Princess Charlotte Has A School Nickname Worthy Of A Heroine

Despite having the same parents, siblings are often quite different from each other in personality. DNA, birth order, family events, environmental circumstances, and other factors all play into it, but in the case of the British royal family, their destinies do, too. Firstborn children of monarchs and heirs, such as William, Prince of Wales, learn early in life that they have an important role to play, so they tend to be more serious and responsible. A royal expert once told Us Weekly that young Prince George is already starting to exhibit kingly qualities, saying, "His confidence has grown leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. He is assertive, self-assured and knows what he wants, and doesn't hold back on speaking his mind."

His sister, Princess Charlotte, has a different future ahead of her. Since she's unlikely to take the throne, she's not being raised in all the responsibilities of the monarchy. Perhaps knowing her life choices are wider, the 7-year-old is said to be adventurous and fun-loving, much like her late grandmother, Princess Diana, and another notable "spare," her uncle Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. She enjoys climbing trees, playing soccer,  and horseback riding, which reportedly delighted her horse-loving great-grandmother, the late Queen Elizabeth II. 

Royal author Katie Nicholl recently revealed that Charlotte's adventurous ways have earned her a nickname worthy of the classic TV heroine Xena.

Nicknames are common among the royals

Princess Charlotte is known as "Warrior Princess" by her school friends, royal expert Katie Nicholl said on the British version of "Entertainment Tonight" (via the Mirror). The name seems to be a nod to the fictional character Xena, the protagonist of the TV show "Xena: Warrior Princess." Nicholl revealed, "Apparently she earned that nickname because obviously, she is a Princess, but she's quite a tomboy."

Charlotte certainly isn't the only royal to go by a pet name. Her father and uncle, William, Prince of Wales, and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, were familiarly known as "Wales" at Eton College, and Catherine, Princess of Wales, was called "Squeak" at St. Andrew's School. Well, that's marginally better than the "Waity Katie" nickname once bestowed on her by the tabloids. The late Princess Diana affectionately called William "Wombat," and Harry is known as "Haz" to his wife, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex. Meghan herself was once called "Tungsten" by father-in-law King Charles III. In turn, he and Queen Camilla used to call each other "Fred" and "Gladys" in the early years of their relationship. Come to think of it, the king might want to reconsider changing his monarch name to Fred, considering that the royal name Charles is rather cursed.

By contrast, "Warrior Princess" is the kind of nickname a girl might want to keep for a while. It certainly has a more distinctive ring than the name she goes by at school. In keeping with the tradition of dropping royal titles in the classroom, she's known as Charlotte Cambridge.

Princess Charlotte is known as the one in charge

She may be the middle child, but don't expect Princess Charlotte to fade into the background anytime soon. Even at the age of seven, the warrior princess seems to be wise beyond her years. Like many sisters, Charlotte has been known to boss her brothers around quite a bit.

Royal lineage hasn't stopped Princess Charlotte from keeping her older brother in line. During Queen Elizabeth II's funeral service, the youngest attendee was seen whispering something briefly to her older brother. According to The Sun, lip readers reported that Princess Charlotte reminded Prince George, "you need to bow" as the queen's coffin passed them. Prince George promptly responded with a bow, undoubtedly having learned that his sister knows best. Per the Mirror, when asked about her children's dynamic, Catherine, Princess of Wales, reportedly called her only daughter "the one in charge." We're happy to see Princess Charlotte embracing the strength that runs in the royal bloodline — after all, the warrior princess comes from a long history of fierce female leaders.

Princess Charlotte's schoolmates aren't the only ones with nicknames for her. Prince William has been overheard lovingly calling his daughter "Mignonette," referring to the French word meaning "delicate." Even a warrior princess is seen as a precious little girl in her father's eyes.