How To Style Arm Cuffs Like A Pro

From ancient Greece to the Y2K, the arm cuff has had several shining moments in the spotlight since its creation thousands of years ago, tracing back to ancient Mesopotamia (per Gem Select) . Seen on Hollywood starlets like Halsey as well as fictional superhero babes like Wonder Woman, the arm cuff — aka bicep bracelet — is a versatile piece with a history of being linked to "social rank and power," according to Refinery29. Whether paired with a red carpet gown, or Amazonian battle armor, the arm cuff can be fashionably worn with nearly any ensemble. 

So, it's no surprise that arm cuffs will be one of the hottest trend this spring. They have made their way back on the beautiful biceps of fashion models today, seen on runways in New York and Milan, with designers like Fendi, Tory Burch, Prada, and Raf Simons decorating their models in the nostalgic arm piece (per Vogue). Beautifully crafted in various colors, styles, shapes, and designs, arm cuffs can elevate any outfit — and you don't have to be "America's Next Top Model" to get the look yourself. Here's how you can style the trendy cuff like a pro.

Bohemian goddess vibes

When you mix a flower child with a Greek goddess, you get @mariajosirena in this Instagram photo. Wearing brown flare trousers with fringe and matching strapless bandeau, she completes the look with thin gold arm cuffs that wrap up each bicep. She wasn't afraid to play with other jewelry staples as well, with a chain belt around her waist, oversized hoop earrings, a few complimentary necklaces, several gold rings, and fabric cuffs around her wrists with chunky gold bracelets on top. The arm cuffs are simple, giving the perfect touch on top of a busy yet cohesive ensemble.

Add an edgy flare to your elegant evening wear

Add another layer of excitement to your glitzy evening gown with a delicate arm cuff, like "Love Island" star @tashaghouri in this snap posted to Instagram. Ghouri was known for flashing her arm candy jewelry on "Love Island," often sporting several gold arm cuffs paired with summer outfits, including swim attire and streetwear. Keeping the tradition alive after filming, she wore a thin silver bicep bracelet with a sparkly formfitting gown while attending the Pride of Britain Awards in October 2022 (via Daily Mail). Ghouri proves that arm cuffs add an edgy and modern vibe to both bikinis and swanky ensembles.

Arm cuffs don't need to sit on bare skin

Arm cuffs are traditionally paired with short sleeve, strapless, and thin-strapped attire, so they sit on bare skin. However, that doesn't have to be the case, like fashion model @sammiejosephene proves with this look. Arm cuffs naturally give a cool girl vibe, so when paired with a long sleeve black netted crop top, it just elevates that aesthetic even more. The thick gold snake arm cuff is the focal point of this look, as the model kept the rest of the jewelry simple.

An arm cuff is the perfect beachwear accessory

Selecting what jewelry to pair with your swimwear is sometimes a difficult task, especially if you plan on playing in the water or catching a tan. You want to make sure your jewelry is comfortable, easy to remove, and stylish — and an arm cuff is the perfect choice. Content creator @karadacosta paired a swirly gold arm cuff with her strappy black bikini and coverup in this Instagram post, and the overall look is a perfect mix of spicy and trendy. The statement piece is right on trend with bigger jewelry, like arm cuffs, being popular in 2023.

Spice up a denim outfit

Even the most casual of outfits entirely made of denim can be paired with the versatile arm cuff. Pop singer Dua Lipa showcases this idea in an Instagram photo, wearing flare light wash jeans and a denim butterfly-shaped top. She completes the look with a casual baseball cap and silver butterfly chain belt. The "Levitating" singer is one of the first fashion-forward celebrities to resurrect the arm cuff in recent years, and we predict it's only a matter of time before many more follow suit.