This Is How Princes William And Harry Are Reportedly Reaching A Compromise For Christmas

Christmas 2022 will be less festive for the British royal family than it has been in years past. It will be the first in 70 years not to be hosted by the late Queen Elizabeth II, whose loss is mourned deeply by her children and grandchildren. The winter celebration will also be marred by a different kind of frostiness: the continuing chilly relations between Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and his father and brother, King Charles III and William, Prince of Wales. Insiders are declaring that the new "Harry & Meghan" Netflix documentary is nothing short of an "all-out declaration of war" against the royal family (per The Sunday Times), and some even predict the king could react by taking the duke and duchess's titles away (per Us Weekly).

Yet the king appears determined to carry on graciously. Windsor Castle is paying tribute to the queen in its Christmas decorations, which include trees trimmed in her favorite purple hue. Despite the potential awkwardness, Charles reportedly extended an invitation to Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, to spend Christmas at Sandringham, according to the Express. William, too, is keeping the peace by refusing to comment on, or even watch, his brother's series (via Daily Mail). On the day the second half of the series airs, the royals will be gathered for a special holiday concert at Westminster Abbey, via Vanity Fair. The Christmas spirit has even prompted the warring princes to put aside their differences in one important way this year.

The royal brothers will remember their nieces and nephews

While Princes William and Harry may not be feeling generous toward each other, they're at least mature enough not to let their differences affect the youngest family members. Sources tell the Sunday Times (via the New York Post) that Harry and Meghan have sent Christmas presents to their nephews, Princes George, 9, and Louis, 4, and their niece, 7-year-old Princess Charlotte. William and Catherine, Princess of Wales, are about to do the same for the young Mountbatten-Windsors, 3-year-old Archie and 1-year-old Lilibet. 

However, the brothers won't be including any packages for each other or their wives — not even the weird Christmas gifts the royals give each other on Christmas Eve. The years-long tradition is said to be a favorite of the family, with no item too quirky even for the monarch. For instance, Harry once gave the late Queen Elizabeth a "Big Mouth Billy Bass," the novelty wall hanging of a fish that moves and sings (via Hello!) William's best gag gifts have included a pair of slippers embroidered with the queen's face. Even Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, got into the act during her brief time as a working royal; she gifted her brother-in-law with a spoon inscribed "Cereal Killer."

The postal gift exchange seems to confirm the rumors Meghan and Harry will not be joining the royals for Christmas this year, an outcome The Mirror predicted back in October. Fans can only hope for better days in 2023.