Seamless Underwear That Will Help You Beat Panty Lines

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In the early 2000s, g-strings rose above the waistline and George Bush was president. Now, two decades later, fashion-forward shows like HBO's "Euphoria" have repopularized visible thongs, this time in the form of sexy built-in cutouts (via Marie Claire). Even though some underwear seams are a style statement, others are less than intentional. 

Poorly fitting undies paired with tight pants — or really anything bodycon — is a recipe for the dreaded panty line, the perfect way to interrupt a sleek fit. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your underwear under wraps. Cosmopolitan recommends wearing pantyhose over underwear to smooth out boxy stitching. Alternatively, layering bold prints can distract from unwanted seams. Invest in a slip to wear beneath your favorite skirts and dresses.

If all this seems like a lot of work (and a lot of extra fabric), there's an easy solution: seamless underwear. With the help of these trusty panties, you'll stay smooth once and for all — you just have to know where to look.

Seamless undies don't have to be plain

As plus-sized model Saucye West explains to InStyle, "Feeling your best in your underwear is like feeling your best when you are naked," adding that "you have to listen to your body and make choices that make you feel good." Though seamless underwear is often associated with standard, solid colors like tans, whites, and blacks, they're not all so uniform. In fact, paying for seamless doesn't mean sacrificing prints and personal style. Victoria's Secret no-show hip-hugger panties, for instance, come in nearly 40 colors, patterns, and fabrics. Select anything from their crystal blue floral pattern (with extra shine) to classic black with sexy lace detail — all seamless, all under $10!

Underwear can be insta famous too

Alternatively, Parade — the Instagram-famous underwear brand, per Wirecutter — offers a set of unique patterns in sizes that range from XS to 3XL. Whether you're on the hunt for an invisible thong (check out this cute bumble bee pair), a sculpting high-rise brief, or boyshorts, Parade has the style for you. If you don't trust Instagram, take it from the hundreds of five-star reviews for the brand's invisible sculpt hip huggers. Best of all, Parade is the world's first seamless carbon-neutral underwear, according to CEO Cami Tellez. "Sustainability is at the core of our brand," she told Glamour

Stay warm this winter with seamless thermal underwear

We've all wished for an extra layer or two on extra cold wintertime days. With thermal underwear — like these super soft leggings from Parade — you can stay insulated during the most hardcore snowball fights. According to Lands' End, thermal underwear keeps you warm by trapping body heat close to the skin. Ultimately, it will amp up the effectiveness of even the warmest ski jacket. Wear under your favorite pair of jeans, sweatpants, or even layer under a cute mini skirt to stay warm this season.

Invest in matching sets for you and your partner

Matching underwear with your partner is the perfect couple's gift this season. In fact, Fran Dunaway and Naomi Gonzalez, the co-founders of underwear brand TomboyX, not only sell matching couple's undergarments but are a couple themselves, per Inc. Check out everything from rainbow thongs, to period panties, to tucking bikinis — take your pick. "We were ahead of the Zeitgeist in a lot of the things that this brand represents," recalled Dunaway, "but I don't take personal credit for that. I take credit for listening and giving our cus­tomers what they craved."

Buy one, donate another

As noted by Bombas, underwear is the second most requested item in homeless shelters. That's why the company donates a pair of underwear per every set purchased with their "One Purchased = One Donated" program. Check out their no-show hipster undies made with quick-drying tech, and you might recognize why Time ranked Bombas Underwear one of "The Best Inventions of 2021." Though most Bombas styles run a tad small, according to Insider, their no-show panties tend to be spot on.

You can't beat the classics

In 2000, Spanx revolutionized the shapewear industry. "Back then, shapers felt like workout clothes," founder Sara Blakely told Vogue in a 2012 profile. She sought to change that. According to Blakely, "Shapewear is the canvas and the clothes are the art," and, in the last two decades, Spanx has provided billions of dollars worth of "canvases." Though Blakely's brand is still leading the shapewear market, now offering a wide range of seamless panty options, Kim Kardashian's Skims is certainly keeping up (via Independent).

Kim Kardashian created a no-show shape wear brand

In 2019, Kim Kardashian's shapewear line, Skims, officially took off (via Elle). Since then, it's garnered attention for its seamless, stretchable styles — the business is currently valued at well over $3 billion. "I was extremely specific and it took a really long time to find a factory that can make seamless shapewear," Kardashian told The Cut, explaining the brand's emphasis on quality. "I wanted it to feel really smooth under clothes." Byrdie highlights Skims' sculpting high-waisted briefs as one of 2022's best pairs of invisible underwear, but these panties come in a variety of cuts from the famous fits everybody cheeky string bikini to the best-selling boyshorts.

Not all seamless underwear breaks the bank

If you're hoping to shop outside of the Kardashian megaverse (but still want underwear that doesn't show any lines), few brands rival Fruit of the Loom's more than 16,000 5-star ratings on Amazon. The company has been around since 1851, and they've refined production down to a science. Available in packs of six, these undies will have you covered (almost) every day of the week — best of all, it's affordable. You can get a whole set for under $20 from Amazon.

Jump on the knitwear trend

According to The Zoe Report, knitwear is here to stay. Modern knitwear is all about "plays on proportions, distressing, body-contouring seams, and cutouts continuing to emphasize and, in some cases, distort the body," says Terrie Isaac, Trendhub's head of creative. Knitwear undies — such as Naked Cashmere's ribbed shorts — are definitely a splurge, with some sets totaling more than most airline tickets. However, you can also save on Aerie's seamless cable boybrief underwear, now retailing for under $10. It won't be long before you're investing in a knitted bralette, too.

Gender Inclusivity is key

Why buy boxers when you can have Woxers? This brand, established in 2019, works to create comfortable underwear for people of all genders. "Woxer underwear was created because everyone deserves to be comfortable," founder Alexandra Fuente explained to Citybiz. "We believe underwear is more than just a hidden piece of clothing; underwear reveals your personality, creativity, and attitude." Best of all, Woxers come in 35 different patterns and colors, everything from tie-dye to a pattern simply called glitch.

Party in the back with a little bit of lace

Seamless underwear shouldn't just be limited to nylon. If you're shopping for a new pair, spice it up with a little bit of lace like these Knixy lace essential boyshorts. Though they may look like a pair of full-coverage panties in the front, the back is made from lightweight, breathable lace with the right amount of stretch. Ultimately, lace underwear might be just the treat you need. In the words of consumer psychologist Kate Nightingale, "The idea of wearing a nice or sexy lingerie for yourself can actually have a really positive effect on our emotional state" (via Huffpost).

Keep it sleek in high waisted undies

According to MeUndies, high-waisted panties provide a cinching effect, ideal for smoothing underneath a dress or skirt. "Granny panties" have evolved in the decades since they first got their name. Dr. Shaula Alexander Yemini co-founded Bloomers, an inclusive underwear brand, is working to broaden what it means to be "sexy." As Dr. Yemini told Refinery29, "I thought to myself, 'I can't be the only woman in the world looking for comfortable, sexy granny panties." Especially if you're looking for full coverage underneath a bodycon fit, high-waisted seamless undies are for you.

No need to layer with seamless bike shorts

Bike shorts are trending, worn by the likes of Bella Hadid (via Vogue) and Jennifer Lopez. Now, you too can rock the trend with a pair of seamless bike short underwear with this pair from Aerie. Though they can certainly be worn underneath more high-coverage bottoms, you can also style them on your own. As Masterclass advises, style them with a blazer, keep it casual with an extra large tee shirt, or coordinate with a matching crop top for celebrity-worthy street style.

Match your panties with a seamless bra

Not only do seamless bras eliminate the discomfort of wires and clasps, but they're also invisible underneath your favorite tees. "The rise of the soft bra or wireless bra, in part, is a move away from padded push-up bras from the past," Fleur du Mal founder Jennifer Zuccarini, tells Who What Wear. "Women are also living in athleisure, wearing sports bras daily, and wanting something similar in their everyday life." Match your favorite unlined panties with a similarly seamless bra for maximum comfort, and don't worry about sacrificing support. Parade's support lift scoop bralette is "supportive, yet still extremely comfortable," according to one reviewer.

Microfiber underwear is extra breathable

Microfiber isn't just for cleaning bathroom mirrors and drying your curls. "With briefs, microfib[er] really is a win for a smooth look," Lingerie Product and Fit Specialist Susie Macpherson told InStyle. As confirmed by Men's Health, microfiber will prevent too much moisture from collecting down there, making it ideal for workouts or days when you're running around for hours. Check out these seamless hipster microfiber panties from Intimissimi now priced at $15 or look out for microfiber in product labels next time you shop for undies.

Explore the many shades of nude

Ade Hassan, MBE advertises "a different kind of nude" with her brand Nubian Skin. As the entrepreneur explains in her TedX talk, "after years of never being able to find tights that actually match my skin tone or a nude which actually matched my nude, it sort of came to my head. It was very simple. I was going to create a company which did lingerie and hosiery that worked as a nude for women of color." Explore a range of shades on Hassan's website.

Seamless underwear makes the best loungewear

"For me," says plus-size model Saucye West, "underwear can be my loungewear. It has to feel good," (via InStyle). After a long day of work, it can feel good to hang out in your tighty whities. If this is your preferred Friday night activity, make sure to do it in style. Chill out in seamless boyshorts, like this style from Urban Outfitters, and pair them with a bra top or crew neck for bonus comfort. You're all set for a night of streaming.

Design your own pair of seamless undies

In Season 2 of "The Office," Jim got Pam an extra personalized teapot before it was stolen during Secret Santa (via Vulture). This year, you too can get your loved ones something specific, to say the least. Use your photo library and the website Your Photosocks to decorate a truly original pair of undies. How does it work? Simply upload your chosen photo (or photos), pick out an underwear style, and let the website does the rest. Alternatively, make use of Art of Where's design lab to print your artwork onto a pair of underwear.

Size inclusive underwear has grown more accessible

"Everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin, and that starts off with your underwear," writer Caitlin Magnall-Kearns explained to Refinery29. As she noted, "the right underwear [has] allowed me to feel comfortable physically and mentally in my body." In recent years, size-inclusive underwear brands like Rihanna-led Savage X Fenty — ranging from sizes XS to 4X — and Cuup — XS to XXXL — have made shopping more accessible. As Refinery29 recalled, we've come a long way since the early days of Victoria's Secret.

Stay on the lookout for eco friendly seamless brands

When shopping for sustainable clothing one should look for information regarding long-term durability, materials, and care, as Katja Vujić, social media editor at The Cut explained. Knickey underwear, though pricier than most brands, admits The Cut, delivers on all fronts when it comes to sustainability. Specifically, the brand advertises low-impact organic cotton and even publishes a yearly impact report, citing both accomplishments and upcoming environmental goals. Knickey also offers a comprehensive guide for those who are unsure of their current sizing.

Experiment with see-through undies

"Lingerie can, if one chooses, be a source of eye candy for another. But it should, regardless of that, make anyone feel confident and beautiful in their own skin," writes Gianluca Russo in his book "The Power of Plus: Inside Fashion's Size-Inclusivity Revolution." With this in mind, embrace a little sexiness in sheer lingerie. Check out this seamless pair from Parade, available in sizes XS to 3XL. Pair with a sheer bra like this Skims design.

Invest in seamless period panties

Tired of constantly buying pads and tampons? Period underwear have you covered, especially during those late-stage lighter bleeds. As board-certified OB-GYN Dr. Carolyn Moyers, DO, FACOG tells Byrdie, "On light days, period underwear can be used alone. You can shop by style and absorbency (light, moderate, heavy)." Knix super leakproof high-rise panties, for instance, advertise an absorbency equivalent to eight tampons whereas Thinx boyshorts offer "moderate" absorbency comfortable for overnight use. You should wash these with cold water and hang dry.

Seamless designs will keep you comfy during pregnancy

Ingrid+Isabel designer Jennifer Kelley suggested to Byrdie that "maternity underwear should be a staple in your wardrobe when you become pregnant," adding "your body begins to shift and change even before your bump starts to show." To find highly-rated seamless pregnancy panties, shop Hatch's high tuck brief or, for over-belly coverage, Jockey Generation high-waisted panties available at Target. The bottom line? According to Kelley, "You want to make sure that the waistband is fit to dip under your bump slightly or up and over a full belly, and the leg opening is designed to have plenty of stretch and recovery, so it won't cut into you."

Shop for postpartum underwear too

Post giving birth, many women experience bleeding, soreness, and incontinence (via Mayo Clinic). If you delivered via C-section, you'll also want a fabric that doesn't irritate scarring. Shop for seamless underwear that is stretchy, soft, and absorbent like these recovery panties from Nyssa. Best of all, Nyssa undies come with built-in pockets for between the legs reusable ice and heat packs, as well as a horizontal uterine ice and heat pack. In the words of one customer: "Saved my post c section belly. So comfortable and perfectly supportive the pockets are nice to hold cold packs" (via Nyssa).

Seamless bodysuits are multipurpose and multi-seasonal

Though shapewear used to be hidden underneath our clothing, now it's the focus of many outfits, per Vogue. Rather than worry about underwear, simply dawn a seamless bodysuit — like this sleek style from Parade — for an extra smooth fit. Pair with your favorite high-rise jeans, a cute midi, or dress up for winter with a cozy long-sleeve option. It's official: bodysuits are here to stay.

Wear seamless for work outs

If you wear form-fitting workout gear, it's best to stick to seamless underwear to avoid that infamous "VPL." According to Verywellfit, seamless brands also lead to less chafing and offer better air circulation to keep you performing your best. Check out Girlfriend Collective's sport briefs designed with sweaty workouts in mind. Best of all, it's made with 80% recycled plastic bottles. They range in size from XXS to 6XL and can be purchased with a matching seamless bralette.

Go swimming in seamless

Take your seamless underwear into the ocean or pool with the help of Skims' swim collection. For starters, check out these seamless mid-waist swim bottoms. According to Us Weekly, Kim Kardashian launched her Skims swim line in March of 2022, offering 19 styles. In the words of Kardashian, "The idea is to build your looks from a large assortment of separates — we have a total wardrobe of swim looks, from skimpy bikinis to sculpting one-pieces to sexy cover ups," per British Vogue.

Try out a subscription service for all your seamless needs

Byrdie recommends underwear subscription boxes to those who tend to hoard their panties — admittedly, we all have a pair that's a few years too old. This way, you can throw out the old stuff and avoid the issues that often come with poorly-fitting undies: chaffing, wedges, and itchiness, for example. Bootybag sends fresh monthly styles straight to your doorstep. You can choose between receiving a full set (bra and panties) or just the underwear. MeUndies also offers membership discounts and themed monthly patterns.

Some fabrics can lead to yeast infections

According to Healthline, an imbalance of yeast and bacteria in the vagina — more specifically, a surplus of yeast cells — can lead to itching, swelling, redness, and pain: a yeast infection. Sometimes, this type of fungal infection is caused by sensitivity to underwear fabric. In the words of board-certified OB-GYN Dr. Alyse Kelly-Jones, "The vulva is a very sensitive and delicate area, similar to the lips on your face. You want to treat [it] gently" (via Healthline). Whereas microfiber and cotton-based fabrics wick moisture, certain synthetic materials like nylon trap sweat, allowing bacteria to multiply.

If you can, wash by hand

Unlike standard cotton panties, seamless underwear is usually made of stretchier fabrics like spandex and nylon. Because of this, they should be washed on a delicate setting with cold water so as to prevent them from stretching out, per Hello Giggles. Or, go the extra mile and wash by hand, always letting them air dry rather than tossing them in the dryer. As Skims advises for their fits everybody cheeky briefs, use non-chlorine bleach and don't dry-clean them.