The Real-Life Partners Of The Ginny & Georgia Cast

"Ginny & Georgia" tells the story of a mom-daughter duo living in the fictional town of Wellsbury. Despite some of the "Gilmore Girls" parallels, the Netflix series stands on its own two feet and tells its own stories.

Since the show took off in February 2021, fans have clamored for any information about its stars, including details about their personal lives and relationships. Quite a few of the people who work on "Ginny & Georgia" keep those details close to their chests, and it can be difficult to discern who is doing what — and with whom.

As Harper's Bazaar noted in its January 2023 interview with Antonia Gentry, who plays Ginny on the series, not everything on the show is meant to be realistic, something that Gentry herself likes. As she put it, "It's very serious at times. It's very outrageous at times. It doesn't take itself too seriously, and then it turns around and it forces you to ask serious questions about the way we live our lives."

With that in mind, here is a look into what we know about the dating lives and real-life partners of the "Ginny & Georgia" cast.

Brianne Howey married Matt Ziering in 2021

Brianne Howey married Matt Ziering in July 2021 at a family home in California. Howey gave a comment to People about the wedding, which she described as "more magical than I could have ever imagined." She added, "I wish all of my nights could end with a Son of a Gun fried chicken sandwich and a Spice Girls dance party."

The pair had met five years previously while they were both out with friends. The pair later told Los Angeles Magazine that, at the time, Ziering had just wrapped up taking the bar exam. As the pair recalled the story, the two ran into each other over and over again several days in a row, and since they had friends in common it wasn't too much of a stretch for one thing to lead to another. 

Howey and Ziering also told the magazine that, like so many couples around the world, they had been forced to cancel their initial wedding plans due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, they made the best of the delay — since they couldn't get married, they added to their family. Howley added, "We couldn't get married in 2020 but we did get a dog."

Antonia Gentry is rumored to be dating Michael Debi

While some outlets, including Elle, have previously reported that Antonia Gentry, who plays Ginny Miller on the show, and musician Ezra Pounds were in a relationship, it's been clear that Gentry hasn't been interested in talking about who she is or isn't in love with throughout the years. As noted by the outlet, she and Pounds reportedly met all the way back in 2012, when Gentry had just graduated high school. 

These days, it seems pretty clear that Gentry has some relationship with Michael Debi if their Instagram accounts are anything to go off of. Both Gentry and Debi have shared sweet photos of one another, like this May 2022 shot of the pair happily sitting together outside. Debi commented on the photo in jest, writing, "Babe who is this?" in a comment, much to the delight of fans of the couple (via Instagram).

Many believe Felix Mallard is single

Plenty of people have been invested in finding out whether or not "Ginny & Georiga" star Felix Mallard, and whether or not he's currently in a relationship with someone. What we do know, as shared by Elle, is that Mallard was born in Australia and grew up in the country. The outlet has also reported that while it's not clear if Mallard is in a relationship in 2023, in 2021, he definitely had a girlfriend who was super excited about his inclusion in the Netflix series. Mallard explained, "Yeah, my girlfriend was straight on the jump. As soon as it was out, [she binged it] straight through."

At the time, fans linked Mallard with fellow Australian star Zoe Crammond, who co-starred in the series "Neighbours." Neither star has confirmed or denied any connection outside of work, and Elle also noted that they have a fairly large age gap (Crammond is 14 years older than Mallard).

Katie Douglas used to date Percy Hynes-White

Katie Douglas is another "Ginny & Georgia" star who appears to keep her romantic life on a lockdown. While Elle has reported that she and "Wednesday" star Percy Hynes-White were in a relationship, there has been little evidence to back up that claim. Douglas and Hynes-White have not addressed the speculation or rumors about their potential relationship. 

Distractify also tried to solve the riddle of who Douglas might be dating in a piece published in December 2022. The outlet put a lot into finding out everything that can be known and reported that Douglas shared a photo of herself with a man named Dan Schnurr along with the caption, "He's finally home which means I'm finally home." However, the photo no longer exists on Douglas' Instagram account, and it's unclear how she and Schnurr were connected and what their relationship status is today.

Mason Temple had a high school girlfriend

Elle has also attempted to find out if Mason Temple is in a relationship, and at the time of writing, it appears that he has ended things with a high school girlfriend. As the outlet has noted, Temple often shared photos of himself and this former girlfriend online, though that behavior eventually slowed and stopped completely. It also appears that Temple has erased all the photos of himself and this woman from his account on Instagram.

In June 2021, Temple affirmed that he is bisexual in a moving post shared on Instagram. In a series of slides, Temple explained that he's "always" been bisexual and that he has struggled with identity and labels as a biracial person. As he wrote in part, "I rebuke the idea that I even have to [come out], not that it's wrong or bad if anyone chooses to do so, but that I have always been me, always been bisexual, and the proverbial closet never existed."

Raymond Ablack might be dating Jordan Steinhaur

Plenty of fans are also interested in the personal life of Raymond Ablack, and it appears that he has been in a relationship with a woman named Jordan Steinhaur for some time — or people are assuming this is the case based on a number of photos of himself and Steinhaur that Ablack has shared on his Instagram account. He has remained tight-lipped about his personal life in interviews.

Ablack, whose career took off when he starred in "Degrassi: The Next Generation," has been more open when talking about his career and what got him into acting in the first place. In an interview with Pop Culture Planet, Ablack shared that he began in theater, which provided a less racist environment for him to thrive. As he put it, as opposed to the world of hockey (a sport he grew up with), "This other world was so inviting and accepting and diverse and so that's where I caught the bug for acting, for performance."