Makeup Products From Luxury Brands That Are Worth The Investment

A visit to any nearby makeup store can be overwhelming, especially with the array of brands and products to choose from. In most cases, there are a lot of items on the market that won't break the bank but give the results you need. With that being the case, why pay a premium for luxury makeup? Good arguments can be made for both sides, and they can coexist peacefully. In the end, what matters is your personal preference as to whether or not it is an investment for you.

Aside from well-researched formulas, luxury makeup is often about an overall experience rather than just the product itself. "There's undeniable appeal in experiencing it, from the high-end, thoughtful packaging, to the long-lasting, super-luxe formulas," Kristina Rodulfo explained on Allure, adding, "And, of course, the thrill of a designer purchase — without having to spend a fortune on a single item of clothing."

When it comes to expensive purchases, it makes a lot of sense to do some due diligence before finally purchasing the item. To make that journey less arduous, we've listed the makeup products from luxury brands that are worth the investment.

Tom Ford Eye Defining Liquid Liner Pen

If you're in the market for a liquid liner that not only does the job but makes the job easier, look no further. Tom Ford's got you covered with a dual-tip liquid eyeliner pen (via Nordstrom). According to their website, this liner pen comes with a calligraphy tip on one end and a high-precision tip on the other. This makes it perfect for buildable eye looks. It comes in only one shade of dark black called "Deeper."

The praises for this product go on and on, and it seems well worth the hefty price tag. Aside from the formulation and the applicator, you also get your money's worth in terms of shelf-life. A Sephora user claimed that the purchase was worth it since the product lasted her over a year, "I kept buying other more affordable eyeliners and they either dry up, bleed or skip during application." Quality over quantity triumphs here.

If we haven't already convinced you to invest in this, then maybe Taylor Swift can. In her Netflix documentary "Miss Americana," Swift was spotted executing her signature cat eye look with the help of none other than Tom Ford's Eye Defining Liquid Liner Pen (via TikTok).

Gucci Poudre De Beauté Éclat Soleil Powder

The Poudre De Beauté Éclat Soleil Bronzing Powder is perfect for anyone that wants to add a bit of life to any makeup look. It comes in five shades (via Gucci) and stays true to its claims of being lightweight and blendable, with many users claiming that it has a smooth and creamy formulation. For anyone that isn't a fan of fragrance in their beauty products, be warned that this does have a floral scent. It might be wise to visit a store first to try it out yourself.

If we're talking about luxury makeup, Gucci definitely understood the assignment. You get luxury from the packaging alone. It's so nice that you can keep it as an accent piece on your vanity after you're done with it just for the heck of it, but it'll take a while to get there since the formula has amazing color pay-off, so it'll probably take a while before you hit pan. "This is my new favorite bronzer ... it is very pigmented!" a Sephora user shared.

YouTuber Savvy posted a review on her channel and compared it to other luxury bronzers she had in her collection. "It's very different than any other bronzers that I currently use, which is a good thing," she explained, adding, "You don't want to feel like you're buying the same products over and over again and it's just a different brand."

Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Concealer

When luxury makeup comes to mind, Hourglass Cosmetics isn't far behind. That comes as no surprise since they've established themselves in the luxury makeup space with several holy grail-worthy products such as their soft glow foundation brush, ambient lighting finishing powder, and veil mineral primer.

In most cases, finding the right concealer is a long trial-and-error process. We'll do you a favor and redirect you to a concealer that's earned its stripes. The Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Concealer is a Glamour and Refinery29 award winner worth the investment. Hourglass promises a natural-looking finish that is also crease-resistant, diffusing, and smoothening. Though it performs well in concealing acne, its true magic can be seen in its effect on dark circles and eye bags. "The product lives up to its lofty name: just three dots under each eye, some quick blending with a beauty sponge, and my dark circles vanish," Hanna Freedman shared after testing the product, per InStyle. She added, "What's more, the concealer has a plumping and brightening effect, giving my eyes a more youthful and less hollowed appearance."

According to their website, they sell a tube of this holy grail concealer every minute. Add it to the cart before someone else beats you to it!

Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation

This foundation is so good that it's still on their roster after launching in 1997 (via Allure). The formula has undergone a couple of modifications since then and now has an inclusive shade range of 56 shades. Estee Lauder promises 24-hour staying power with this matte foundation. Don't let the matte factor deter you – it gives a matte finish sans the dullness.

If you have freckles and you've struggled to find a foundation with just the right coverage, then you're in luck. "It has a very lightweight feel on the skin — which I love — yet still gives a natural finish without completely hiding my freckles," producer Rebecca Hunnybun explained to Glamour. "I've found [this] difficult to achieve with other formulas," she added.

L'Officiel Philippines' beauty editor Belle Rodolfo considers this her "favorite foundation of all time" (via TikTok). According to Rodolfo, you can skip concealer by adding on an additional thin layer of this foundation – which, in our opinion, makes the investment well worth the splurge. When this foundation was put to the test, user Theresa Rivera-To found she didn't need a color corrector anymore (via Preview). The proof is in the pudding — and this is your sign to give it a try.

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear All Over Concealer

This award-winning hydrating and matte concealer comes in 17 shades. On Lancôme's website, the brand promises a lightweight formula that doesn't crease or cake. Though it's typically advertised and used for concealing dark circles and other discoloration, it can also be used to highlight and contour. To do this, simply get a shade lighter or darker than your skin tone.

"It's buildable and light from the get-go, allowing me to control how intense I want my makeup to be for any occasion," Ana Escalante wrote on Glamour. She continued, adding, "I can say this product is well worth it – especially if you're looking for an accessible entryway into luxury beauty." Not to mention, it also won a Glamour Award and an Allure Best of Beauty 2022: Base Makeup Award.

After an eight-hour wear test, YouTuber Maryam Maquillage found that this concealer stayed on despite the humidity and sweat. "I'm definitely going to keep reaching for this one. Especially on those days when I want to have that no-makeup makeup type of look, letting my freckles shine but covering up all the imperfections," she shared.

Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder

Givenchy's Prisme Libre Loose Powder is another product that made a strong comeback after its debut in 2006. TikTok users raved about it online, calling it "magic dust." In 2022, product sales increased by 182% (via Harper's Bazaar). You really know when a product is good when it still holds up years later, and BeautyTok is on its side.

The pan is divided into a quadrant with two color-correcting shades and two brightening shades (via Givenchy Beauty). It's versatile enough for a no-makeup look or a full glam day. On no-makeup days, it can enhance your natural skin, and on full glam days, it can help brighten and set your look. Beauty TikToker Erin Dugan Jurchak also recommends using this powder on areas where your makeup typically creases to blur it out (via TikTok).

It has what anyone wishes from a loose powder. It mattifies (but does not cake nor make the skin dull), evens texture, and gives a radiant finish to the skin. Another bougie bonus is the Givenchy logo that shows up on the velour puff as soon as you lift it from the pan.

Guerlain Beauty Rouge G Refillable Case and Lipstick

Right out of the box, the Guerlain Beauty Rouge G case designed by jeweler Lorentz Baumer is breathtaking (via Guerlain). If you're big on lipstick, this duo is definitely worth every penny.

It's easy on the eyes (and the lips, too). With an array of 16 unique case designs to choose from, you'll make heads turn every time you whip this out of your purse. When reapplying makeup on the go, you don't need to look for a random reflective surface anymore since the case has a built-in mirror. And with a case this beautiful, it only made sense to make it refillable — no need to part ways with the case after you're done with the lipstick, phew.

This lipstick has 48 true-to-color shades in three finishes: satin, luxurious velvet (matte), and luxurious velvet metal (metallic). Initially, the packaging may lure you in, but the formula will convert you to a Guerlain Rouge fan. Beauty editor Belle Rodolfo on TikTok recommended going for their reds; she also praised the lipstick's smell, lasting power, and quality.

Hermès Rose Hermes Silky Blush

If you're looking to add a luxurious blush to your arsenal, look no further. Hermès did not disappoint when they released their Rose Hermès Silky Blush. Starting out with 50 shades for deliberation, Jérôme Touron, Hermès Beauty's creative director, narrowed it down to the eight gorgeous pink shades perfect for anyone that likes a natural finish, per Vogue. The simple, lightweight, and elegant packaging was designed by designer Pierre Hardy (via Hermes). If he sounds familiar, it's because he also designs their shoes.

The powder is smooth and silky to the touch (staying true to its name) and glides easily on the skin, per Hermès. "The formula does something pretty rare for a powder: It blends so seamlessly onto my skin that it almost looks more like a liquid blush would," Kara McGrath explained (via Allure). Aside from being blendable, the formula never lets you go overboard. "I was delighted to find that when it comes to formula, this blush is really buildable; it's near impossible to overdo it," Nicola Dall'Asen shared.

This award-winning blush is definitely worth making space for in your vanity. Oh, and did we mention that it's refillable, too? If this is the closest we can get to the Birkin, so be it. If you're feeling it, you can check out the blush brush too.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Brick compact is one of the brand's iconic products. In fact, it's still one of the most coveted items from the brand to this day, even after launching back in 2003 (via Refinery29). This best-selling product is a finishing and highlighting powder that comes in three shades: pink quartz, bronze, and rose. Each brick has a variation of five different colors, which can be used together or individually.

The shimmer brick is the perfect companion for anyone who likes a radiant and dewy look for their makeup. If you're in the market for something to use for overall setting and highlighting, then this is worth investing in. Though this is usually advertised as a finishing and highlighting powder, many users have used it as an eyeshadow or blush and find that it works great for those purposes too. Its versatility and reliability definitely make it worth the splurge. Though you initially come in buying one product, you effectively buy four products in one.

If you want to dip your toes in first, you can purchase their mini-sized ones that are more than half the price and perfect for on-the-go touch-ups.

Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder

This powder is a holy grail item for a reason. At this point, everyone and their mother probably knows about it. It has withstood the test of time and is still the preferred product of many makeup artists. "I've tried several others and always go back to this staple in my makeup kit," makeup artist Natasha Moor, founder of Natasha Moor Cosmetics, shared with Glamour. It's so good, they "sell one every 20 seconds," per Laura Mercier. It comes in three shades to cater to different skin tones: translucent, translucent honey, and translucent medium deep.

Since it's been around for so long and raved about by makeup artists, you can find various makeup hacks online that use this holy grail powder. To extend the wear and hold of your lipstick, you can try a hack by Laura Mercier's very own Tayaba Jafri, "to make any lipstick long-wearing and transfer-resistant, try placing tissue over your lips and with Velour Puff press and roll powder into the tissue." As for those who love their eyeliner, prolong the wear time by following a trick Angelique Serrano learned from a makeup artist. "After applying eye makeup, load up a fluffy shadow brush with a healthy sprinkle," Serrano wrote on Instyle, adding, "Run it over your eyeliner and let it set for five or 10 minutes. After that, use a big fluffy foundation brush to dust off any excess." 

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

Right out of the box, Tatcha's Luminous Dewy Skin Mist exudes luxury. The elegant purple bottle can be recognized from a mile away. This fine mist can be used before and after your makeup routine. Before applying makeup, it can be used to prepare the skin and give the makeup a hydrated base. After applying your makeup, it can be used to set it and give your skin a radiant glow. The formulation is made to "delay any signs of premature aging" using their trademarked blend Tatcha's Hadasei-3™, which is chock full of skin-nourishing ingredients inspired by "original geisha skincare rituals" (via Tatcha).

During your first use, it might feel like not much goes on your skin, but according to Tatcha, you only need two to three sprays for the whole face. The formula is perfect for those with dry skin but can still be used for other skin types.

It's pretty much an all-around facial spray that is ideal for carrying around wherever you go. Thankfully, they have travel-sized bottles. You can opt for those first before committing to a full bottle.

YSL Beauty NU Bare Look Tint

Just as the name claims, YSL Beauty NU Bare Look Tint is the go-to item for anyone that loves a bare look, a.k.a. no-makeup makeup look. On the skin, it is lightweight and hydrating with a radiant finish giving a 'your skin but better' moment. And when we say radiant, we mean radiant. "I loved that this YSL skin tint didn't spackle my face into oblivion but still evened out my skin beautifully — and gave it the kind of luminous glow I typically get only with a swipe of highlighter," Pierre Samotin shared on Glamour.

And don't let the light coverage fool you into thinking this is only for people with baby-smooth skin. According to Sephora reviews, people with minor acne and uneven skin tone can still use this to smoothen out their complexion. "This YSL foundation is amazing! Best one I've tried in forever. Covers what needs to be covered. Light feels and hydrate my skin. I just feel gorgeous wearing it! Buy it. Don't hesitate!" a user exclaimed.

Westman Atelier Vital Skin Full Coverage Foundation and Concealer Stick

Foundation sticks are a must-have for anyone's makeup stash. They're travel-friendly, easy to apply, and incredibly versatile. They're also the best friend of anyone who wants a low-maintenance, fuss-free makeup routine. If all these points sound appealing to you, and you're also looking to splurge on a new makeup item, then this foundation and concealer stick is for you.

Westman Atelier's Vital Skin foundation and concealer stick come in 23 shades and claim to have a "second skin finish," per Westman Atelier. This award-winning dual-purpose stick was formulated with all skin types in mind. Not to mention, it's made with skin-friendly ingredients meant to hydrate, calm irritation, and soothe the skin, making it a great choice for those with rosacea or sensitive skin, according to the brand's website. Honestly, who can turn down a product that makes you look good and also does your skin a favor? Also, you can ditch the primer when you use this as your base, your good old moisturizer is more than enough to do the trick.

Staying true to their commitment to clean beauty, their products — including this one — are "silicone, PEG, talc, and paraben free."

Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Foundation

Renowned makeup artist Pat McGrath took her years of experience in the industry and channeled it into the fan-favorite makeup brand Pat McGrath Labs. Among its many coveted items is a stand-out foundation for all skin types. The Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Foundation has 36 shades that cater to various skin tones and undertones.

According to the brand's website, this foundation has a satin finish with medium coverage that can easily be adjusted and built upon application, so you can go as light or heavy as you'd like. Also, here's the kicker; according to Pat McGrath, you can apply it to touch up throughout the day, even over your powder (via Glamour). Doesn't that sound crazy? Yup, but it's also factual. She calls it "post-perfecting."

The formula blurs and isn't prone to creasing. When given a test run by Kirbie Johnson, it was able to conceal redness and minor acne in the first layer alone. "It's a true game changer, not just for people who love makeup, but also for people who don't – the natural coverage and comfortable feel could win anyone over," Johnson shared on Glamour.