How To Dress Up An Oversized Blazer

It's official: oversized fashion is back. "We're seeing a return of '90s trends in general, and we really love to see the re-emergence of hugely oversized pieces — they can be so fun to play with," celebrity stylist Zadrian Smith explains to Vogue. Larger-than-life blazers, in particular, quickly took over 2022, sported by the likes of Gigi Hadid (via Elle) and Lily Collins, per People. In the words of Dāl the Label founder Dana Mortada, "A blazer is one of the most transcendent pieces a woman can own" (via Harper's Bazaar).

Today's styles are all about embracing comfort and experimenting with the structured tailoring traditionally relegated to men's wear. The bottom line? Oversized blazers continue to prove their versatility whether you prefer an Annie Hall aesthetic or the nearly-neon cinched designs dawned by the cast of "Love Island" (via Cosmopolitan). Casual or classy, make oversized blazers a staple in your outfit rotation.

Sport faux leather for celebrity-worthy streetwear

According to GQ, the increased demand for faux leather or "pleather" products has also led to an increase in quality — these days, vegan leather is just as comfortable as it is affordable. Pair an oversized leather blazer — like this $49.99 Zara fit – with a Hailey Bieber-esque tee-shirt dress and boots. Alternatively, style it up with a mini skirt, heels, and '90s-inspired sunglasses for a night out. If you're feeling extra creative, check out a faux snakeskin blazer or even a style in leopard print — see Mango for details.

Pair with tailored jeans for a business casual aesthetic

According to Vogue, wearing a blazer with jeans rose to prominence after Princess Diana sported the look in the '90s. However, the style has made a major comeback in the three decades since, adapted by the likes of (you guessed it) Hailey Bieber and even Meghan Markle, per InStyle. A blazer is a quick way to add structure (and maybe a little warmth) to a casual look. "My favorite way to style blazers is paired with unexpected and contrasting pieces, like a casual pair of jeans or track pants, and sweatshirts or tee shirts," NYC creative Maria Alia explains to Glamour, adding "I love a look that has tailored and undone elements all at once."

Go bold or go home with a pop of color

The Barbiecore aesthetic is in, so what better time to debut an oversized, bright pink blazer? As blogger Nnenna Echem tells Glamour, "One-color blazers are easy to match to any type of prints," going on to add, "The key is that the blazer should match one of the colors on the blouse." In other words, tie your outfit together by matching your bright blazer with a similarly-toned pattern underneath– if all else fails, go with a simple black top. Alternatively, now that monochrome fashion is trending, opt for a bold, matching set like this one from ASOS.

Consider the seams

As advised by fashion designer Gabrielle Arruda, check to see that your blazer's seams extend just beyond your shoulder. This way, you'll achieve a structured, square silhouette rather than risk being swallowed by the fabric or (perhaps even worse) constrained by it. Arruda also recommends shopping in the men's section to achieve that boxy oversized look — for starters, check out this Collusion checkered floral design on ASOS. Though, as Gabrielle Arruda warns, you'll be hard-pressed to find fabrics other than linen, wool, and cotton in the men's aisles.

Style your blazer as a dress

Dress up your oversized blazer by making it, quite literally, a dress. Find a jacket that falls at a comfortable length — like this Nasty Gal style – and pair it with heeled shoes and jewelry for an elevated look. You can also complete the style by cinching the waist with a belt. For a bit more coverage, wear with knee-high boots or nylons. According to Vogue, a blazer dress is incredibly versatile. Wear it to everything from a business conference to a rehearsal dinner.

Mix and match patterns

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, maximalist fashion has been trending — this means bold colors, prints, and (yes) plenty of oversized styles, per L'Officiel. Blogger Nnenna Echem likes to play with conflicting shades and patterns. "When it comes to experimenting with fashion, I have no limits," she tells Glamour. "Everything is a possible combination for me..." This season, channel Gucci's spring 2023 show at Milan Fashion Week and mix contrasting animal prints, bold colors, and maybe a few sparkles (via FASHION Magazine). For instance, pair an H&M floral blazer (sold out as of this writing) with checkered or animal print trousers — check out this pair available on Mango.

Wear over a bralette

"When it comes to oversized clothing, my one rule is always show some skin — somewhere, anywhere in your body," celebrity stylist Thomas Christos Kikis explains to Vogue. "An exposed chest will make the biggest blazer work." With this in mind, layer your oversized blazer over a favorite bralette, anything from this sporty Calvin Klein seamless bra to a bedazzled Free People statement piece. As noted by Bustle, designers like Celine and Michael Kors have debuted blazer-bra combos on their recent runways — try it on for size yourself!

Play-it up with an oversized skirt

Though it may seem like a whole lot of fabric, one of the best (and most comfortable) ways to style an oversized blazer is by pairing it with loose-fitting bottoms, according to InStyle – start with something like this Madewell off-white midi skirt, for instance. Swimming in too much fabric? Celebrity stylist Thomas Christos Kikis has a tip: "If you're feeling overwhelmed by the proportion, throw on a heel — a little bit of height and glamor [sic] help to offset the volume," per Vogue.

Contrast with a form-fitting mini

Alternatively, contrast the boxiness of an oversized blazer with a form-fitting mini skirt. Who What Wear recommends this option for people with shorter statures, as longer cuts can sometimes prove overwhelming. Look to Anne Hathaway's New York City street style for inspiration (via Harper's Bazaar). Pair an oversized checkered blazer with a high-necked mini dress or invest in a matching skirt set from Mango. Layer a black turtleneck underneath for a stylish business casual fit.

Allow your shoes to set the tone

The right pair of shoes will work to dress up or dress down your blazer. As model Clara McGregor tells Harper's Bazaar, "awesome shoes can really make an outfit." For instance, white sneakers paired with jeans and an oversized blazer will keep your look grocery-store-appropriate. With the addition of a statement heel — like these colorful ASOS platforms – you're ready for dinner out. "A classic black bootie paired with a bold, oversized silhouette is something I'm really leaning into and owning this season," says Cosmopolitan editor Kim Duong. With this in mind, check out these chunky Steve Madden booties, or keep it comfy in a pair of timeless Dr. Martens to solidify your cool-girl aesthetic. 

Find a blazer that aligns with your androgynous style

As explained by Vox Magazine, the fashion industry is (slowly but surely) evolving to embrace more gender-neutral styles — take the oversized blazer, for instance. "Fashion has built up gender norms, so we need to de-gender fashion in general to move forward," non-binary model and writer Radam Ridwan explains to Vogue Business. In the words of Vivian Topping, Equality Federation's director of advocacy and civic engagement, "Fashion and beauty help us feel seen. The most impactful moment in my transition was when I learned how to do my own makeup." Brands like Wildfang offer a wide selection of styles that seek to disrupt outdated gender norms. For starters, check out this patterned double-breasted oversized blazer.

Find a blazer that's part of a set

Along with an oversized blazer, purchase a matching pair of tailored pants. As blogger Kellie Brown advises Glamour, "Find a blazer that's part of a suit you'll want to wear beyond the office. You can maximize how you style the pieces as separates." For instance, add some texture with this Banana Republic corduroy set in brown. Though you can wear the blazer and trousers together for a classy business formal aesthetic, you can also pair the jacket with a sexy slip for a night out.