2023 Beauty Trends You Should Try Based On Your Zodiac Sign

When asked what beauty trend she hoped to see in 2023, beauty writer Redzhanna claimed, "I'm tired of trendy beauty. Trends come and go in the beauty industry in an instant, with every single one being done to death before it's discarded within the week ... I'm hoping that all the trends calm down for a second." While some trends might be feeling a bit tired (looking at you, "clean girl"), there's no denying that the right beauty trend can hit just right. And there are some super interesting beauty trends on the rise in 2023. 

Along with the rising trends, your astrological sign may be rising soon. Astrologer, author, and podcaster Aliza Kelly says that each of the 12 star signs of the zodiac "is illuminated by its own point of view, complete with powerful strengths and weaknesses" (via Allure). We've studied the trends and the stars and are prepared to pair the air, fire, water, and earth signs with the perfect beauty trend to sport during your birthday month or year-round. Here's a peek into what beauty trend you should pay attention to as it relates to your connection to the cosmos.

Aries: Fiery in copper

Aries: (March 21 – April 19): Aries is one of the fire signs, and astrologer Kelly describes them as "passionate and motivated" (via Allure). She says their impulsivity can lead to adventure or occasional mistakes, but they are a force to be reckoned with. This star sign is related to the planet Mars, named after the god of war. You get the idea.

If you're an Aries, you might be ready to embrace the copper/rust trend. Based on trending searches on the platform, Pinterest predicts the rising trends every year and has named rust the color to get married in. But even if you're not planning a wedding in 2023, you can embrace the spirit of your fire sign with bronze and copper eyeliners, rust-red eyeshadow, and terracotta blush. Makeup artist Gabrielle Alvarez recommends a gentle rusty grunge look using whatever shade of rust you love: from taupe-y red to fiery orange (via Instagram).

Vogue says that "Google searches for copper hair have seen an enormous 8,000% uplift" recently. The beauty of this shade is that it's universally flattering, and you can embrace whatever version of coppery rust you like: from terracotta oranges to brown, spicy tones. Kelly says that when Aries are at their best, "They're upbeat, positive, and playful creatures who enjoy living life to the fullest." So go ahead. Embrace your Bronze Age, fiery Aries.

Taurus: Spa Shower

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): This sign Aliza Kelly calls "the most sensual of the zodiac," per Allure, saying Taurus is "enchanted by any physical manifestation of comfort and luxury." The ultimate contentment comes when they're being pampered. And they totally love a proper bath time soak. "[I]n their perfect world, Taureans would spend all day bathing in a tub overflowing with essential oils," Kelly reports. But she's quick to point out that the other crucial feature of a Taurus is that they get stuff done. They're ambitious, practical, and hard-working for their own feeling of security and well-being. 

Given this contrast between love of luxury and practicality, it makes sense that the beauty trend of 2023 a Taurus would embrace is the "spa shower" trend. Pinterest Business reports that searches for phrases like "shower routine aesthetic" and "amazing showers walk in" are up 400%. With a growing focus on conserving water, showers are the new tubs, and the aging Gen X and Boomers are looking for ways to make showers both accessible and gloriously luxurious. This is the perfect trend for a Taurus who believes the practical shower is efficient but should definitely feel like a spa experience. To add this beauty trend to your day, try hunting down shower bombs (non-explosive but explosively awesome smelling), eucalyptus to hang on the shower head for aromatherapy, and the best loofahs, shower gels, and hair care products your hard-earned pennies can buy. 

Gemini: Gemini Beauty

Gemini (May 21 – June 20): The legend goes that the Gemini star sign was "interested in so many pursuits that it had to double itself," Aliza Kelly says, per Allure. They constantly juggle various hobbies, careers, and friend groups and love a good party. Gemini, which means "twins," are usually down to try something new, and they like to change things up. This makes Gemini the perfect star sign to embrace — wait for it — the Gemini trend. 

Gemini simply means two options, which means the Gemini hair is typically two colors. Why commit to just one hair color when this beauty trend of 2023 allows you to have any number of colors? Pinterest Predicts says, "Gen Z and Millennials are behind this rising trend in hair color that mixes natural hues with bright blues, purples, and pinks." Lavender is an especially popular color for hair this year, so don't be afraid to embrace the pastels. If duplicitous hair color isn't your thing, you can play with two shades of eyeshadow (go for neutral on the lid and purple eyeliner for the pop) or perhaps even two tones of blush. 

Cancer: Metallic nails

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): Cancers are represented by the crab. Aliza Kelly says that similar to the crab, Cancers are "extremely self-protective," per Allure. They are "shielded by hard, external shells." They can seem standoffish at first. But with enough time, Cancers reveal their soft underbelly: a "gentle nature, genuine compassion, and mystical capabilities." 

In keeping with the cool and distant nature they present to the world, Cancers should try the metallic nail trend. Nail Salon owner Tiffany of Tiffany Beauty calls metallic metals "the nail trend of 2023." Vogue recommends a nod to the ombre trend, but, this time, make it "nude melting into metallic." This feels like a direct representation of the hard shell, melting into the gentle, compassionate side of your Cancer zodiac sign. Don't be afraid to try this shade on your eyes, either. Strong metallic, color-shifting eyeshadows are in this year in whatever color suits your fancy.

Leo: Brave Brows

Leo (July 23 – August 22): Just like the lion that represents this sign, Leos are the kings and queens of their jungles. They exude "royalty status" in whatever room they enter. Per Allure, Kelly calls them "vivacious, theatrical, and passionate." Leos are known for their loyalty, ambition, and determination, but "above all, Leos are celebrated for their remarkable bravery." They are a strong, proud star sign with deep wells of resiliency and grit.

And while the crown may lie heavy on the brow of a Leo, their brows should bespeak their bravery and strength. In 2023, the Leo sign should embrace the Brave Brow. Vogue editors claim that skinny brows are back, along with all things Y2K. But it's not just skinny brows — it's bleached brows. See the recent runway shows of Burberry, Versace, or Marc Jacobs. And Leo, the bravest in the jungle, is the perfect star sign to sport this brave brow. Even if you don't feel quite "Leo" enough to bleach your brows, you can achieve the same effect with concealer or blonde eyebrow powder, says makeup artist Ehlie Luna. Whatever approach moves you, dear Leo, be bold with your brows and let them represent your powerful side.

Virgo: Micro makeover

Virgo (August 23 -  September 22): Virgos know how to be deeply present in the space they inhabit. They are practical perfectionists, who are willing to put in the work to be excellent. They are detail-oriented and are good at organization. Per Allure, Astrologer Aliza Kelly advises, "Though Virgos long to be meticulous in all pursuits, they must remember that constantly chasing after the idea can be destructive when applies to self or others ... it's important for Virgos to learn that flaws are not defects."

To this end, the beauty trend for Virgos to embrace in 2023 is the micro-makeover. Anything tiny or short is "in" this year. According to Pinterest Predicts, search trends are loving short manis and barely-there bobs, both practical and perfect. You can embrace this trend in a myriad of ways. Try micro bangs or super short nails. Vogue loves the box bob, or braid your short hair — embrace the practical and see how close to "perfect" your Virgo self can get it. Just don't drive yourself crazy seeking perfection in everything. It's OK if that one nail is slightly longer or the braids aren't perfect. Embrace micro-imperfections and watch how your star shines brighter as you grow. 

Libra: Breathable base for balance

Libra (September 23 – October 22): The Libra stands out as the only star sign represented by an object instead of an animal: the scales. Scales represent the balancing act a Libra strives for in every aspect of their lives: relationships, environment, and physical appearance. People pleasers by nature, Aliza Kelly says they are "highly motivated by physical appearance" (via Allure). The way to strike a Libra balance between this desire for the approval of others and physical appearance is to embrace the 2023 beauty trend of a breathable base.

Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes is one of the loudest proponents of the breathable base beauty trend, encouraging us to set aside our full-coverage foundation for solid skincare and well-placed concealer. Per YouTube, she says, "You never want someone to say, 'Oh, your foundation looks great!' You want them to say 'Oh, your skin looks great!'"

The secret lies in priming your skin well. That doesn't mean buying a bunch of primers, but it does mean putting a little moisture in areas of your skin where you might put highlighters (for glow) and avoid putting it in the T-zone or areas where you're oily. The editors at Elle concur with Hughes and recommend skin tints and more breathable foundations for "the best of both worlds." See? Balance! For such a star sign as you, Libras!

Scorpio: Statement pinks

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21): Astrologer Aliza Kelly describes the Scorpio as ambitious, enticing, and controlling (via Allure). They have an "enigmatic nature" that makes them deeply mysterious and seductive. Life is a game of chess, and the Scorpio sees every play in advance. It doesn't mean they always use their powers for selfish gain, but you can rest assured that a Scorpio sees more than they let on and is usually three steps ahead of everyone else. They have an "intrinsic intensity" they can use to achieve their goals or to demonstrate deep empathy to friends. 

Nothing says "intrinsic intensity" like a statement pink. We love it on the eyes, but Valentino's PP Pink collection demonstrates it works on any part of your body you want to use it. Reveal that deep, enigmatic beauty with a strong hot pink eyeliner and equally striking eyeshadow. Keep your lips mysteriously neutral, and the eyes will say everything (or nothing) as you choose, Scorpio. Pink blush, as a statement or just a healthy flush, is also a strong option. Several beauty brands have launched new pink highlighters recently, so you can give your face a pink glow at the high points if you prefer. Some may call it Barbiecore; we just call it Scorpio Statement.

Sagittarius: Ready to rave

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): Wild, untamable, and up for adventure, the Sagittarius is "the most brazen of the star signs," according to Aliza Kelly, per Allure. This zodiac symbol is curious, passionate, and doesn't like to stay in one place for too long. Kelly claims, "Sagittarius rules the thighs, so... [they're] always on the move." These are the explorers, the never-satisfied-to-read-it-in-a-book sort of person who needs to experience and taste life for themselves. They're wildly optimistic thrill-seekers who can't get enough fun and flexibility. 

Nothing says "thrill-seeking" like the Rave culture. After a few years of lockdown, the younger generations are ready to party, techno-style. Pinterest Predicts reports that people want freedom, inclusivity, and a really good time. The popularity of Tv shows like "Euphoria," which also launched its makeup artist, Donni Davy, and her new brand, Half Magic, into the stratosphere, helped make the rave beauty trend a thing. To get your rave on, try eye gems, face stickers, and colored eyeliner; anything bedazzled or colorful will do. And you don't just have to wait for Friday night to wear this look. Romero Jennings, creative director of makeup artistry at MAC cosmetics, told Glossy, "I can see [the rave aesthetic] at 6 am at my local Starbucks and on the streets." 

Capricorn: Gentle grunge

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): You'd probably believe us if we told you that Capricorns were grounded and had a remarkable ability for perseverance, no matter what comes their way. But did you know that Capricorns have a secret wild side? According to Allure, astrologer Kelly says, "Inside every earnest Capricorn is a mischievous troublemaker." The more mature they become and the more comfortable and confident a Capricorn, the more you'll see that inner devil who loves a party. Kelly says that they seem to almost "age backward" as they grow into their devilish side in maturity. They're also determined creatures. This can make them come across as a little cold and overly ambitious, but it's just their long-term vision that drives them. They've got stuff to get done. 

Nothing says "a little bit devilish" like grunge. The popularity of the Wednesday Addams look sported by Jenna Ortega means people are sporting smudgy eyeliner, deep contour, and a pouty taupe lip. Vogue reported that Beauty Pie claims searches for "Avril Lavigne makeup" increased by 39% recently, which means it's not just Addams Family fans who are rocking this look. We think a sneaky nod to "Euphoria" in a grunge look would be very Capricorn-ish. Trendalytics suggests ranging your smudgy looks in colors from lime green to onyx black and burgundy for a more modern, ravey take. And if you prefer a more gentle version, makeup influencer Alexandra Anele offers this tutorial for softened grunge (via YouTube).

Aquarius: Futura looks

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18): The tarot card that represents this sign is the Star, and nothing suits Aquarius better. They are collaborative revolutionaries, ready to gather a team and take over the world. Astrologist Kelly says they are "undoubtedly the most innovative, progressive, rebellious, and humanitarian," per Allure. They aren't afraid to get funky with their looks, and they don't really care too much about pleasing others or what other people think. 

An Aquarius is the perfect star sign to embrace the Futura trend of holographic looks. Trendalytics suggests that "holographic finishes" and "graphic liner" are just the first steps toward achieving this look. Keep in mind holographic finish isn't just for the cheekbones. You can employ sparkly versions of turquoise, purple, or silver anywhere in the face, but if you want to go full Star sign, put it in the center of your face, from the inner eye to the center of the forehead. Even more than just the look, your inner Aquarius won't be satisfied unless you're supporting companies that are changing the world alongside you. Look for companies that offer zero waste, support under-represented humans, or support good causes with their profits. For a perfect blend of futuristic duo-chrome looks and "just good people" beauty brands, check out Danessa Myrick's Lightwork palettes and products. 

Pisces: Coquette makeup

Pisces (February 19 – March 20): This sign is the dreamy sort, blurring the lines between fact and fantasy, often struggling to discern what they want the world to be from what it is. Per Allure, astrologer Kelly says the Pisces is "kind and gentle, they're invigorated by shared experiences of music and romance." Artsy and creative, they are sensitive creatures with vivid imaginations. 

Romance and imagination go hand in hand with the Coquette makeup trend. Vogue says this trend "has racked up over 80 million views on TikTok." It's based on the old-fashioned romantic looks of the 17th and 18th centuries but with a flirtatious flavor. Thanks to the popularity of the Bridgerton saga, you can imagine the blend of sexy and innocence, straight from the pink flushed cheeks to the blurred lip trend. And it's not just makeup. Pinterest Predicts proclaims that airy styles with ethereal details are for the whole body. Play up your airy side with ruffles, lace, tulle, and blushing pinks. This trend is sensual and dreamy, just like the Aquarius. 

Whatever your star sign, there are lots to love about this year's beauty trends, and you're the perfect person to flaunt it in your own unique way. We can't wait to see how you shine.