Meghan Markle Is Reportedly Unhappy With Final Edit Of Controversial Netflix Documentary

Although they waited a long time to finally share their story, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have endured quite a bit of backlash for speaking out in the Netflix docuseries "Harry & Meghan." Meghan Markle fans were furious after an article lumped her in with famous "narcissists," taking to social media to vent their frustration. The scathing piece, published in Politico, compared the former "Suits" star to the likes of Elon Musk, Elizabeth Holmes, and even Donald Trump. 

Elsewhere, a UK poll showed that Meghan and Harry's popularity is worse than ever, suggesting they may have played this one wrong. According to YouGov's findings, over half of the survey respondents had a more negative view of the couple ahead of the show dropping — despite it being a record-breaker for Netflix, racking up a whopping 81.55 million viewing hours globally during its first week of release alone, per CNBC

Critics have been lukewarm on "Harry & Meghan" meanwhile, contending that it doesn't reveal anything new about the Sussexes and is little more than a branding exercise for them (via NPR). And, as it turns out, the Duchess of Sussex herself kind of agrees. 

The Duchess of Sussex isn't best pleased with how the series turned out

Speaking to Fox News, royal expert Kinsey Schofield argued that despite how popular "Harry & Meghan" has been globally, the show wasn't actually that successful — and Meghan Markle reportedly isn't pleased with how it turned out either. "While I agree that they feel like telling their side of the story was important, I have heard that Meghan was not thrilled with the final edit," Schofield claimed. Moreover, she contended that Prince Harry's upcoming memoir, "Spare," which is due out next month, is going to be similarly lacking in bombshells.

According to the "To Di For Daily" podcast host, royal watchers should expect "Spare" to be mostly fluff, with few specifics. As Schofield pointed out, "Most people are noticing that while Harry and Meghan like to talk ... the two seem to lack substance and detail." Although the celebrity couple has been opening up about their struggles with the royal family ever since defecting in January 2020, they're only willing to share enough to keep them in the public conversation. 

Prince Harry is preparing to hit the promotional trail for "Spare" in the coming weeks, including a tell-all interview with Anderson Cooper. A TV insider informed the Daily Mail that it's a huge coup for him since major decision-makers tune into the show. Still, the prince is unlikely to reveal much before his book comes out, if even at all.