How To Replicate The Soft Goth Aesthetic From Wednesday

If you binge-watched "Wednesday" like most of the world when it dropped on Netflix, you were probably left with a whirlwind of emotions and a feeling of desperately wanting to attend the Rave'N Ball (perhaps without the red Carrie-esque paint, though). 

Whether you love them or hate them, there's no doubt that Wednesday Addams' edgy looks are a key part of the show. She may traditionally be viewed as a goth, but most of the looks seen on Wednesday, played by Jenna Ortega, fall into what's dubbed the "soft goth" category rather than straightforward goth. Whilst traditional goth attire is all about dramatic eyes and lips, soft goth is more in line with the trendy soft girl aesthetic.

Speaking to Byrdie, KVD Beauty Ambassador Sandra Saenz approved of the trend, stating that the style "is a great way of experimenting with something different without using an abundance of makeup." Saenz also noted that the trend allows people to experiment with looks that were previously viewed as "exclusive to a specific group of people," aka goths.

Fancy recreating Wednesday's soft glam aesthetic? Here's all the info on how to do just that: best paired with a dead-eyed stare that would make any Addams proud.

Wednesday's braids aren't just reserved for long and thick hair

If your hair is on the finer side or you feel it's too short to achieve Wednesday's braids, think again. As demonstrated by hairstylist @diyhairschool, you just need to approach the hairstyle in a different way. She recommends starting to braid much higher on your head, nearer your roots rather than the nape of your neck. She also only braids the back section of her hair, leaving the front layers out. Once you have finished braiding your hair into two plaits, cross them over each other at the top and secure them with plenty of bobby pins for a look that's perfect for the Rave'N Ball. 

You don't have to be a makeup pro to master Wednesday's lip look

If you're new to makeup, @sophieemand's simple tutorial shows the exact products used and how they turn out. She mixes the MAC Cosmetics lip liner with clear gloss and applies the combo with a lip brush to dilute the color slightly. The final result appears slightly darker in real life than it does on the show due to skin undertones and the color grading of the show, but you could blot it or add more gloss for a less pigmented look.

Soft goth makeup can be toned down to fit your style

For a warmer and slightly more wearable version of Wednesday's soft goth makeup (read: less emphasis on dark circles) makeup artist @frenchtouchofmakeup used eye shadow in a warm rusty orange shade all over her lid and lash line before going in with a gray eye pencil and blending the two together. To match the subtle berry pink hue of Wednesday's lips, she used Huda Beauty Lip Liner in the shade Very Berry and lined her lips with black eyeliner and a brush before finishing with a suitably spooky black gloss.

Take the basics of Wednesday's style to create a look that suits you

If you want a way to incorporate Wednesday's style into your everyday life, take inspiration from creators like @best.dressed on Instagram. For her take on Wednesday, Ashley styled a classic black pleated skirt with a short-sleeved black polo top that features a Wednesday-esque white square collar. She finished the look with preppy black patent Mary Jane shoes with a slight heel, as well as a plain black headband. Ashley's take on the soft goth aesthetic is wearable for any occasion, not just for throwing piranhas into a pool.

You can even go for a whimsical approach to the soft goth aesthetic

For her Wednesday-inspired look, creator @nastasiagian blended Wednesday's style with her own. Combining Wednesday's soft goth influence with her own cottagecore aesthetic, she wore a midi black skirt with black tights on her bottom half. On her top half, she wore a scoop neck black long-sleeved top and accessorized with a long key necklace and black ribbons tied at the end of her plaits. For shoes, she wore black heeled boots, a staple most of us will already have in our closets.

You can use items you already have to create a look

Utilizing staple colors in Wednesday's wardrobe, creator @h.yleec made a simple but on-theme outfit that includes basics most people will already own. Starting out with sheer black tights, she paired a black turtleneck bodysuit with a black pleated skirt. Of course, no Wednesday outfit would be complete without a pop of white or gray, and the white cable-knit sweater vest Copeland placed on top is a relatively easy item to find. Don't forget to wear your chunkiest boots or shoes to complete the look!