Try The Angelic 'Cherub Lips' Trend For A Heavenly Makeup Look

Practicing your pout is an art form, and the "cherub lips" trend can make your lips into a true masterpiece. Taking inspiration from the chubbiness of cherubs, which are often represented as child-like angels, this trend mimics the fullness of a cherub's cheeks and pout for a plump and rounded effect. 

The trend descended from the heavens after makeup artist @ehlieluna posted a video tutorial of the technique on TikTok, spurring makeup lovers everywhere to gain their angel wings after completing the look themselves. Well, we could be kidding about that last part, but this makeup might make you feel that way!

Nestled amongst several sweet lip trends out there taking the beauty world by storm, including the glazed lip trend and the brownie lip trend, cherub lips require minimal products and a transformative technique. Who needs cupid's bow and arrow when you're sure to fall in love with cherub lips without any help? 

Tricks to keep in mind

The goal of cherub lips is to make the overall appearance of your lips look fuller in the center. This is achieved by over-lining the top of your lip and the bottom of your lip, and keeping the rest of your lip liner to a minimum. If you've never overlined your lips before, here's how to overline for fuller, more natural-looking lips

TikTok user @ehlieluna, who is credited with starting the trend, compared the shape of the cherub lip to others in a TikTok video in order to emphasize its particular technique. Rounded lips are over-lined evenly around the lips, while pouty lips follow natural shape of your lips, with a little extra emphasis on the cupid's bow. The lip liner also appears closely matched to the natural shade of her lips when creating the cherub lips look. The outline can then be topped with any lipstick color your like, glossy or matte, depending on your preferences. Again, the shape of the lip is key when it comes to nailing the trend — not so much the color or finish.

The cherub lip technique

TikTok user @christinatiktok1 demonstrates in a tutorial how to achieve a cherub lip look worthy of your love.

First, she describes creating an oval shape on the lips, emphasizing the center of the lips while omitting the corners. Holding the lip liner at a 45-degree angle from the lips, she overlines the top of her lip in a rounded shape to give the upper lip height. She then brings the liner down into the center of her lips, creating a half-heart shape. Then, she fills in her cupid's bow so it is rounded at the top. After, she then draws a half-moon shape on her bottom lip to complete the shape in the middle. She fills in the inside of the shape with lipstick, and using a clean brush, lastly buffs out the product to the corners of her lips. 

The effect gives the illusion of greater plumpness in the center of the lips. We wouldn't be surprised if you were mistaken for an angel when you try this look on!