Proof That Sapphire Engagement Rings Are The Best Choice For Brides Who Prefer Color

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, at least that's what they say. But truth be told, diamonds can be a little boring. Like off-white walls, we've grown to expect the clear stone and appreciate its clean-cut look. There's nothing wrong with diamond jewelry: after all, a pair of studded earrings are still a classic, like red lipstick and the LBD. Throughout history, powerful leaders wore diamonds to showcase strength. These stones symbolize everlasting love and are the most popular gems for engagement rings. However, when you're expected to rock a ring every day for the rest of your life, why wear something with a bit of extra pizzazz?

Sapphire stones are your new best friend — they offer a great setting for your trendy engagement ring and are the pop of color you never knew you needed. Plus, opting for these rainbow beauties does not mean a skimp on quality. These gems offer a similar range of durability and scratch resistance as diamonds. With the variety of sapphire cuts and colors, there is sure to be one that tugs at your heart. The right ring choice might not be clear after all.

Radiant cut sapphire for a royal engagement ring

Traditional sapphire is a rich royal blue. Perhaps that's one reason the royal family embraces the sapphire stone. Notably, Princess Diana had a dazzling sapphire ring later passed down to Kate Middleton. Princess Anne and Princess Eugenie had sapphire engagement rings too. The blue screams elegance, regardless of the stone's measurements. Sapphire is perfect for letting smaller-sized gems grab the spotlight. If its rich blue is too cool-toned for your liking, there are shades with green notes that add an earthy warmth.

Spread the love with pink sapphire

The best thing about diamond's rival is its range of colors. Sapphire comes in pink, making it the ideal ring to champion barbie-core. The warm pink offers a neutral hue that is excellent for everyday wear so you don't have to worry about your engagement ring matching your other jewelry or outfits. Plus, pink is a color that symbolizes love, tenderness, and passion. The rhombus-cut sapphire creates a sharp regal look that simply ties everything together. How can your partner say no to a ring like that?

The down-to-earth umba sapphire

While a pink ring is fancy and feminine, sapphire is to be admired in all of its forms. Umba sapphires are unique and rare. They are collected near the Umba River in Tanzania, and these stones are rarely treated, meaning no artificial shining to hike up consumer value. Umba sapphires are Mother Earth's unrefined beauty. An engagement ring with this center stone is great for couples who appreciate raw, natural artistry. Be prepared for everyone to admire your earthy stone.

The galaxy awaits within opalescent sapphires

If color is your driving force, then don't stop at just one. Mix and match sapphire stones to have a truly personalized ring that emphasizes your style. Opalescent sapphires have a milky iridescent finish that looks magical. In our inspiration photo, the purple opalescent sapphire complements the green sapphire's clarity. The green stones shine in the light, while the purple gems have its deeper layers of white emphasized in the brightness. It is a truly unique engagement ring with dimensions to its cut.

Sapphire and diamond for more bling

When subtle hints of color are more your thing, opt for a ring that sprinkles sapphire amongst diamonds. You don't need a center stone either. A band of stones incorporates more bling yet won't have a focal gem that can border on gaudy. Former first daughter Jenna Bush Hager's sapphire engagement ring follows a similar pattern. Your choice of metal can also highlight or tone down the bright sapphire. Silver and white metals complement the cool tone of sapphire. However, gold metals are a warm contrast that makes the colored stone pop.

Tears of joy over sapphire teardrop rings

The teardrop cut, also called the pear-cut, is perfect for sapphire stones. The shape instantly stands out from round or rectangular styles. Its tip that points upwards draws your eyes lengthwise up the stone. This focus of attention can create the illusion of a larger gem. Pear shaped stones aren't as popular as brilliant or cushion-cut gems, so choosing this shape with your sapphire stone will give you a distinct engagement ring. It will look expensive even if it's a glass rhinestone.

Nothing says love like a heart-shaped ring

An engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of everlasting love. The circle where no one can come in between. What better way to top off your commitment than with a heart-shaped stone? This gem shape is playful, yet a sapphire stone makes it sophisticated. You can find sapphire gems in red or pink to really stick with the theme, or opt for green or blue for a unique piece. Out of every type of diamond cut, we love the heart. So do our favorite celebs like Nicki Minaj, who sports a love-shaped ring.

The art of uncut stone

To truly showcase the organic beauty of a sapphire stone, embrace its uncut setting. Similarly to untreated stones like the umba sapphire, uncut gems aren't manipulated by man-made processes. The phrase "an uncut gem" can refer to someone rough around the edges, and an uncut sapphire can elicit that same rugged feel. This style is perfect for that something blue needed to keep the tradition alive. When jewelers leave the stone uncut, it showcases the natural beauty suited for natural love.

Brighten your engagement with yellow sapphire

An engagement ring color you don't see every day is yellow. However, yellow is a great shade for this monumental occasion. This bright hue symbolizes friendship, happiness, and optimism — all the things you need for a long-lasting marriage. Yellow sapphire can range from vibrant shades to more orange tones. Paired with a gold metal, it can be a subtle touch that teeters on the line of neutral. Yellow ties in with every complexion but particularly compliments skin with warm undertones. Yellow sapphire could be the bright color to add happiness to your relationship.

The hexagon cut for a one of a kind ring

We can't talk about sapphire and not mention it is the September birthstone. If you and your partner met in September, are getting married in September, were born in September, or just love the start of autumn, there isn't a better stone choice. From the traditional rich blue to the rainbow hues of pink and yellow, sapphire is unbeatable. It adds a touch of elegance to every cut, even a hexagon shape. Give a colored engagement ring a try. It's a pop of vibrancy that will last a lifetime.