Why Prince William Will Have 'Crisis Talks' With King Charles When He Returns

For the first time in eight years — and the first with their new titles — William, Prince of Wales, and Catherine, Princess of Wales, traveled to the U.S. to promote a cause they feel strongly about. The Earthshot Prize awards, honoring innovators in environmental rescue, were created by the prince in 2021, and this year's ceremony took place in Boston. Some thought that William and Catherine might use the trip to repair the royal family's image, in light of their family's portrayal in "The Crown" and the accusations made against the palace by Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. But the opportunity was marred when Lady Susan Hussey, former lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth and a godmother to William, left her post after making racially charged comments to a Black charity leader (via Newsweek).

Still, the visit was generally considered a success. The royal couple's itinerary included the prince's visit to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, the princess's stop at Harvard's Center for the Developing Child, and a plum seat at a Celtics game (via NBC Boston). William and Catherine even squeezed in a last-minute meeting with President Biden. But there was no extra time to walk the Freedom Trail or enjoy a cup of clam "chowdah" at Union Oyster House. The royal couple made a prompt return to the U.K. the day after the Earthshot ceremony. Naturally, they were eager to see their three children. But royals watchers are also claiming that William had another motivation for hurrying home. 

The king and prince may respond to Harry and Meghan's documentary

On December 1, the same day the Prince and Princess of Wales arrived in Boston, Netflix dropped its dramatic trailer for the bombshell Harry and Meghan docuseries. The teaser presents a series of sweet photos of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, juxtaposed with snippets of interviews that show Meghan wiping away tears and Harry talking about "[doing] everything I could to protect my family." Critics accused the Sussexes of trying to steal focus away from the Waleses' trip, and predicted that the six-episode series will be a smear job of The Firm disguised as a plea for understanding.

Royal experts have told The Mirror that King Charles and Prince William will be engaging in "crisis talks" about the series. If Harry and Meghan make claims of racism within the palace, as they did in their Oprah interview, the king may feel obligated to respond with a denial. The same will likely hold true of any allegations that the royal family was indifferent to the Sussexes' pain when they were being trashed in the British tabloids. 

One source maintains that Charles and the other royals have made numerous attempts to reconcile, yet Harry and Meghan appear determined "to air their repeated grievances to the world." The source adds, "If there is a need to respond to anything in the upcoming series, then you can be assured that response will be swift and robust."