and every undertone of red lips possible. Holiday glam is timeless, you can't go wrong with the classics. Of course, in this day and age, the beauty world has blessed us with a vast array of unique products to play with and get creative with. So instead of opting for your classical simple shimmery eye this year, there's a new way to get your eyes glistening. 

Whether we like it or not, the majority of beauty trends today are either set by TikTok or celebrities. Someone like Hailey Bieber has definitely become a huge beauty trendsetter recently. Bieber is the one that gave the world the glazed donut nail sensation after all, and people have yet to stop adding a chrome coat to their nails, per Allure. With her own skincare brand Rhode, Bieber has made it very clear that she is all about the glossy glowy-ness when it comes to just about every step of a beauty routine — everyone is on board. Well, her latest layer of gloss is debuting on an unexpected part of your face — your eyes.

Hailey Bieber introduces a new holiday glam glow

At this rate, almost every time Hailey Bieber decides to post anything on social media it makes its rounds — whether people are inspired by her fashion or beauty choices, or simply by how stunning she is. On November 28, she uploaded a run-of-the-mill photo dump to Instagram, but one thing immediately stood out: her makeup. A few snaps showed closeups of Bieber's glittery glam, and the eyes stole the show. She showed off a glossy shimmery eye look that everyone immediately needed to recreate. 

So what's the secret to this glossy eye look? Any eye or face gloss product is all you need. Go about your usual holiday glam look as you'd like, but adding the finishing touch of a gloss over the top adds an entirely new level of glow. With the current 'clean-girl aesthetic' era we're living in today, this is the perfect trick to tying together that natural glowy skin look with your over-the-top shimmery eyes. There's a reason why the TikTok #glossyeyelids has over 8.3 million views. Glossy eyes are the new holiday glam secret. 

The best part is how easily you can achieve this. Whether you opt for an actual lip gloss or a face gloss, the look is perfect in the sense that it doesn't require perfection. The aim is to end with a glossy cast over your lids, so no matter how messy you get with it — you'll still have nailed it.