Jeremiah And Hannah Duggar Announce Baby No. 1 As Their Unexpected Christmas Gift

The Duggars, of "19 Kids & Counting" fame, always seem to be busy with family news, but two particular members are apparently playing a game of "Can You Top This?" Jeremiah and Jedidiah Duggar are the second set of twins in the family, and their lives are twinning in more ways than one. Jed was married to Katey Nakatsu in April 2021 (via the Duggar website), and Jer exchanged vows with Hannah Wissmann in March 2022 (per Us Weekly). 

Jed and Katey welcomed their first child, Truett "True" Oliver, that May, and, just three months later, Jeremiah and Hannah shared the happy family news that they were expecting their first child too. The baby news didn't stop there either; Jed and Katey shocked their families at Christmas by announcing that their second child was due in May. The brothers also engaged in some friendly sibling rivalry with their gender reveal parties. 

For True, Jed smacked a baseball to reveal blue powder but Jeremiah and Hannah went a step further — they had one of her sisters arrange for a helicopter to scatter pink confetti and balloons over them (via Instagram). And yet, Jedidiah and Katey's second gender reveal was even wilder. They enlisted James Duggar to rig a pink-painted car to careen off a ramp and into a lake. Although it seemed like the perfect way to cap off a successful 2022 for the Duggar clan, Jeremiah shared his own Christmas surprise as the new year dawned. 

The newest Duggar baby has a special holiday name

On New Year's Day 2023, Jer and Hannah Duggar posted an unexpected Instagram photo that showed them smiling and cuddling a newborn baby. "After an incredible year, God gave us a precious Christmas gift to top it all off!! Baby girl decided to arrive early," the caption read. The couple's December 25 arrival weighed just under 7 pounds and measured 19.5 inches at birth, suggesting that she wasn't too far off from her actual due date. Putting aside their brotherly competition for the moment, Jed Duggar added to the numerous loving comments by writing, "So happy for you guys!" 

In early December, Hannah answered a fan's question on Instagram regarding baby names, as The U.S. Sun reported at the time. She admitted that although it had taken a while to come up with a first and middle name they both liked, "I think we have one pretty much picked out!" But considering their daughter's birth date, Jer and Hannah may have made a last-minute change to her name, since their announcement confirmed: "[W]e are totally and completely in love with our Brynley Noelle."

The new parents previously shared a YouTube video of their first family home: an RV the couple renovated. Some Duggar fans expressed their concern over Jeremiah and Hannah's baby living in such small quarters — there's no space for a crib in the bedroom — but others suggested that it's just a temporary arrangement until Brynley is a little older.