Whatever Happened To Charita Nicole From Love Is Blind?

Often, "Love Is Blind" has too many love stories to show them all, and this means certain moments, or even relationships, are omitted from the final cut. The first and second seasons of this hit Netflix reality TV show had multiple engagements that didn't air, but "Love Is Blind" Season 3 was the exception to this pattern. According to Netflix, the third season didn't include any additional unaired engagements. Instead, all the pod singles left the show ready to reenter the dating world.


"Love Is Blind" Season 3 had plenty of awkward moments, drama, and heartbreaks, so many contestants barely made an appearance on the show because of the feast of content. Netflix found 30 Dallas singles looking for love to participate in the "Love Is Blind" process, per Marie Claire, but only about a dozen of them became part of the central stories.

This means that there were plenty of "Love Is Blind" cast members that we only saw briefly or not at all. One of these contestants was Charita Nicole Scott. We don't know much about Charita's pod journey because Netflix didn't show much of it, but we know some things about her life after "Love Is Blind."

She works as a makeup artist

According to Charita Nicole's brief "Love Is Blind" bio, she was a 35-year-old makeup artist when entering the "Love Is Blind" pods (via Marie Claire). Charita's personal website goes into more detail about her journey to becoming a makeup artist. Charita explains how she became interested in makeup at a young age but only officially began pursuing her dreams professionally in 2013.


Her services mainly involve doing makeup for special events, such as photo shoots, weddings, and other special occasions. Charita's Instagram page often highlights her work, including some behind-the-scenes videos of her process and before and after looks.

Since "Love Is Blind" Season 3 ended, Charita is still a professional makeup artist. A few of her clients even tagged her impeccable makeup work as recently as December 2022. Nancy Rodriguez also tagged Charita in one of her pictures from the "Love Is Blind" Season 3 reunion.

It's nice to know that Nancy Rodriguez's journey after "Love Is Blind" includes having a friend who can make her gorgeous while in the dating scene. It's unclear if "Love Is Blind" helped gain Charita new clients, but her business seems to be doing fine with or without the show's exposure.


She is still friends with the Love Is Blind cast

Clearly, since Charita Nicole sometimes does Nancy Rodriguez's makeup, the two women are still friends. She's also friends with some of the others from the show. In November 2022, Charita posted a reel on her Instagram, showing her partying with some of the other "Love Is Blind" contestants, who she called her "pod squad." Among other activities, they're shown dancing to the artist Pitbull.


The reel shows Nancy, Raven Ross, Zanab Jaffrey, Colleen Reed, and another barely shown "Love Is Blind" Season 3 cast member, Loren Langenbeck. Zanab also tagged Charita in her end-of-the-year video, showing more fun times they all hung out. Additionally, Charita commented on the video, saying, "can't wait to make more." Charita's friendships with some of the other "Love Is Blind" women seem to be going strong.

Charita limits what she shares on social media, so it's unclear if she found love after appearing on Netflix's dating show. However, she seems happy with whatever her current dating status is.