The Bold And The Beautiful Famous Feuds: Steffy And Hope

In the early days of "The Bold and the Beautiful," the feud between Taylor Hayes (then played by Hunter Tylo) and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) carried many of the show's biggest storylines. Their constant fighting over Ridge Forrester (then played by Ron Moss) caused major drama, with Ridge regularly flipping back and forth between the two women (via Soap Central). In the late 2000s, "Bold" introduced the next generation of Logan vs Forrester when Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) and Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) took over where their mothers left off.

Much of Hope and Steffy's fighting has revolved around their mutual affection for Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton). Liam's constant waffling and inability to commit to one of the two women long-term have led to countless verbal showdowns over the years. However, that appears to have calmed down recently, especially since Steffy found love with another man (via Soaps In Depth).

Their feud is comprised of various layers of jealousy, betrayal, and twisted romance. Somehow, despite the lows their fights can sink to, these two continue to be prime examples of strong, powerful female characters in daytime television. Even so, much of "Bold's" storylines in the present revolve around the never-ending feud between Steffy and Hope. They are the next generation of leading ladies, and their starring roles in most of the show's plots are a shining example of that. 

Steffy and Hope's feud had a surprisingly tame beginning

Steffy Forrester and Hope Logan have been on a destructive path for as long as most viewers can remember. However, they weren't originally intended to be on similar trajectories because of the vast difference in their ages. Eventually, Hope got rapidly aged up to match Steffy and the other young adults appearing in the series, setting the stage for what would become an epic rivalry. 

At first, it was petty and didn't feature the high stakes the two women would eventually be forced to contend with. Considering their mothers were trapped in a never-ending battle over Ridge Forrester, it didn't take much for these two to be at odds — especially since the warring women couldn't be more different at their cores. Steffy was unafraid to embrace her womanhood and use her various physical assets to secure what she wanted. Hope, on the other hand, adopted a more conservative approach, choosing to remain a virgin until she found the man of her dreams (via Soap Central).

Their competing mindsets on life were put to the ultimate test when Liam Spencer, the son of media magnate Bill Spencer (Don Diamont), arrived in town (via Michael Fairman TV). As soon as Liam stepped onto the scene, both ladies began vying for his attention, igniting the primary focus of their lengthy feud.

Liam has always been the biggest bone of contention for them

Liam Spencer is the catalyst for Hope Logan and Steffy Forrester's feud since he was so magnetic that neither woman was willing to give up in her pursuit of him. Unfortunately for Hope, her slow pace proved to be the downfall of her relationship with Liam. Saving herself for marriage may have worked for Hope, but Steffy's affinity to use her sexuality to get what she wanted managed to capture Liam's attention, putting a wedge in his relationship with Hope. 

Liam and Steffy slept together and were eventually caught in a steamy lip-lock by Hope, effectively ending their initial engagement (via Soaps In Depth). In a move that would become commonplace in Hope and Steffy's long-running feud, Liam turned to the other woman after being rejected. Once Hope ended things, Liam rushed into Steffy's arms, proposing to her, leading to the wedding of the century, with Aspen, Colorado serving as the backdrop for high drama and holy matrimony. 

Things were looking up for Steffy since she finally was on the verge of cementing herself as Liam's bride, but Hope couldn't give up Liam, and she made the trek to Aspen to make things right (via Soap Central). Sadly for Hope, Billy Spencer wasn't going to let her get in the way of Liam and Steffy's happiness. Instead, he trapped her inside a gondola, forcing Hope to watch the love of her life exchange vows with Steffy.

Steffy and Hope had a lot of back and forth with Liam

Shockingly, the Aspen debacle is far from the only time that Hope Logan and Steffy Forrester have had a conflict involving a wedding to Liam Spencer. When Liam's marriage to Steffy didn't work out, he quickly ran back to Hope. However, Steffy held the power in her hands, dropping a megawatt bombshell on Liam and interrupting his latest wedding to Hope(!) to reveal her pregnancy. Steffy lost the baby in a tragic motorcycle accident, freeing up Liam yet again to switch back to Hope (via Daytime Confidential). 

This time around, though, Hope was romantically entangled with Liam's brother, Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks). Liam and Steffy reunited after she returned to Los Angeles, having dealt with the emotional aftermath of her horrific miscarriage. By this time, Hope had also suffered a miscarriage of her own, fleeing the city to put space between herself and everyone else. While Hope was away, Steffy and Liam thrived for the first time on a long-term basis. 

But, after Liam kissed up-and-coming fashion designer Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) in the rubble of an imploded building, Steffy turned to Liam's father, Bill Spencer (via Steffy then slept with Bill in a moment of weakness, trying to pretend it never happened and continue on with her fairytale romance. However, after discovering she was pregnant, Liam realized a paternity test had been run, causing him to leave her (via Michael Fairman TV).

Steffy's affair with Bill drove Liam back to Hope

Hope Logan made her long-awaited return to Los Angeles at the most opportune time, with Liam Spencer's marriage in shambles after Steffy Forrester slept with Bill Spencer. At first, Hope provided a listening ear, being there for Liam while he unloaded about his personal problems. However, like always, Liam flitted between the two women, and he couldn't resist sharing an intimate moment with Hope at Forrester Creations (via

Steffy ultimately caught Liam and Hope in a risqué embrace and ended their marriage, regardless of the fact that she was carrying his child at the time. Finally, Steffy chose herself, putting an end to their feud in the process. However, it wouldn't take long for it to reignite because Liam attempted to reconcile with Steffy despite his obvious preference for Hope. In fact, Liam only remained with Hope because of her own pregnancy announcement. 

In typical "Bold" fashion, though, things wouldn't rest easy. Around the same time as Hope's pregnancy, Steffy became determined to provide a sibling for Kelly, her daughter with Liam. She was set to go about it on her own when an adoption scenario fell into her lap, while on the island of Catalina. But, unfortunately, Hope's life was changed forever because of one doctor's dirty deed (via Soap Central).

Steffy adopted Hope's baby whom she believed to be dead

Hope Logan was tricked by Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady) into thinking she'd lost her baby. The anguish she felt caused Hope to push away the people closest to her, especially her husband, Liam Spencer. During this time, Steffy Forrester was thriving. She adopted a beautiful baby girl, whom she named Phoebe after her late twin sister. Unbeknownst to both women, Steffy's new bundle of joy was actually Hope and Liam's presumed deceased child (via Soap Dirt).

Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) used the loss as a way to manipulate Hope into being with him instead of Liam. It worked for several months, but eventually, Thomas's son, Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samari) revealed the truth, exposing his treacherous plot (via Soaps In Depth). Once Hope and Liam found out, it was time to reclaim baby Beth, effectively removing the child from Steffy's care.

Naturally, Hope was devastated by the situation since she grieved the loss of her daughter, while she was, in reality, living life comfortably with her arch-rival. Steffy refused to believe that Phoebe was actually Beth, spiraling as Hope was adamant about taking Beth home. Steffy didn't have much time to process the situation, creating a new source of tension between two women who at that point had been fighting for years (via

Steffy cheated on her boyfriend Finn with Liam

Sometime after the baby Beth drama, Steffy Forrester was involved in another motorcycle accident. Her crash is the dangerous reason viewers were introduced to Dr. Finn (Tanner Novlan), the doctor that ultimately saved her life. After the crash, Steffy became addicted to painkillers — something that helped her and Finn grow closer. However, even though she found new love with the doctor, Liam was still very much in her heart (via

Liam Spencer was tricked into thinking Hope Logan was cheating on him, leading to one last sexual encounter between him and Steffy. The tryst rocked everyone's lives when Steffy fell pregnant again, leaving them guessing whether Liam or Finn was the father. Hope and Steffy went to war once more over Liam's betrayal, and the anxiety of the paternity results put a further strain on everyone's relationships.

Luckily, Finn was determined to be the father of Steffy's baby, and Hope and Liam have remained together ever since, per Soaps In Depth. Liam hasn't been a factor in the animosity between Hope and Steffy ever since. For the most part, they remained civil for the next couple of years, but an old love triangle reared its head once again, putting the women back in each other's line of fire as Brooke Logan and Taylor Hayes battled for the heart of Ridge Forrester.

Hope and Steffy went to war again over their mothers

After another of Brooke Logan's betrayals, Ridge Forrester pulled a real Liam move and grew closer to his ex, Taylor Hayes. Hope Logan wanted her mother to be happy and for her marriage to remain intact, but Steffy Forrester pulled out all the stops to ensure her parents were reunited and their picture-perfect family was put back together. Steffy began hosting family events that only her father was invited to, isolating Brooke from his wife, and forcing her mother and father closer together (via Soap Dirt).

Hope was dealing with her own issues, meanwhile, with Thomas Forrester, but still, she didn't hesitate to stick up for her mother's marriage, fighting to keep Brooke and Ridge together. Eventually, a phony CPS call perpetrated by Thomas allowed for Ridge to leave Brooke, propose to Taylor, and stand at the altar to pledge his life to her once again. However, in a twist of fate that might have ended the feud between Steffy and Hope for good, Steffy spoke out against her brother, revealing his wrongdoings and vindicating Brooke in the process (via

Brooke and Taylor both rejected Ridge, finally ending the cycle of his back and forth after thirty years of the same dance. With any luck, Hope and Steffy can avoid that kind of pain and exhaustion by ending their feud now instead of spending another two decades fighting over the same man or finding other reasons to maintain hostility.