Champagne Blonde Shades You Should Know About For Your Next Hair Appointment

Celebs and influencers alike are emulating the French girl look. But how can you really look French without a little bit of champagne? Whether you drink or not, you can still get the aesthetic — not with a flute in your hand but with luscious champagne blonde locks. 


Just like a cold glass of bubbly, champagne blonde goes well with just about everyone. An elegant twist on the traditional blonde, champagne is a glossy balance of cool and warm tones. You can never go wrong with chic and that's exactly what champagne blonde is.

With trends coming and going at record speed, lots of people are finding solace in the classics, and champagne blonde locks are a timeless way to get back to the basics. Just because we're returning to the basics does not mean you are going to look like everyone else, though. There's a unique shade of champagne for everyone. 

Champagne bronde enhances warm skin undertones

Beauty industry expert Tanya Deemer explained to Cosmopolitan that your skin's undertone is the hue underlying your skin's pigment. According to Deemer, if your skin is warmer, you'll find that its undertone is a yellow, peach, or golden color. With a warmer skin tone, look for something that compliments that warmth, like bronde. 


Actress Sofia Vergara is the perfect example of someone with warm skin undertones whose hair blends seamlessly in with her undertones. While bronde warms up her look, the hints of gold woven into her champagne highlights make her skin look radiant.

Icy champagne highlights cool skin undertones

If you have cooler undertones, your skin will have a subtle tint of either pink, blue, or red. When that's the case, you'll want to go for an icier shade of champagne. However, you'll want to go for highlights rather than full color. This will keep the color textured and dynamic to avoid washing out your look. 


Instagram user @elegantmademoiselle nailed this look, framing her face with brightening, white highlights meanwhile weaving in neutralizing lowlights.

Standard champagne best compliments neutral skin undertones

If you have a neutral undertone, you'll want your hair to be a shade that blends the warm with the cool. When you go for a standard champagne, "the root is warmer, and it melts into this bright beige blonde with a golden undertone," says hair colorist Kimberly Bonondona with Cosmopolitan


If you're someone with neutral skin like Instagram influencer @TashaFranken, follow her lead. Go root to tip, full champagne blonde at your next appointment.

Swirls of white to brighten your blue eyes

Blue eyes are unique. You'll want to find a shade that makes them stand out even more than they already do. Going for whiter blonde locks will brighten your face, drawing attention to your lighter features. 


Check out Instagram user @miaisobellebarker for inspiration. Her icy undertones tie perfectly into her blue eyes, drawing them out and making them pop. If you want a look that will do the same, you'll likely have to add a dash of platinum to your mix. 

Mushroom with champagne undertones to emphasize brown eyes

They might be the most common eye color, but brown eyes are anything but boring. And if you have the right shade of champagne to compliment them, it'll be all the more obvious. 

Take pop singer @divasmith, for instance. Her subdued mushroom brown hair melts into lighter tones of champagne, making for a softer backdrop to dreamy, dark cocoa eyes. While mushroom brown can feel dull if overdone, laces of champagne bring life to the more muted hue.


Golden tones to make your green eyes sparkle

Metallic gold has a warm, bright undertone, just as green eyes do. Instagram user @shay.sullivann found the perfect pair when she rocked this golden champagne bob with her bold green eyes. Green eyes can appear either more turquoise or forest green depending on the lighting. 


With bright gold locks blending smoothly into ashy roots, @shay.sullivann's shade of champagne compliments the light and dark balance in green eyes. This warm shine of golden tones will make your green eyes dazzle.

Dimensions of warmth will make your hazel eyes pop

Hazel-colored eyes are hard to pin down. They are a mysterious, unique blend of brown, yellow, green, and blue. While hazel is a mix of various undertones, light and dark, what makes all hazel eyes stand out is that yellow-gold rim outlining the pupil. 


By blending warmer notes of champagne into her natural dark hair, Tyra Banks' color gives her hair dimension while making that hazel touch of gold pop. This warmth contrasts with outer blue, green, and brown hues to make them brighter.

Ashy champagne will illuminate beachy highlights

Finding the right highlight to brighten up your hair can be tricky. If you're not specific with what you ask for, you can end up leaving the salon with bright brassy streaks. But, with this light, ashy shade of champagne, you'll find yourself with something more natural and blended. 


Instagram user @evacordia's tussled waves look like they've been sitting in the summer sun all day, thanks to the glossy champagne she's weaved into her brunette base.

Honey-beige champagne shade for low maintenance brunette

If you're not a natural blonde, champagne can be tricky to keep up. But you can make this chic trend work without making monthly trips to the salon. In conversation with Byrdie, Celebrity colorist Bradley Leake recommended: "a more lived-in finish, allowing space for new growth at the root." So inches down the line, your hair will look just as fresh with no harsh lines. By going for a shade closer to honey, your champagne highlights will blend much smoother into your darker roots.


Platinum-toned champagne to shake things up

Whether you need a new look after your break up or are simply feeling bored, there's nothing like a trip to the salon to kickstart a new era. Something bold and bright can wake you up and inspire you to take leaps of courage outside the salon. This can be easily achieved with a platinum-toned champagne blonde. Instagram user @juliannflores' slivery undertones give this classic champagne a platinum twist and an edgier finish. 


Coppery champagne to accentuate your curly hair

Like a boring party, if your curls are feeling dull, you can give them some life by adding champagne. Instagram user @manesbymell's bouncy curls scream health and vitality. This may be in part because she is a hair care expert but also because of the satiny, champagne color brightening up her curls. Her auburn-toned roots ombré into brighter, blonde champagne ends. With coppery lowlights catching the light all the way through, this shade of champagne will give your curls dimension and shine.


Ivory champagne shade for winter

For more reasons than one, blonde always goes well with the winter months. Bright ivory locks pair perfectly with the season of white. But you don't have to go platinum to make your hair as icy as the weather. While it's a brighter blonde with twists of white, this shade has a deeper golden tone. You'll still have that refreshed, brisk look, but the added warmth will keep your hair and skin glowing even in the colder months.


Dusky champagne will help you avoid bleach

If you're trying to repair your hair or avoid stripping it in the first place, go for a champagne that's on the duskier side. You can stick to less harmful lowlights to achieve this look while still getting champagne's glossy glow. A perfect example of this darker look is Instagram user @evarankiin's hair. Her rich, mousy brown locks are mixed with a touch of that iridescent champagne glimmer. Get the glow and ditch the dehydration with this shade.


Rosé blonde to make you stand out

Pink hair says, "I'm the fun person in the crowd." Rosé blonde elevates the eccentricity. Instagram user @miriahamade posted the perfect example of this. This hair is an icy punk pink champagne. By mixing in highlights of golden champagne, @mirahamade creates movement and dimension. And while the look is fun and bright, the ashy undertones neutralize the do. Balancing a mixture of platinum and peach, this look gives the pastel trend a major revamp.


Sandy bronde champagne will give you a summer glow

Bronde is beloved for a reason. It's not quite brunette, and it's not quite blonde. Instagram user @mariapombo found the perfect shade of bronde between the two. Gold undertones lift this darker look making it beachy and fun. You'll want soft golden highlights of champagne tussled in with brunette roots. And, if you have naturally darker hair, sandy bronde champagne will make for easier upkeep than one of our brighter suggestions. This mixture of lowlights and highlights makes for the perfect surfer girl look.


Champagne blonde with dark bottom layers

The edgy looks of the '80s are making a comeback. Whether you're wearing a moto leather jacket or fishnet leggings, you'll want a hair color to match the angst. Tone your blonde hair with a champagne or cooler toner to avoid yellowish hues. Then, on the underside of your silvery strands, do something different. Go for something deep and dark. With this loud contrast, you'll look like just walked out of a Pink Floyd concert.


Buttery-toned champagne to make your bob cut extra flirty and fun

This rich, creamy blonde is the perfect match for a flirty, cute cut. With buttery-toned champagne blonde, you're going to want a blonde that is more yellow than ash. If you're not sold on the idea just look at Instagram user @growingannanas. The buttery blonde seems tailor-made for this sleek cut. The blunt edges of a cut like this pair perfectly with something classic and bright. If you already have the bold bob cut, you'll make your look even more striking with this shade of champagne.


Mixed champagne to make your lob cut eye-catching

While the lob isn't anything showy like a bob or hip-length hair, the lob can be made to stand out just as well. Instagram user @fellaby's mixed shades of light and dark champagne make that certain. Two brighter buttery-hued strips of solid champagne frame her face, brightening her look. Then, moving towards the back of her head, she wove th same champagne blonde highlights into a dark base. This turns the classic, modest lob into an edgy show-stopper.


Expensive brunette with hints of champagne to make your long layers glow

Blonde is always trending, but we saw brown hair take center stage with the expensive brunette hair trend. Take your deep chestnut color to the next level by layering in subtle threads of highlight. By weaving in glossy, fine champagne-blonde strands, you'll be able to give your solid hair more movement and shine. Your long, lowkey layers will look extra enviable. Like the prosecco flowing from the Champagne Valley of France, your long locks look natural but absolutely luxurious.


Grown-out roots and a champagne base will make your wolf cut even edgier

If you want to join the rest of the hottest celebrities with wolf cuts, try going for a champagne shade with natural roots. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus have proven this is the perfect punk color for the perfectly punk cut. Whether she is singing rock and roll or glammed up on the red carpet, the champagne undertone lets her do both. If you want to follow Cyrus' lead, keep your dark roots and layer them with a bright blonde. Finally and most importantly, warm up the base of your hair color with a dash of champagne.


Wheat-colored champagne to make your '70s curtain bangs extra nostalgic

Curtain bangs are another haircut that has made it through this year's rapid-fire trend turnover. The '70s-inspired look makes for a mysterious, light-hearted hairdo. If you want to give your fringe a Californian hippie twist, go for a bright, wheat-colored champagne. This pale, sun-bleached look will give your champagne blonde a dose of nostalgia. And while this shade is on the lighter side, its mousy undertones make it achievable without a high dose of damaging bleach.


Silver-toned champagne to give your hairstyles a unique twist

So you've spent hours on youtube learning how to do fancy braids and buns, but you want something to make your look stand out from the rest. Take your hairstyle to the next level with this silver-tone champagne. Instagram user @lizarudkevich inspired us with this impressive braid. This beautiful mix of whiter, metallic champagne highlights intertwines to make for a jaw-dropping look. And like with all champagne shades, the refined, satin-like hair texture will turn any hairstyle upscale.