The Duggar Sister Who Is Publicly Supporting Jinger Vuolo Amid Memoir Revelations

It takes courage to realize that your upbringing may have been toxic. It takes even more courage to say so publicly. With the release of her explosive new book, Jinger Duggar Vuolo has done just that. "Becoming Free Indeed" is her account of growing up in the faith practiced by her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. The ultra-conservative Christian sect, called the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP), preaches that salvation is only possible through shunning worldly influences such as popular music, and devoting oneself to Bible study and church activities. The group also follows a patriarchy system in which men have authority over their families, children are taught to obey even as babies, and women aspire only to motherhood (per New York Post). 

All this left Jinger feeling more terrified than faithful. "Fear was a huge part of my childhood," she told People in a recent interview. Only after gaining exposure to other churches and viewpoints did she come to see that she could wear jeans and listen to Michael Bublé and still be a faithful Christian. She now asserts that the IBLP has "cult-like tendencies," and hopes that her book can help others free themselves from harmful religious groups.

A number of Jinger's 18 siblings still either live at home or follow the IBLP, and it's likely some of them will be shocked or upset by what her book reveals. But at least one sister — who also rebelled against her parents' church — has come out squarely in Jinger's corner.

Jill Dillard is Team Jinger all the way

Like her sister Jinger Duggar Vuolo, Jill Duggar Dillard was raised in the cultlike Institute in Basic Life Principles, but grew to renounce the controversial church and its practices. She is also estranged from her father, Jim Bob, over his controlling ways (per People), though she does occasionally join her sisters for get-togethers outside her parents' home.

On seeing Jinger's promotional Instagram post for "Becoming Free Indeed," Jill jumped right into the comments section to send her support. "1) you are gorgeous & I love your hair + the wardrobe & beach vibes!" she wrote, in reference to the photos from the People interview. "2) yes!! Proud of you (and Jer as I'm sure you continue to support each other) as you have processed so much I'm sure and yet continued to cling to each other and Jesus! Walking 'the straight and narrow' as God leads you is harder than walking completely one way or another!" She concluded, "Love you! Praying continued peace and strength for y'all!"

Also adding her support was cousin Amy King, who recently sent a clear signal about her family by dropping the "Duggar" from her name. "SO PROUD OF YOU! FREEDOM LOOKS BEAUTIFUL ON YOU!" she all-capped. Sister Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth registered a "like," but with no comment. Fans are curious to know whether Jinger's book will end her relationship with her parents; as of this writing, they have not issued a statement.