The 'Cherry Coke' Red Hair Trend That TikTok Is Loving For Spring 2023

Coca-Cola is synonymous with its vibrant red can. Just like Marilyn Monroe can't escape her signature red lip. It is a color that dominates every industry. However, that classic red is getting a twist and it is cherry-flavored. Cherry coke may not be your go-to drink, but it is a trending hair color and it is obvious why. It's not the first time a beverage has inspired pretty hues for your locks. From crisp champagne to hot caramel mocha, hair color inspiration is found in unique places.

Cherry coke red is a play on the primary color with the help of purples and browns. Its warm note complements every complexion and lends itself to a cornucopia of hairstyles. If you're in the market for a twist on a natural color, or a dye you're guaranteed to pull off, look no further. Bring a cherry coke can to your salon appointment or our inspiration picks to join in on this sweet red look.

Cherry coke with a bang

Dyeing your hair is the perfect time to try a new hairstyle. And with a color that goes with everything, why not a style that fits everyone as well — bangs? There are more styles of bangs than you think. This face-framing feature can be swept to the side, sit above your eyebrows, left with only a few strands, or layered with the rest of your hair. Best of all, bangs are low maintenance. Stylist Clariss Rubenstein tells Allure, "Bangs shouldn't take too much time to style. Two to three minutes, tops." It is a simple way to do up the cherry coke trend and highlight the deep red color.

Layer on the cherry coke red

Layers, layers, and layers. Getting them is the trick for instant volume and turning any hairstyle from simple to stunning. "Layers release weight from the hair, so you'll notice more bounce when styling it," hair artist Gina Scipioni explains (via PureWow). As your strands dance in the air, they will show off the intricate deep reds of the cherry coke color. Different lengths through the layers create a canvas best for mixing distinct tones of cherry. One layer may be more purple and another browner, but they all stand out.

Color block cherry coke and other delicious shades

Opting for cherry coke doesn't mean you can't enjoy other flavors. This deep red is the ideal color to mix and match with various shades. Dyeing the front of your hair another hue brings vibrancy but won't take away from the star, cherry coke. Hair colorist Alex Brownsell shared with Teen Vogue that adding color to the face-framing pieces "can be both very bold and very subtle." The stylist also mentioned, "It's a great way to add light around the face." This style is perfect if you're worried about the deep red being too dark.

Highlight red with bright cherry coke highlights

Switching up your hairstyle gives you a fun, new look. It is a chance to go bold, and nothing says bold quite like red. For a rich contrast, sprinkle bright red highlights on your cherry coke hair. Expert colorist Stephanie Brown says, "Highlights add dimension" (per Byrdie). Thick streaks will land you in the chunky highlights trend, while thin, painted strands are a kiss of vibrancy. Red highlights draw out the red tones in the cherry coke color. The added color defines the cherry red from its purple and brown notes.

Cherry coke vs. chocolate cherry

With all the red hair colors and their subtle differences, it's easy to mix up cherry coke with chocolate cherry. The best way to tell the two apart is by their main hue. According to celebrity colorist Dereq Clark, brown is the focus of chocolate cherry. He tells Mane Addicts, "It looks like a brunette color with a subtle reddish hue throughout the hair. It's not a vibrant hair color but more of a whisper in the hair." Cherry coke is more of a shout. Red is the spotlight, although it can have more hints of brown for a natural look.

Keep it simple with subtle hints of cherry coke

If you're looking for a low maintenance way to embrace cherry coke, how about highlights? You can keep your natural hair color but embellish it with this dark red. It might be minimalistic, but like hairstylist Illeisha Lussiano says, "Sometimes the smallest change to your hair can make the biggest impact" (via Well + Good). Cherry highlights bring warmth to cool undertones like platinum blonde, and brighten dark shades like off-black (Megan Fox's signature color). It's the cheat code for welcoming new tones without full commitment.

A hair tip: dye the tips

A chic way to introduce this mix of purple, red, and brown is with dip-dyed hair. Instead of subtle highlights, dyed ends are profound. It will be as if your tips were soaking in cherry cola, then voilà. This look is great for any hairstyle but particularly stands out on short and layered hair. Dip-dyeing layered hair creates colorful transitions through the lengths of your hair. On short hair, it defines your cut with rich, distinct ends. Nevertheless, when you're ready for a change, a simple trim will say goodbye to the color.

Embrace the purple tones of cherry coke

The cherry coke color is reminiscent of mulled wine and burgundy. It has purple accents that differentiate it from auburn or rust. Hitting the hair dye with more blue emphasizes its violet tones without completely changing the color. You will be embracing the cool undertones of cherry coke while maintaining its red integrity. Cool hair colors best complement complexions with warm tones. Perfecting your cherry coke hair is all about choosing the right hair color for your skin tone, and that could mean leaning more purple.

Spice up short hair with this fizzy red

Short hair can be intimidating to dye. You can't hide any error in a ponytail or messy bun. The whole canvas is on display unless you don't leave your house without wearing a hat. However, there is no need to fear. With shorter hair, stylist Mimi DeKasha says her favorite trick is peek-a-boo highlights. It is a coloring method that paints the underneath layer of your hair. DeKasha tells She Knows, "This gives just enough pop to a shorter cut, while still keeping the look sophisticated." A cherry bob would steal the show, but to ease it in, peek-a-boo highlights might be the solution.

Rich reds put the cherry in the coke

Red is deeply implied in this hair trend. The "red nail theory" on TikTok implies the color does make you more attractive. If you rather have the warmer tones of this primary color than the cool feel of purple, lean more into the red. Professional colorist Shvonne Perkins explains this trend centers on a cherry look with mahogany tones but importantly, "the red sheen shines through in the light" (via Women's Health). Have it so the red is always shining. It will be the cherry on top.