Julianne Moore's Favorite Makeup Shades Challenge Old-School Rules For Redheads

Julianne Moore has been acting for nearly 40 years, which may come as a surprise considering how young she looks. She works to take care of her skin, and in 2022, she became one of the faces representing Hourglass Cosmetics, per Beauty Packaging. Not surprisingly, given her beautiful skin glow, the first campaign Moore starred in, alongside her daughter Liv Freundlich, was called "We Glow," for Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Soft Glow Foundation. Moore talked about why she liked the campaign, saying, "I appreciate the refreshing approach [...] in showing that beauty also comes from within and from the relationships we share."

Moore revealed to Women's Health that wearing sunscreen is one of the biggest "secrets" to beautiful skin. She's also said that it took her time to learn to love her look—red hair and freckles, per Prevention. When she was younger, she said: "I hated being the one that couldn't go to the beach or who had to wear long sleeves. I think that stayed with me a bit." We're happy that she's learned to embrace her unique beauty! Moore has made a video for Vogue that detailed the ins and outs of her skincare and makeup routine, including some recommendations that shake up traditional expectations for the best makeup looks for redheads.

Julianne Moore likes pinks and plums for redheads

Julianne Moore starts the video for Vogue by outlining her skincare routine to get prepped for makeup, including face wash, serum, creams, face massager, and the all-important sunscreen. Her first step in putting on her makeup starts with foundation, and she made the point that she doesn't wear it so heavy that you can't see her freckles. When she does her eyebrows, which she acknowledges she has to draw in after having "destroyed" them, Moore doesn't reach for an eyebrow pencil in red. She uses Brow Wiz by Anastasia in blonde; they call the blonde shade "blonde hair with warm/gold undertones." Moore talked about how people might assume that "redheads think that redheads have red eyebrows, but they very rarely do." Noting your eyebrow color does not have to match your hair. 

Another assumption about redheads that Moore dispels is the choice of blush color: "People always think that redheads look great in peaches and oranges." Moore does not agree with that at all: "I really, really don't like orange." And she explains the colors that she thinks look better on redheads instead of peaches and oranges are "pinker, or a plum, and generally something pretty sheer." From how good she looks, who are we to disagree?

Julianne Moore is a fan of red lipstick for a night look

Julianne Moore doesn't stop with her opinions of what looks good on redheads in her Vogue video. While red lipstick might be assumed to clash with red hair and therefore avoided, Moore confidently said that if she wanted to amp up her day look for a nighttime look, she would wear a "warm, vibrant" red lipstick. The one she chose is Red 0 by Hourglass Cosmetics. It's actually a new lipstick formulation that she's helped promote as a brand ambassador. The red lipstick is 100% vegan; much of the time, it's carmine, made from crushed female insects, that give red lipstick its vibrant color, per Forbes. "It's nice to know that you don't have to kill a bunch of bugs to wear lipstick," Moore said to Forbes.

Judging by the comments on Moore's video, her makeup and skincare advice is loved, including by other redheads. One fan wrote: "so beautiful, I am a redhead too, and I'm going to try these colors." Another said, "Her skin is fabulous, and as a fellow redhead, I can only hope I age as well as she has!" And one agreed with her color choices: "As a fellow redhead, I don't like to wear orange or peach either."