Kim Kardashian's Makeup Artist On How To Copy Her Snatched Brows

Small but mighty, eyebrows play a large part in the way our faces look. While it may seem as though people have been paying a lot of attention to the care and maintenance of their eyebrows in recent years, the truth is that eyebrows have been an aesthetic obsession since antiquity. We've seen some of the absolute best and worst eyebrows trends in history rise and fall over time. Indeed, eyebrows can be dramatic, natural — or tragic. 

And few people have harnessed the mastery of the eyebrow like Kim Kardashian has. Her eyebrows have seen several transformations over the years — and were bleached recently for her photoshoot with Interview Magazine. (Here's everything you need to know about the bleached eyebrow trend and how to fake it if you want to rock the trendy bleached brows without actually taking the plunge.) 

Mario Dedivanovic, Kardashian's famous makeup artist, definitely understands the power of the brow. Gotham Magazine featured his signature eyebrow products in an exploration of how to achieve brows like Kim K. Here's how it's done.

Mario Dedivanovic shares the key to Kim Kardashian's brows

In a video that Kim Kardashian once posted on her app (which can now be found on YouTube), you can watch master makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic work on her brows. In this video, he uses the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz and begins by brushing the brows to reach his desired shape. Then, he shares that the focus is on the outer half of the brow to give the appearance of lifted and separated brows from the inner corner. He also slightly elongates the brow at the outer corner.

Dedivanovic fills in Kardashian's brows at the top first, using "a color that is slightly lighter than the natural color of the hairs." As he fills in, he also brushes out the product using a spoolie brush. Dedivanovic says his technique is to use "little strokes in the direction of the hairs" as he fills in the megastar's brows. 

For the inner corners, he says that you can either use a lighter pencil shade or a softer touch to keep this area looking natural and not too dramatic. Dedanovic then sets the outer brow with a brown shadow on an angled brush and does the same (but subtler) in the inner corners, constantly brushing out the product with a spoolie. Using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel, he sets the brows to complete the look.

Using products that suit your brow

Of course, the first step to a fabulous brow is the brow itself. There are ways to properly maintain your brows at home, such as avoiding over-tweezing them. Also important is using products that both suit your brow and your makeup aesthetic — for example, natural or full glam. Mario Dedivanovic uses a pencil rather than a gel on Kim Kardashian's brows, though there are many different brow products on the market to experiment with

Dedivanovic's makeup brand, Makeup by Mario, features a Brow Blowout collection, which consists of an eyebrow pencil and a clear brow gel for setting. The Master Blade Brow Pencil features a slanted tip for fine, precision application and a spoolie on the other end to brush out the brows. It also comes in eight shades. Per Gotham Magazine, the product is best applied to the outer half of your brows, filling in any gaps between hairs. 

After brushing your eyebrow hairs downward, go in with the slanted tip and begin to shape the brow. To lift and accentuate the arch of your brow like Kardashian, apply more product to the top of your brow than the bottom. Then, work your way inward, and lightly fill in any gaps as subtly as possible, mimicking the natural look of the brow hair. The Master Hold Brow Gel will keep both the product and the shape in place.

Now, your brows can have a Kim K attitude any day of the week.