The Best Ways To Style A Faux Fur Coat

Faux fur coats boast the coziness of an oversized sweater with the glamour of Old Hollywood. They are widely accessible, cruelty-free, and perfectly on-trend.

But fur coats aren't for the faint of heart. Out of a sea of stylish winter outerwear, faux fur coats are quite possibly your boldest choice. But, if you want to make a statement with your jacket or declare your love for trendy winter coziness, these fuzzy coats are perfect.


How do you wear such a bold blanket of outerwear? Well, one thing is certain: Faux fur coats must be worn confidently. But this shouldn't be an issue because there's no doubt you look fabulous. Just have fun with it — fashion should never be serious, especially when you're wearing one of these.

What else should you know about styling a faux fur coat? We've detailed 10 ways to step out in style this winter.

Go oversized like the celebs

Over the past few winters, we've seen oversized puffers, overcoats, and leather jackets. Style icon Hailey Bieber is a fan of the look, consistently topping her casual errand-running outfits with a simple oversized overcoat (per Glamour). The key to this trend is to keep your base look simple so it looks intentional instead of costumey. We suggest a simple T-shirt or body suit in black with matching pants or a skirt.


Opting for faux fur is our favorite way to adopt this trend. Style blogger Allie from Allie Wears recommends choosing a neutral material for your coat so it matches everything, and, if it's designed to be oversized, select your usual size.

Super casual

The juxtaposition between luxe and casual is what fashion dreams are made of — luxe being a creamy faux-fur number paired with baggy light-washed denim and a striped tee. A white faux-fur coat will dress up any outfit, whether it's jeans, pajamas, or even sweatpants, explain the style experts at Who What Wear. You'll instantly look more put together, always effortless, and obviously more fashionable.


Jewel tones and black

Jewel tones and black are a match made in heaven. Both are lusciously dark and completely elegant, especially when worn together. There are certain occasions when it's important to let one piece of clothing do all the talking, and this would be one of those. Wearing black underneath won't compete with the bold nature of this statement-making faux-fur coat. Simple black booties or loafers and a classic tote will finish off this polished look (per Who What Wear).


Retro classic

Brown mink coats are the epitome of classic Old Hollywood glam. You can get the retro look cruelty-free and for way less with a faux fur option. Go for a cropped version with this beautiful number from Michael Kors.


A coat such as this clearly works for fancier occasions, but, when your outerwear is this beautiful, you'll want to wear it every day. Take a note from Suzanne from Crazy Blonde Life and style your glamorous coat with a simple pair of jeans and a silky blouse.

Full-on glam

Why not pair sequins with a magenta faux-fur coat? No one's stopping you from going all out and combining your most fabulous pieces to create one glamorous ensemble. When you express your vibrant personality, only the sky is the limit. Take a hint from the image above and match your leather gloves to your jacket and add a contrasting shoulder bag.


A faux-fur coat can glam up any outfit, making it the perfect choice for upscale winter events, holidays, weddings, or anywhere you want to sparkle (per Severyn Furs).

Streetwear cool

Long black faux-fur coats give you all the coziness but without the bulk. And, on the streets, nothing stops fashionistas from breaking the typical style rules. Sneakers bring an effortlessness and unexpected appeal to an otherwise everyday outfit that street-style setters absolutely love. Plus, you'll get the comfort and support you need while walking around the city. Get the look with DKNY's Long Faux Fur Coat or Alo's Oversized Faux Fur Trench.


Rocker chic

Musicians have been rocking the stage wearing fur coats for decades. Channel the queen of rock 'n' roll herself, Janis Joplin, with a fluffy fur coat that gives 1960s free-lovin' vibes. Pair it with a band tee, bell-bottom jeans, tousled tresses, and wire-framed shades to complete the rocker-chic look.


Or, if your vibe is a bit edgier, pair a white faux-fur jacket with black leather pants and studded western boots like style blogger Frederica Lai of June Sixty Five.

Balance proportions

Balance the fluffiness of your faux fur coat with a form-fitting crop top underneath. This is a fun look for a night out or even for lunch with friends on a sunny winter day when you don't need tons of warmth. Finishing the look with slim pants or black skinny jeans will balance the boxy proportions of the jacket.


Since the base of your outfit is simple, try out a striped coat or one with an animal print, per Paris style blogger Camille Noholita.

Go bold or go home

You don't need to look too far to find faux fur coats that just scream fun. Cosmopolitan recently featured a fluffy chartreuse number that is the perfect example. Look no further than bold faux-fur silhouettes in vibrant colors and outrageous textures for your next winter party.


Wear a long black dress underneath, and accessorize with abandon. Try out bold shades, a silk scarf, and chunky gold necklaces like the guest (pictured above) at Gucci's Spring/Summer 2023 Milan fashion show.

Monochrome neutrals

Monochromatic is all the rage. And, against all your grandma's rules, wearing white or cream after Labor Day is not only okay but encouraged. Follow the recommendation from Who What Wear and pair a tan faux-fur coat with your monochromatic ensemble. You'll turn heads with your undeniable elegance.


While pure white is surely chic, don't stop there. Incorporating shades of cream, ivory, beige, tan, and black adds dimension and interest, says Byrdie.