Pinterest's 2023 Trend Report Is All About Doing More With Less

Length isn't everything, and cutting back on hair extensions and long nails might just free us up for our best year yet. Their survey of user searches on the platform was conducted from September 2020 to September 2022, per Pinterest Predicts: 2023 Trend Forecast – Pinterest's 2023 trend report. Potentially hazardous coffin-shaped nails are being laid to rest, and Gen Z favorites are taking over. Everything small and sweet is very in, and we're learning to pay attention to more than just the skin on our faces. 2023 trends favor choices that allow for flexibility — noncommittal nail styles, easy-to-swap hair colors, and cuts that will start cute and grow out just fine. 

After years of mimicking complex makeup tutorials, we're ready to make a 5-minute makeup routine count, focus on minimalist skincare, and allow clean-girl beauty to take over TikTok. Ultimately, less is more, and Pinterest predicts 2023 will show us just that. 

Short and sweet nails

For years, the Kardashians have had culture in a chokehold with their glossy, long nails, putting pressure on fans to head into the salon at the first sign of breakage to keep up. Whether rounded, square, or duck-shaped, a la Cardi B (via Allure), bejeweled or simple looks, long nails have been in, though may be on their way out, thanks to the micro french nail trend. The look is exactly what it sounds like — a glossy nude with a line at the top of the nail — but it's becoming popular to use a pop of color in lieu of the traditional white streak. Searches increased on Pinterest 235% between 2020 and 2022, making it clear that the fun and practical look may be here to stay, per Pinterest's 2023 trend report.

Hair that goes both ways

According to Pinterest, hair is becoming the new makeup — a tool for artistic self-expression (via Pinterest Predicts: 2023 Trend Forecast). This next look is definitely easy to spot in the wild and is sure to turn heads when you have your own creative take. Gemini hair, aka two-tone hair, has twin personalities that make you look like two different individuals. You may remember Billie Eilish's green two-tone look – green roots with black to contrast on the lengths, per Glamour. But the new trend is parting the hair vertically along one of your normal parts and going to town. Pop singer Fletcher was an early pioneer of this look and gave us major hair envy, per Instagram. So it's no surprise that searches for "multi tone hair" went up 135% in the last two years surveyed by Pinterest. Other stats included a 215% bump in searches for "blue and black braids," a 150% increase in "lavender and blonde hair," and a huge 345% growth in "pink and lavender hair" search requests.

Scalp care is in

The scalp may be one of the most neglected body parts, especially since we're usually focused on what grows from it. Pinterest's 2023 trend report calls this "skinification," meaning prioritizing scalp health more than just the look and feel of your hair. The specific demographics surveyed leaned heavily toward Gen X and Boomers, who are taking new measures to protect their scalps, bolstering a scalp care market in the process. Both "clean scalps" and "scalp massage techniques" clocked in at a 55% increase in Pinterest's books, while "scalp treatment for dry scalp" increased by 70%, "hair mask for growth" 80%, and "clean scalp build up" 45%.

Stiletto nails

Another nail trend is having an uptick, and its minimalist approach might just be your best look yet. Pinterest Predicts: 2023 Trend Forecast includes a 2023 micro-makeover with short stiletto nails, aptly named for the killer shoe. This style is experiencing its moment in the sun for good reason — it's versatile with color and design, but has a unique flair. Pinterest reported an 80% increase in searches for "stiletto nails" in their surveyed data, but we'll definitely be seeing more of the understated style in 2023.

Micro bangs

You may remember Emma Watson's baby bangs debut as either culture-shifting or a major miss, but either way, they were a look you wouldn't soon forget. Now, micro bangs are the playful, slightly grown-out descendants of the baby bang, fitting perfectly within 2023's projected less-is-more trend while also adding a little oomph to your basic haircut. According to Pinterest Predicts: 2023 Trend Forecast, searches for micro bangs were up by 110% between 2020 and 2022, likely indicating that the youthful trend is ready for another round up at bat.

Fresh cuts

Sleek and sharp cuts have been all the rage at least since Kylie Jenner began flirting with the hairstyle way back in 2016 and debuted a fresh chop in 2021, per POPSUGAR. The look matches the overall shortening and minimizing we've seen in the Pinterest trend report, and the popular bob cut ranges from mid-neck length hair to a chop at the bottom of the ears, making it easy and fun to style straight or textured. Pinterest searches for the chopped bob were up a whopping 550% in the platform's recent trend report, and short braid hairstyles also enjoyed a 45% boost.

Pops of color

Last but never least, balayage hair follows closely behind Gemini hair for our next salon request. The highest scorer in Pinterest's trend study was "brown to pink balayage," which was searched 280% more between 2020 and 2022, and "multi tone hair color," which had a 135% growth. It's easy to see why these particular looks piqued users' curiosity — a natural hair color seamlessly transitioning into a whimsical pink tone is certainly an iconic look crafted by a talented hairstylist. And though we've been seeing some form of balayage hair since Glamour wrote up dozens of potential color options in 2020, the new trend toward bolder hair colors reflects an overall growth in post-pandemic style, per HAPPI.