Jedidiah And Katey Duggar's Gender Reveal Might Be The Family's Wildest One Yet

The extended Duggar family keeps growing almost by the minute. In 2022 alone, there were three births (and one possible secret Duggar baby for son Josiah), plus three announcements of babies due in 2023. With pregnancy news so common, the married siblings are making things more interesting with their creative gender reveals. In 2021, Josh and Anna Duggar shared their news with a video in which they opened an umbrella filled with pink confetti (via CafeMom). Jill Duggar Dillard posted two sets of photos to her Instagram account: one black and white, and the other in color showing that the "Baby" balloon in the picture was blue (via NBC's "Today"). Due next May, Joy Duggar Forsyth and her husband used their hobby of darts for their reveal, letting guests pop color-filled balloons and tallying the pink vs. blue count. 

Married just five months, Jeremiah Duggar and his wife, Hannah, announced in August that they were expecting their first child. They, too, opted to go big when they disclosed their unborn baby's gender in October. As their family gathered around an open field, a helicopter came by and showered the expectant couple with pink confetti. It was a grander stunt than his twin brother, Jedidiah, had performed in January: He merely hit a baseball that was filled with blue powder. But Jed got his chance to up the ante sooner than anyone expected — and it was a jaw-dropper. 

The gender reveal involved heavy machinery

Having just welcomed son Truett Oliver in May 2022, Jed Duggar and his wife, Katey, announced the news at Christmas that they're already expecting a second baby. "We're just trying to keep up with you guys," Jed quipped to his dad, Jim Bob (via YouTube). The couple decided to find out their child's gender as soon as possible, so at Katey's 16-week ultrasound, they asked the technician to write the answer down and put it in a sealed envelope. Then they gave Jed's younger brother James — the 13th of the 19 Duggar siblings — the task of pulling off a memorable gender reveal surprise for the family in just four days.

James rose to the challenge in a way no one could have predicted. In a video he posted to Instagram, he was asked whether his plan was "the craziest thing" he had ever done. "I don't know. It's right up there. It is definitely one to remember, put it that way," James answered. The clip also showed James operating a large Caterpillar bulldozer and hauling a heavy chain — not exactly what you would expect to see being used for a baby-related event.

The reveal took place on the senior Duggars' expansive homestead. Guests included Jed's siblings Jessa, Jana, Joseph, and Josiah, along with their younger sisters. Everyone made "he" and "she" guesses with pink and blue markers — Jessa's son Spurgeon is seen here on Jed's YouTube — before going outside to learn the news.

The gender reveal was truly over-the-top

James Duggar pulled off a double surprise for his shocked brother Jed. He lit a bonfire in his parents' yard and stood by with a bucket as the family counted down, "Three, two, one!" James tossed the contents of the bucket onto the fire, which roared up, but didn't change color as expected. Then came the real reveal: As the rock song "Bad to the Bone" played, a bright pink car roared down a nearby hill, leaped off a ramp, and splashed into the Duggars' pond. Pink fireworks shot off to confirm the news of a new Duggar granddaughter on the way. (No one was behind the wheel; James had rigged the car to roll on its own.) 

Jed and Katey topped the night by disclosing one more bit of news: They've already chosen their daughter's name. Nora Kate Duggar is due to arrive in late May 2023, possibly on the same day Jed's sister Joy Duggar Forsyth has her third child. Joy has settled on a name as well; her son will have James as either a first or middle name, she announced on her vlog

Will we see more wild gender reveals in Jed and Katey's near future? Maybe not. In a Q&A they posted to YouTube in October 2022, Jed Duggar addressed the biggest misconception about his family, explaining that he probably won't have as large a clan as his parents did.