5 New Winter Hallmark Movies We're Most Excited To Watch

The Hallmark Channel offers just as big of a variety of shows and movies as does designs on its greeting cards, which makes Hallmark the go-to all year long for entertainment, whether you're craving the warm and fuzzies, romance, suspense, or drama. Whatever your cup of tea, Hallmark has you covered, and especially around the winter holidays, its movies are fun for the whole family.

You may be planning to take a trip through Hallmark's existing catalogue of awesome Christmas movies, or you may be ready to take a risk on the best and worst that the Hallmark Channel has to offer. But if you're in the mood for something new and seasonal, the channel's 2022 holiday roster is stacked with star-studded casts, beautiful locations, and an expanding range of stories and perspectives. Grab some snacks and a cup of cocoa, because Christmas just isn't Christmas without a Hallmark movie.

Ghosts of Christmas Always

"Ghosts of Christmas Always" premiered on October 30, and its supernatural spin makes it a perfect choice for a Halloween-Christmas crossover event. The sweet romance stars "Pretty Little Liars" actor Ian Harding as Peter Baron, the subject of a potential "Scrooging," aka a guided journey à la Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" character Ebenezer Scrooge. 

"The Bold and the Beautiful" star Kim Matula plays Katherine, the Ghost of Christmas Present, who is hoping to show Peter the light. However, she might end up more invested in his present than she planned, resulting in some major situational comedy and delivering grounded, emotional performances from all involved.

My Southern Family Christmas

"My Southern Family Christmas" premiered on Thanksgiving this year, making it a great transition into the official Christmas season for those who celebrate. It stars "Grey's Anatomy" regular Jaicy Elliot as Campbell, a journalist who is reluctantly prompted to do some digging into her own past. With the help of her estranged father's new wife, Campbell visits his small town undercover, writing an article about her father's role in a beloved Cajun tradition: serving as the Père Noël, or Father Christmas, for the town's traditional lighting of the bayou. 

Not only is this movie a classic story of rediscovering the power of family, but "My Southern Family Christmas" also deals with anxiety and self-doubt, as Campbell learns to trust herself and encourages those around her to believe in themselves, too.

A Royal Corgi Christmas

For animal lovers and fans of the royal family, our next recommendation is a no-brainer. "A Royal Corgi Christmas" is perfect for fans of Queen Elizabeth II's corgis, starring the corgi Mistletoe, who is a troublemaker gifted to the fictional royal, Queen Portia. 

Much like the real-life Prince Andrew gifted the Queen Elizabeth II her corgi Muick, which he inherited after her death, according to the BBC, Queen Portia's son Prince Edmond gives her a sweet corgi pup, but he needs dog trainer Cecily to get Mistletoe ready for the palace's Christmas ball.

A Fabled Holiday

If you're a "Once Upon A Time" fan, you might be interested in an enchanted village that has more to offer than holiday cheer. "A Fabled Holiday" premieres on Hallmark December 3, and is a story of childhood friends coming back together in a town that can show them how to find themselves again. 

The movie stars the ever-charming Brooke D'Orsay, who has also appeared in Hallmark's "A Dickens of a Holiday!" and "A Godwink Christmas: Second Chance, First Love." Her co-star, Ryan Paevey, is a familiar face for "General Hospital" fans, and has been in other Hallmark holiday projects including "Hope at Christmas," "Christmas at the Plaza,"  "A Timeless Christmas," and "Coyote Creek Christmas."

The Holiday Sitter

"Mean Girls" fans might think of it as a Christmas movie because the characters sing "Jinglebell Rock," but in 2022, Aaron Samuels, aka actor Jonathan Bennett, is starring in his very own Hallmark holiday movie. "The Holiday Sitter," which premieres December 11, features Bennett as Sam, who's been charged with taking care of his niece and nephew while their parents are away, though he isn't necessarily ready to be a responsible parent. 

Thankfully, the family's neighbor Jason, played by George Krissa, is able to help him out. For those looking for a sweet LGBTQ holiday romance, "The Holiday Sitter" is both heartwarming and seasonal. Plus, you can also check out Jonathan Bennett starring in Hallmark's "The Christmas House" in 2020, the channel's first film including a gay lead actor and character, per People.