These Bridesmaid Invite Ideas Are Next-Level Genius

When the time comes to ask your besties to be your bridesmaids, finding the perfect way to pop the question is no easy task. And you don't want to propose empty-handed. These days, brides recruit their bridesmaids by proposing with a gift box. Traditionally, these boxes will include some kind of wedding party swag, small trinkets, and goodies for each member of the bridal party. According to The Knot, brides also use their bridesmaid proposal boxes to give each of their girls any matching jewelry, makeup, or hair accessories they want their bridesmaids to wear on the wedding day.

Per Bach, some bridal experts warn against giving anything that says, "Bridesmaid" on it, as your besties are unlikely to use it again after their wedding duties are over. Try to avoid making the proposal all about you and your spouse-to-be and instead of personalizing your bridesmaid's gift with your wedding date and colors, try finding gifts that each potential bridesmaid will use over and over, or something sentimental that celebrates your years of friendship.

Before you fall down a Pinterest rabbit hole of shimmery boxes and personalized tumblers, maybe consider more out-of-the-box options. Being a bridesmaid is a big (and oftentimes expensive) responsibility. Each of your girls deserve a fun and unique proposal that they'll remember forever. If you're still stumped, don't worry — we found ten examples of our favorite bridesmaid proposals that are so clever, you'll definitely want to recreate them for your own bridal party.

Pop the question with something deliciously sweet

When you're looking for a gift that every one of your bridesmaids will love, you can never go wrong with a sweet treat. One bride took her baked goods gifts to the next level. On TikTok, @sarahbelleelizabeth shared that she asked each of her bridesmaids to join her special day with a custom cookie cake complete with "Bridesmaid?" etched in frosting. We're obsessed with this unique and delicious gift that guarantees a yes. In her own words, "Who would say no to a cookie cake?" 

Channel your inner bookworm with these personalized romance novels

If you're a book lover, share the gift of reading while inspiring your besties to get into the wedding spirit with some romantic reading material. TikTok bride caffinated.reader shared her adorable bridesmaid proposal gifts and we are obsessed! She chose a different romance novel for each of her bridesmaids, based on their likes and interests. Then, she made custom book covers that read, "Will you be a part of my love story?" With this gift, we definitely see a bridesmaids book club in your future. 

Ask your besties with a little confetti and a lot of wine

For our brides with a sense of humor and a tendency to prank their loved ones, take "popping the question" to the next level with a confetti bomb! TikTok user @dkurowski7 ordered custom cards that popped out a surprise of colorful confetti when each bridesmaid opened it and a custom cube full of photo memories. The special question was written inside, giving each bridesmaid good laugh before they cried tears of joy. And of course, the bride gave each of her besties a bottle of wine to make up for the confetti cleanup. 

Surprise your MOH with a singing telegram

For a bridesmaid proposal that will be talked about for years to come, we recommend sending a signing telegram. TikTok user @brushmeoff shared the maid of honor proposal she planned for her sister, and the results were hilarious. The unsuspecting MOH opened her door to find the musical surprise, complete with a chicken costume and a song full of squawks. 

If you yourself are musically inclined, writing your own bridesmaid proposal song and performing it is another great melodic option. But if you pass on karaoke nights, maybe send a professional chicken, instead. 

Embroider a handwritten message for a subtle and sweet proposal

If you have good handwriting, this personalized sweatshirt idea is for you. Embroidery company GoGetPersonalized one of their custom orders from a bride who wrote a handwritten note for each of her bridesmaids and had the message stitched into the sleeve of a sweatshirt. This is a great way to personalize clothing for your bridal party. The message is subtle enough that your bridesmaids will most likely wear it again, and the added personalization of your own handwriting makes it an extra special gift. 

Celebrate your vacay destination with the local cuisine

This bride hinted at her bachelorette party destination with a hilarious gift: a potato! On Instagram, @elissasanci shared her bridesmaid starchy proposals with the caption, "Possibly the weirdest bridesmaids boxes ever?" With an upcoming bachelorette trip to Idaho, she was inspired to personalize the state's most note-worthy food with the question, "Will you be my bridesmaid?" She also included a postcard to Idaho and a sweet note for each member of her bridal party. 

Channel your inner fangirl with swag inspired by your favorite show

For the queen of binge-worthy TV recommendations, use your favorite show as inspiration when you pop the question to your besties. TikTok user @123kyliee might be Steve Carell's No. 1 fan because her bridesmaids all got "The Office" themed swag in their proposal box. Each gift incorporated details from the show, like "assistant to the bride" sweatshirts and coasters with iconic "The Office" quotes engraved on each one. 

But before going all in on a TV-themed gift, make sure each of your bridesmaids also enjoys the show. You want them to get all the references!

Make each bridesmaid smile with a personalized lipstick

If you have some money to spend, spoil your bridesmaids with a custom lipstick complete with engraved details. TheFinanceBrides took to TikTok to share her favorite elevated bridesmaids gift. She recommends a YSL lipstick or lip gloss that comes in a variety of shades, so you can choose the perfect color for each of your bridesmaids. You can order each lipstick with a custom engraving of your bridesmaid's name, so she will always know which luxury lipstick is hers. Each lipstick will run you about $39, but the engraving is free. 

Capture every moment with these adorable instant camera gifts

A picture is worth a thousand words: give your bridesmaid's a photo-themed gift they'll treasure forever. We can't stop thinking about TikTok user @kyra_aaliyah's sentimental bridesmaid proposal gifts complete with an instant camera, a photo album, and photos of her with each bridesmaid. Encourage your bridesmaids to snap pics at all the bridal events, and fill the photo album with all the special memories you make after all the wedding festivities are over. 

Ditch the traditional gifts and throw a party instead!

Sometimes, the best gift you can give is quality time with your loved ones. Instead of filling a box with goodies that you hope your bridesmaids will use, throw them a bridesmaid proposal party! TikTok user @lindsaypaigestein shared clips from her proposal picnic with each one of her bridesmaids in attendance. This gathering gives your girls a chance to bond with one another before any of the official wedding festivities begin, and you get to spend even more time with all your favorite people in one place.