Maggie Wheeler Recalls What Was Actually In Those Central Perk Coffee Cups - Exclusive

If you aren't still binge-watching "Friends" ... you're lying, right? The famous sitcom, which first aired in 1994, features six friends in New York City just trying to figure out life, relationships, and their careers, bringing peak comedy to viewers that's still relatable today. The series also plays host to a slew of memorable supporting characters, some of whom pop in when you least expect them (always to hilarious effect). One such character is Janice — played by Maggie Wheeler — who is remembered for her iconic laugh and for being Chandler Bing's (Matthew Perry) back-and-forth love interest throughout the 10 seasons.

Now, Wheeler has recently paired up with International Delight to promote a "Friends"-themed creamer that boasts flavors of hazelnut mocha. In an exclusive interview, The List had a one-on-one with her in the television show's home city, New York, at the pop-up "Friends" Experience. The experience does indeed have its own Central Perk, where you can grab a coffee and take pictures on the coffee shop's iconic couch. But with the amount of coffee that's featured on the show, fans are left to wonder: What are the actors actually drinking? Is it coffee? Juice? Nothing at all? Wheeler seems to recall what was poured into her coffee cup on set.

It's actually coffee ... sometimes

We initially meet Janice in Season 1, Episode 5 — "The One with the East German Laundry Detergent" — when Chandler breaks up with her (for the first time). Matthew Perry and Maggie Wheeler are sitting on the Central Perk couch when Perry is handed an espresso, and Wheeler, a latte. It seems for that scene, what we see is what the actors got to drink. "In that first episode that I did with Chandler where he brings me the huge coffee and says, 'Do you want another one?' before I've even had a chance to drink it ... I feel like there was cappuccino in that cup," Wheeler told The List.

But though the "Friends" cast got coffee in their cups sometimes, given the sheer amount of coffee-sipping that happens on screen, the actors didn't drink it in every take. "Sometimes it's not coffee in the cup," Wheeler admitted. "Every once in a while, it is. We were not plied with coffee from morning till night. We would've been worth nothing." The Central Perk cups were opaque, so there is no clear way for viewers to see the liquid inside for every one of the 236 episodes — meaning the actors could often get away with using substitutes like iced tea, apple juice, or tea if they wanted to watch their caffeine intake.

You can grab the FRIENDS Manhattan Hazelnut Mocha creamer on International Delight's website. Keep up with Maggie Wheeler's upcoming projects on her Instagram page.