Donald Trump's Reaction To The Tax Fraud Verdict Is Exactly What You'd Expect

Former President Donald Trump has made a lot of headlines this year, one of which was his announcement that he would be running for president in the 2024 presidential, vying for his second chance as Commander-in-Chief.

And just because Trump has been out of office since Joe Biden became president, doesn't mean that we've seen and heard less about him. It seems that as each day passes, he continues to make more headlines.

From meeting with white nationalist Nick Fuentes for dinner at Mar-a-Lago to publicly condemning the Constitution, the 45th president has been criticized left and right for his actions. However, it seems that the dominoes continue to keep falling, as it was recently revealed that The Trump Organization has been found guilty of tax fraud, amongst several other convictions (via The New York Times).

Unsurprisingly, Trump sounded off about said verdicts in an official statement, and he's taking none of the blame. 

Trump is blaming former Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg

Over the course of the last month, Donald Trump's corporation has been the subject of a trial in the State Supreme Court in Manhattan. Halloween marked the beginning of the trial, where opening arguments claimed that the reason for the trial was based on "greed and cheating," according to NPR

As of December 6, the courts found The Trump Organization guilty on 17 counts, such as felonies like criminal tax fraud, NPR reported. Trump released a statement via his official office as tweeted by criminal defense attorney and right-wing critic Ron Filipkowski.

"Disappointed with the verdict in Manhattan, but will appeal" the December 6 statement from Trump began. He then goes on to deflect all responsibility, citing former Trump Organization CFO, Allen Weisselberg, as the mastermind behind the convicted crimes.

"This case was about Allen Weisselberg committing tax fraud on his personal tax returns etc., with he and every witness repeatedly testifying that President Trump and the Trump Family knew nothing about his actions, which he admits were done solely for his own benefit, and with no benefit to the two companies [the Trump Corporation and Trump Payroll Corporation]," via Twitter. 

Twitter isn't buying it. One user, in particular, tweeted, "Shocking. Trump has never honored a contract or taken responsibility for his actions in his life," amassing over 600 likes.