Why One Royal Expert Is Comparing Harry And Meghan To The Kardashians

The teaser trailer for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's hotly-anticipated Netflix docuseries, "Harry & Meghan," finally dropped this week, and suffice it to say the response has been intense. Page Six confirmed that the six-episode limited series will debut on December 8, following months of alleged delays and issues behind the scenes. At one point, it looked like the show might be shelved indefinitely, due to concerns about disrespecting the queen's memory (via Page Six).

Now that the release date has been confirmed, and the first trailer released, royal watchers are up in arms. Reacting to the clip in The Sun, Piers Morgan railed: "It was so ghastly, so repugnant, so dripping in sanctimony and fake hammy 'woe-is-us' acting, that I felt my intestines physically recoil in abject disgust." The outspoken TV star also complained that after demanding privacy the Duke and Duchess of Sussex now hypocritically, as Morgan sees it, wish to star in their own show.

He's not alone, either. One royal expert reckons they've gone too far this time, even comparing Meghan and Harry to the first family of reality television: the Kardashians. 

The Sussexes are providing an all-access look at their lives

When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's bombshell Netflix documentary series was first announced, Page Six described it as an "at-home with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex-style" show, leading to jokes about it essentially being "Keeping Up with the Sussexes." According to royal expert Kinsey Schofield, the royal defectors have more in common with the Kardashians than you might think. As she admitted to Express, "I can't believe they're putting this type of content out there."

Schofield elaborated, "Once you open yourself up like this ... there is no going back. Perception changes of you. You now seem more attainable. You are officially a Kardashian." The teaser for "Harry & Meghan" dropped yesterday and insiders alleged the timing of Meghan and Harry's Netflix trailer release was no coincidence. Schofield agrees, noting, "I do think that Netflix was looking to use the hype from William and Catherine's visit to steal some headlines." 

The Prince and Princess of Wales are currently promoting the Earthshot Prize awards ceremony in Boston, with the Sussexes' trailer stealing focus from their work. As Schofield contended, "I'm sad that Harry is stoking the flames instead of allowing his brother his moment. He continues to seem very bitter." Likewise, royal fans aren't best pleased that the docuseries is coming out just a few short months after the heartbreaking death of Queen Elizabeth II, with many deeming it to be in poor taste.