The Best (And Easiest) Way To Apply Shimmery Eyeshadow

Shimmery eyeshadow is like the Goldilocks of eyeshadows — the amount of sparkle is just right. Shimmery formulas occupy the coveted middle ground between matte and glittery eyeshadow. At one end, there's shine-free matte eyeshadow, whose goal is to provide a depth of color and a smooth finish. On the opposite end, glitter eyeshadow gives us shine to the max. These party-ready formulas are packed with lots of larger, light-reflecting particles to accentuate their sparkle. 

While both glitter and shimmery shadows provide shine, there's a notable difference in texture between the two. Since it relies on smaller particles for its luster, shimmer eyeshadow is typically sheer with a softer texture. These formulas can be used solo or in combination with matte shadows. For instance, shimmery eyeshadows are perfect for enhancing your brow bone or the inner corners of your eyes. Like other shadows, shimmery styles come in a wide range of colors including stunning duochrome eyeshadows.

If a softer, shimmery look is your top priority, pay attention to particle size. "For a subtle, sophisticated glow, reach for shadows that look like velvet, not full-on sequins," makeup artist Tonya Riner advised As for how to apply shimmery shadow, it turns out that the best way is also the cheapest and most convenient.

Your fingers are the ultimate applicator for glittery eye makeup

When you want to apply a shimmery eyeshadow, there's no need for a brush or applicator. Simply dip a clean finger into the product and sweep it onto your eyelids. Fingertip application is the ideal way to achieve a soft, diffused look. The secret lies in your hand's natural warmth, which helps spread the eyeshadow around evenly. This technique can also rescue shadow that feels dry and sandy and give it a smoother texture.

Besides convenience, each of your fingers is like its own different applicator. For instance, due to its smaller size, your pinkie is a good tool for a more targeted and precise eyeshadow application. For applying an all-over shimmer, use your ring finger. This digit is gentler since it applies less pressure. To finish, you can either use your ring finger or your middle finger to blend, depending on your preference, as makeup artist Yuui Vision explained to Allure.

Another benefit to using your fingers is that you can apply the product more precisely and avoid fallout. "Rather than swiping or patting, I would recommend using a pressing motion to pack color onto the lid with your ring finger," makeup artist to the stars Molly R. Stern told "If you want the shadow to move more like paint, get your fingers wet." Additionally, if you want to ensure the shimmery color stays put, consider using an eyeshadow primer first.

Go minimalist and use your fingers for foundation, blush, and lipstick too

Beyond eyeshadow, you can use your fingers for applying most of your other makeup too. This strategy is useful if you don't want to invest in a ton of brushes or put in the energy to clean them. In addition to being super easy to wash and dry between products, knowing how to use your fingers to apply makeup means you can travel light and never worry about a wayward makeup brush or beauty blender.

Foundation and concealer products are a natural fit for fingertip application. "The heat from your hands will warm up the cream, making it blend more seamlessly," makeup artist Clarissa Luna informed Refinery 29. Better blending provides a more natural look with less product sitting on the surface of your skin. To finish, you can take clean, dry hands and use your palms to remove any excess foundation.

For blush, the technique is similar to eyeshadow application. You can use one finger to apply the product and then blend with a second finger. If you're using a cream-based formula, your fingers' warmth will make it easier to apply. As for lipstick, your fingers are an essential choice if you're looking to rock the blurry lip trend. Begin by applying the color to your finger. Next, add it to your lips, starting in the center and blending out.