30 Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Round Faces

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From '90s slip dresses to early 2000s low-rise jeans, modern fashion is simply nostalgia repackaged. Even '80s silhouettes and chunky jewelry have made a comeback, while shows like "Bridgerton" took us back to the 1800s, resulting in a surprising uptick in "Regencycore" styles: puffy sleeves, springtime florals, and feminine maximalism, per Women's Wear Daily. Vice notes that the 20-year fashion cycle — the idea that fads reemerge every two-or-so decades — has been warped, expanding to include fashions anywhere from five to 500 years ago. In the words of one Vox headline, "Trends are dead," and that's largely thanks to social media.

The modern amalgamation of decades also applies to hair, according to Glamour. "People are almost having a DIY version of a haircut. There is a real trend of mixing and matching," says acclaimed hairstylist Paul Percival. The bottom line? Take this era of abundance as an opportunity to get creative. Break fashion "rules." Lauren, a TikTok creator under the handle @passingwhimsie, argues that a round face shape — usually thought to mean full cheeks and softer features — shouldn't restrict your options. "It's always been very interesting to me how society has made women with round faces feel like they have limited hairstyle choices," she explains, pushing back against the pixie cut taboo.

If celebrities like Gennifer Goodwin, Lupita Nyong'o, or Selena Gomez are any proof, soft face shapes provide the perfect canvas for a wide array of looks. From curly and cropped to sleek and long, these 30 hairstyles are round-face go-tos.

Keep it simple with a side part pixie

"Short hair cuts, in particular, will be huge in 2023," celebrity hairstylist Dionne Smith explained to Glamour. "We'll be seeing a lot of pixie cuts, short bobs, fringes, and styles of that variety. I think the need for a fresh start and pressing the reset button after a challenging couple of years will manifest in the desire to cut our hair." Speaking of pixie cuts, you can't go wrong with parting yours at the side like actress Anna Sophia Robb. "A side-sweep in the front keeps the cut delicate while the cropped back and sides lengthen the neck," stylist Justine Marjan informs Byrdie

Compliment a wavy bob with mini bangs

In a "Throwback Thursday" Instagram post, actress and host Drew Barrymore shared a picture of her signature late-'90s textured bob and bangs — of course, what '90s look would be complete without a denim jacket? "Bobs never really go out of fashion," editorial hairstylist Neil Moodie shares with Refinery29, pointing to the recent popularity of the "J-ob," or cutting your hair close to your jawline, much like Drew Barrymore. "This bob varies in terms of texture and shape, celebrating everybody's natural hair," says the stylist. Meanwhile, as stylist Blake Reed Evans outlines for Bustle, "Micro bangs, like the ones Zendaya wore to the 2018 Met Gala, enhance your round face and cheeks."

Style an elegant wispy braid

Amid "Don't Worry Darling's" viral drama, actress Gemma Chan rocked a feathery blue gown and an elegant french braid styled by Owen Gould. Fortunately, if you're familiar with french braiding — or you have a friend who is — the look isn't too difficult to recreate at home. Stylist Matthew Collins explains the process of french braiding to Bustle. "You want to start with the middle piece and cross the right over the middle, then the left over the middle," he begins. "Now, with your finger, [you'll] pick up more hair on the right side and add it that left piece you crossed over. [Then] place that over the middle section and add to the piece that was on the left, always adding to each piece and crossing over the middle." Ultimately, the style leaves room for face-framing wisps ideal for accenting full cheeks.

A shoulder-length side part frames the face

Though Kirsten Dunst may have worn towering powdered wigs in "Marie Antoinette" and sported long, fiery red hair in "Spider-Man," these days, she's known for her shoulder-length blonde locks and a side part. "This cut works because she kept it a few inches below the chin, which makes the face appear longer, while the swept-across bang creates angles on a round face," hairstylist Leona Wilson tells Cosmopolitan, referring to the look on actress Jennifer Lawrence.

Keep it sleek and straight

According to Style Caster, achieving sleek, straight hair is all about using the right products. First and foremost, always use a heat protectant, like Living Proof's Perfect Hair Day spray. Tim Rogers, creative director for Living Proof, explains that hair protectants can prevent damage by protecting hair at high temps (via Teen Vogue).TikTok creator Cynthia Dhimdis (@cynthiadhimdis) shows off her method, recommending finishing the straightening process with a hydrating oil for extra shine.

'70s feathered hair is in

Celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons points to a new trend: '70s-inspired feathered hair. "In my opinion," he tells Who What Wear, "one of the most iconic styles from the '70s is Farrah Fawcett. Her blended layers, mega volume, and stunning curtain bangs are so flattering on all face shapes and hair types, and the added dimension helps to make you look like you walked straight out of the salon." TikToker @70srose films a step-by-step guide, curling her hair away from her face in sections before using a round brush to achieve that loose, "feathered" effect.

Stand tall with a voluminous high pony

At the 2021 BET Awards, Queen Latifah accepted a lifetime achievement award wearing a super high ponytail styled by Iasia Merriweather, who was later credited on the star's Instagram. In general, as hairstylist Nunzio Saviano informs Real Simple, "height on top of the head works to balance out facial features and give it an elongated look." L'Oréal Paris recommends elevating your voluminous pony by elegantly twisting hair around its base — this will conceal evidence of elastics or stabilizing clips. 

Go for an old-fashioned swoop

The flipped bob was a trademark hairstyle of the '60s, adapted by the likes of Jane Fonda, first lady Jackie Kennedy, and Aretha Franklin, per Byrdie. Nearly six decades after its peak, "Midsommar" star Florence Pugh showed off her take on the mid-century flip at 2022's Venice Film Festival, per Allure. Southern Living recommends asking your stylist for a sharp-cut lob that goes down to your collarbone, a length that will perfectly accent the fullness of your cheeks. Best of all, you can always pin back that dramatic swoop with '60s-worthy hair accessories. Check out these flower power hair pins from Madewell.

You can't go wrong with a long and wavy middle part

Drew Barrymore has moved past the days of wavy bobs and bangs, instead opting for long, glossy hair parted down the middle. "With round face shapes, you need to create interest and angles in the haircut to elongate the face," Dom Seeley, the international creative director at Color Wow, informs Vogue. "Longer lengths are more suited to this face shape for that reason too, and it's always better to style it in soft waves, adding body and volume," he explains. To perfect the art of shiny Drew Barrymore waves, invest in a hydrating hair oil

Don't be afraid to gel

At 2022's Venice Film Festival, "Bones and All" star Taylor Russell channeled 1920s singer Josephine Baker with a pasted-down curl, known historically as an Eton crop (via Fashion). Alternatively, complement your round face shape with another popular 1920s hairstyle — angled finger waves, per Byrdie. For starters, watch TikTok creator @nayrache demonstrate her finger wave technique using mousse and a rat tail comb. If you're rocking long and wavy hair, gel back those loose curls like Zendaya (via Teen Vogue). This edgy "wet hair" look will perfectly offset the softer features of your face.

Opt for an Audrey Hepburn-inspired pixie cut

Audrey Hepburn is the queen of the pixie cut. "Hepburn went a long way to making short hair mainstream and got a lot of credit for popularizing the pixie cut, particularly in her 1953 movie Roman Holiday," hair historian Rachael Gibson tells Vogue. In the 70 years since the film's debut, the cut has become a way to express individuality. In the words of Demi Lovato's stylist, Amber Maynard Bolt, "For many, hair represents a curtain of safety. There is a lot of fear with chopping your hair off. But once you do, you are able to own yourself in a way you never thought possible."

According to hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons, a pixie cut is an ideal companion for a fuller face. "The infamous Audrey Hepburn-inspired pixie cut is a perfect cut for those with round faces because of the striking contrast it creates," he explains to Real Simple. "Short layers around the crown and longer edges soften facial angles, and added texture at the top creates volume for those with finer hair."

The 'French girl bob' is trending

Revitalize your quarantine hair with the trending "French girl bob." Not only is it low maintenance, but it's also the perfect way to complement your round features. "I've been pushing [the French bob] recently to clients who want to be freed of hair that has grown out during the pandemic..." notes Garren, a celebrity stylist and the co-founder of R+Co. "I cut Karlie Kloss' hair into a French bob," he tells Byrdie. "It was a little messy, not flat to the head, and it had personality." When in doubt, you can't go wrong with modeling your cut after Audrey Tautou in "Amélie."

Bring back the pompadour

According to Britannica, the origins of the pompadour can be traced back to mid-1700s France and Madame de Pompadour, King Louis XV's mistress. In the centuries since, the style has extended beyond the French aristocracy, with stars like Elvis and Little Richard popularizing the quaffed look in the 1950s. Throughout the early 2010s, Janelle Monae became known for their trademark pompadour. Though face shape is certainly a deciding factor when it comes to hairstyles, texture is equally important, if not more so — stylist Nick Arrojo recommends considering both when choosing a style, per Stylecraze. To get started, watch TikTok creator @thekolourkode demonstrate the in-and-outs of the perfect pompadour.

Let those curls steal the show

When it comes to round faces, celebrity stylist Justine Marjan is a fan of embracing curls. "Lots of texture allows the hair to frame your face, with a lift at the root and waves accentuating your eyes and lips," she explains to Byrdie. And don't be afraid of a little frizz — it adds character. "I've done the full curly girl methods—plopping, DevaCurl—but have abandoned them in favor of embracing frizz as part of the texture of my hair instead of desperately trying to moisturize every lock into submission," comedian Jacqueline Novak tells W Magazine

Try a sleek half-up half-down look

Looking for a look that compliments your fuller cheeks? "A good choice of style would be half-up, half-down; it allows for a little height, and the loose hair can be tonged to soften the look," says stylist Scott Ade in a conversation with Byrdie. TikTok's @_yaliah demonstrates a slicked-back version of the up-down style, using a brush and Ouia's Matte Pomade to flatten. Alternatively, it never hurts to look to Gabrielle Union for inspiration. The "Bring it On" star models her take on the style in an Instagram post celebrating her 50th birthday.

Master the art of space buns

As demonstrated by @reesetangsirisaree on TikTok, space buns add vertical intrigue when it comes to round faces. Although the creator styles a half-up half-down look with face-framing tendrils, you can also slick back your buns '90s-style like Lizzo, per Instagram. Alternatively, as recommended by The Trend Spotter, elevate your box braids with head-topping buns. According to celebrity hairstylist Ashley Streicher in a conversation with Byrdie, "This is a great (easy) style to accomplish at home." The most difficult step is achieving symmetry, but this will come with practice (and patience).

Compliment your bubble braids with butterfly clips

Butterfly clips, a colorful staple 30 years ago, have seen a recent uptick in popularity, with celebrities like Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid going full-on '90s nostalgia, per Bustle. Buy your own clip set on Amazon, or simply dig through the depths of your closet to find these forgotten accessories. TikTok's @maivi0let shows how to accent bubble braids with clips. Start by sectioning two small pigtails at the top of your head, using hair ties to create a "bubble" effect. Finally, decorate the "braids" with butterflies, lots of them.

Use color to frame your face

Hair dye creates a face-framing effect ideal for those with softer features. "I love to place color around the face—we do it a lot at the salon," celebrity colorist Nicola Clarke tells Vogue. "It doesn't necessarily have to be dramatic, just a subtle difference to the overall color will add contrast and give the illusion of texture without layers."

Glamour calls these bleached and colorful strands "Rebel Streaks." As Crazy Color ambassador, Sophia Hilton explains to the site, "A common misconception is that face framing is just for the natural girls, but it's really not," adding, "This trend is for anyone and everyone, no matter your preference on color..." As modeled by Jessica Ruby (@flamingoloungehair on Instagram), go bold with bright pink.

Go big with a '60s-style bouffant

Throughout the '60s, French actress Brigitte Bardot was known for her voluminous hairstyles. As noted by Nunzio Saviano, owner of Nunzio Saviano Salon in New York City, height balances out softer features, per Real Simple. To give yourself a '60s-inspired bouffant, stylist Elle Westby recommends starting with tousled hair. "This is the perfect style to do on a day when you wake up and your hair is a bit messy... " she assures Byrdie. "Give a bit of tease to the crown and the ends of the hair by doing a little backcombing on the ends and spritz in a texturizing spray to play that up." Finish off the look with a Brigitte Bardot-era headband like this design from Free People.

Curtain bangs add dimension

Shelly Aguirre, a hairstylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, suggests bangs for those with fuller face shapes. As she outlines for Real Simple, "Bangs can draw attention away from the jawline, which is the widest part of the face." Curtain bangs, in particular, are having a cultural moment, worn by the likes of Carey Mulligan, Selena Gomez, and Sarah Hyland, per Stylist. "[Curtain bangs] allow the center of the forehead to appear higher, closing off the roundness of the face shape," hairstylist Michelle Cleveland tells Bustle. Ultimately, "It's all a trick of the eye."

Experiment with an edgy shaved pixie

As Aura Friedman, a creative director at Sally Hershberger's Los Angeles salon, tells Vogue, "Hair is such a personal choice and can be a true representation of your identity." For women and gender non-conforming people, in particular, hair is a powerful tool of self-expression. "It's likely we are hardwired to feel emotionally connected to our hair," psychologist Vivian Diller, Ph.D. explains to Well + Good, noting, "We've associated it with status, wealth, and royalty since ancient times. Thick, rich hair has always meant health, sensuality, and youth, so it continues to mean that to women today." Saying goodbye to hair means saying goodbye to certain gendered expectations. If you're looking to jumpstart your personal style journey, take inspiration from celebrities like Cynthia Erivo and Scarlett Johansson, opting for a bold buzz. Alternatively, use dye to give your pixie a colorful or bleached edge.

Cut razor-sharp edges

When it comes to round face shapes, angles are a powerful tool. "Any kind of lob or blunt cut can help bring asymmetry to your face, giving it an appearance of a more defined chin and jaw," Lacy Gadegaard, founder of Laced Hair Extensions & Laced Salon, advises Real Simple. If your hair is thin and straight, this is the ideal style for you. However, "Make sure you keep it all one length, going higher at the nape can look a little dated," Redken UK Ambassador Larry King — no, not that Larry King – tells Glamour

Pin up your curls for added height

In the '90s, curly top knots were the norm, per Vogue. Follow along with TikTok's @jazvnessa to give yourself the look, starting with a loose bun before pinning down face-framing tendrils. Meanwhile, Olivia Calabio (@allthingsolive on TikTok) shows how to elevate the style for a fancy occasion, using mousse to create side-swept bangs. "I love to see a loose and carefree style to naturally curly hair, so the hair still moves and has personality," comments stylist Philip Downing in a conversation with Byrdie. The bottom line? A voluminous updo will work to elongate your naturally round facial features.

Style a slicked-back low pony

Though they might not be as trendy as Ariana Grande's trademark towering pony, lower hairstyles are healthier in the long run. "A low ponytail is going to be the least stressful because you don't have the gravity of the hair pulling down," hairstylist Mark Garrison informs Bustle. Dress up the style with accessories. For starters, opt for a classic, Blair Waldorf-Esque black bow, gold cuffs from Amazon, or even decorate your hair with gems for a red carpet-worthy look. Tessa Thompson sported a slicked-back low braid at the premiere of Creed II, proving that flatter styles are anything but dull.

You don't need a curling iron for these bombshell waves

TikTok creator @gjuanita proves that you don't need a curling iron to get face-framing bombshell waves. Instead, she braids her straight hair around a pair of elastic leggings, letting the twists sit overnight for maximum impact. Alternatively, simply leave your hair in two french braided pigtails like @caseyjisue. "The number one benefit [to heatless curls] is less damage since there is no heat used," Chicago-based hairstylist Jenna Spino tells Byrdie.

Layer, layer, layer

Whether you have long tresses or a short bob, layers are the way to go. "We're not trying to hide the round, but frame the round so people can be happy and look good at whatever form of roundness their faces may take," stylist Darrius Peace explains to Real Simple, adding, "Anything that creates fringing or layering around the face will achieve that." Though in general, dpHue founder Justin Anderson notes that longer layers best suit softer features, per Marie Claire.

Selena Gomez's slicked-back bun is a must

Selena Gomez's trademark hairstyle is her slicked-back bun, a look she even demonstrated for followers in a "get ready with me" TikTok. All you need is a brush, styling cream, and a few minutes in the morning. Alternatively, The Pioneer Woman recommends a classic "ballerina bun" for rounder faces, a hairstyle worn by Emma Stone at 2022's Gilded Age-themed Met Gala. To achieve the look without an expert team, invest in a set of donut hair bun makers from Amazon.

Try a side-swept look

As hairstylist Frederic Fekkai explains in Vogue, side-swept styles are perfect for fuller faces. Not only will it sharpen your features, but it will also give you an old Hollywood glamor. TikTok creator @tee.hair uses clip-in extensions to perfect the asymmetrical look at home, but you can also pin down one side with bejeweled hair accessories – for starters, check out this pearl barrette from Madewell. Alternatively, opt for a simple side braid and add extra volume with dry shampoo.

Cropped afros are trending

”The best cuts for curly hair, as with any hair texture – kinky, coily, curly, wavy or straight – take into account your face shape, face size, and more, as there is no one-size-fits-all haircut for curly hair," celebrity hairstylist Vernon François explains to Grazia. For round faces, in particular, you can't go wrong with a close-cropped afro, a trend which is only growing in popularity, expert Stylist Tyler Moore tells Refinery29. Though short, the cut is versatile – look to one of Lupita Nyong'o iconic geometric styling moments for inspiration, per Byrdie.

Mullets are hitting the mainstream

What do former Disney stars Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato have in common? They've both opted for modern mullets. "The definition of a mullet is short at the front and sides, and long in the back," celebrity hairstylist Riawna Capri clarifies for Pop Sugar. "Obviously [the] hair in the back isn't longer than the hair in the front, but it has the illusion or silhouette of a mullet, as opposed to an exact copy." Ultimately, the style creates a face-framing fringe perfect for fuller cheeks. "This haircut is for someone who is confident, who steps outside the box, and whose style is on the edgier side," says Capri. What better way to express yourself than through your hair?