Swirl Nails Are The Top Trend For A Romantic Valentine's Day Manicure

Valentine's Day is near, which means you're probably seeing red, pink, and hearts everywhere. You may have also planned your Valentine's Day makeup look and picked out the perfect Valentine's outfit already, but what about your nails? Yes, Valentine's nails are a thing, and the best part is that you don't need a date to appreciate them. 

Pink and red are the main colors commonly associated with Valentine's, but you can still get creative with designs and patterns, as well as with other colors like white, purple, and even black. From the glowing aura nail trend that's hot this winter to the goth nail trend continuing to slay, nail trends have already made their mark on 2023. Themed nails are always a hit, and there's no better way to celebrate being in love than with one of the top emerging nail trends: swirl nails. With all the swirl nail trend inspo below, you're sure to find a look to fall in love with just in time for Valentine's.

Release your inner sass with hot pink swirls

Hot pink is a great way to spice things up from the usual baby and sugar pinks seen for Valentine's Day. This set of nails pairs lighter pink with bold, bright pink for a chic look that holds up for a statement beyond Valentine's. Get your sass on with pink swirls intertwined with silver glitter for a David Bowie-esque take on glam. This look doesn't require long nails either, so it's a good option for those who prefer short to medium-length nails.

Valentine's swirl nails don't have to be completely pink

Prefer a nail look that's more classic? This adorable take on the swirl trend incorporates the Valentine's theme via tiny white hearts but is understated enough for day-to-day life too. The nude pink base is another nod to Valentine's pink but with a more sophisticated feel, whereas the black swirls lend this nail look a grown-up appeal that's gorgeously chic and endlessly versatile. For a more girly look, you could pull a Barbie and swap the nude pink for a brighter shade.

Spread the spirit of love by wearing all the hearts you can

You've heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but what about on your nails? Embrace the lovey-dovey vibes of Valentine's (or Galentine's, if that's more your thing) by displaying the symbol of love proudly. This stunning pink and red set is relatively simple but gets the point across well. You can either leave your base completely clear so the red hearts pop more, or go for a cool-toned pink to create a colorway that definitely isn't reserved for the season of love.

Valentine's swirl nails don't just have to feature hearts

If you want to make a nod to Valentine's Day but, you know, not an obvious one, fuchsia pink is the pink to go for. The sugar pink base of these nails contrasts with deep fuchsia for a stunningly sophisticated look that's practically guaranteed to catch the attention of your date immediately. Emphasize the swirls by outlining them with white like in the above photo — in general, white outlines make intricate designs pop.

Glitter is a solid way to incorporate some fun into a nail look

You can never go wrong with glitter. Add some fun to your Valentine's celebrations with a light sugar pink glittery base. The black swirl contrast highlights the beautiful shimmer and lends some edge to an otherwise super cute look. A different take on the trend, this swirl design is subtle due to the lack of outline, so it's a good option if your style is minimalist but you still want to get in on the Valentine's theme.

Contrasting colors can create a bold and cool look

Juxtapose bold red swirls with tiny hearts for a Valentine's look that isn't just suited to fancy occasions. The nude pale pink used for the base of these nails looks especially striking with the fiery red swirls and delicate white hearts. Moreover, the swap of white hearts and red swirls on one hand with red hearts and white swirls on the other makes this nail look infinitely more interesting. The nail shape in the above photo is coffin, but it can be recreated with any long nail style.

Get creative by mixing patterns

Throw traditional style guides out of the window by mixing and matching prints together, as illustrated by the above nail look. Checkers, hearts, and swirls — anything goes when it comes to a creative Valentine's Day look, particularly when the colors used are this cute. Though there are hearts involved with this nail look, it also shows that a pink and red color scheme will always look good and be on theme for any Valentine's activities you have planed.

Use hearts as swirls for a sweet effect

Take the swirl nail trend one step further by turning the swirl design into hearts. Definitely full of Valentine's flair, this nail look combines two trends in one due to the heart and swirl pattern. The base is a pearly nude, although you could step the look up by using a pinker nail varnish for your base instead. As the heart swirls are only on the middle nails of either hand, they are accentuated further. Outline the swirls with very light pink or white for extra definition. 

This nail look is all about getting creative

This delectable nook is for those who love all things pink. Inspired by the sweetness of Valentine's, it features hanging hearts instead of cherries and has striking gradient swirls in shades of pink and red. Many different shades of pink have been utilized here, from the bright rose pink shade used with red for the cherry heart nails to the Barbie-esque pink seen on the swirl nails. Unique and undeniably cute, it's a great choice if you have shorter nails.

Pink and red isn't the only popular Valentine's nails combo

More of a spicy than a sweet fan? This set of nails embraces the sexy side of Valentine's Day. Featuring a red, white, and black color scheme, the swirls, hearts, and flames will bring the fire to any of your plans. The black brings unexpected edge to the look, whereas the pop art influence of the patterns prevents the nude base from looking dull. If you want more hearts and less fire, swap out the pinky finger design for a larger nail.

White and red are a classic color combination

The focus of Valentine's Day should be on you (and whomever you love), and this stripped back nail look is the perfect way to adhere to the theme without being over the top. The white swirl and mini red heart design will lend an elegant vibe to any finished look, as white and red are a well-suited combo. Moreover, the subtle red pops mean you're not limited to only wearing red or pink as you might be with bolder Valentine's nail looks.

Ideal for long nails, this look will charm anybody

Be unforgettable with this set of nails that screams Valentine's vibes. The multiple shades of pink used to create this look are bold enough by themselves, but look even more gorgeous with the white heart detail and outline on the middle two nails. The non-patterned nails are also perfect if you want to show off the length of your nails too — you could even paint them different shades of pink if you can't decide on your favorite.

Pink and purple are a match made in heaven

Purple is vastly overlooked when it comes to Valentine's Day nails. There's a purple nail polish for every situation, and the orchid purple used to create one of the swirls for this nail look is rich and vibrant. The hot pink and white swirls complement the purple perfectly, whereas the single black heart is a nice reference to Valentine's without feeling overly flirty. The black dot detail on the other nails also creates a cool contrast.

Simple can sometimes be best

Valentine's nails don't have to be covered in hearts to partake in a love theme. Sometimes, a pink and red color scheme with a groovy swirl pattern is all you need. The base color used for the above set is a pearly pink nude, but you could also go for a matte light pink finish if you don't want the red to pop as much. As this design mostly utilizes the tips of your nails, it's an excellent choice if you're currently growing your nails out.

A pearly base will elevate any Valentine's nail look

Elegant and delicate, this nail look will bring romance to your day whether you have a date or not. The red swirls and white hearts are both classic Valentine's Day staples, whereas the pearlescent base will shimmer and shine under any light. Whether you're hitting the club for a Galentine's night out or having a few drinks with a long-term partner, the glimmering undertones of a pearly base color will make you feel like the brightest star in the room.