What To Ask For In The Salon If You Want To Try Out The Sweet Red Velvet Hair Color Trend

This year, trends are all about expressing yourself. Whether that's through new nail designs or an entirely new wardrobe, there is no longer a one-trend-fits-all approach to the latest, hottest things. One of the best ways to outwardly express yourself is through your hair. This past year, we saw hair accessories and textured haircuts on the rise, but as we get further into 2023, it's all about color.

According to a variety of celebrity hairstylists, their high profile clients are asking for buttery blondes, lived-in brunettes and cool black. But others who want a bit more drama are leaning towards red. This year, we're seeing colors mirror our favorite snacks and beverages, from cherry-cola, which is a reddish brown color, to red velvet, which is a super bright, rich shade of red. If your goal is to go bold this year, this is the ultimate color to choose — but don't try to get it at home. Since red velvet hair is such a complex mix of colors, you'll want to head to the salon to get it done. Here's what to ask for to make sure you get it.

How to ask your stylist for red velvet hair

The term "red velvet hair" was first created by celebrity hair colorist Nikki Lee around the holiday season, according to PureWow. The bright red was the perfect holiday look but as more and more celebrities and people started getting red velvet hair, the trend became popular far beyond Christmas. Megan Thee Stallion and Blake Lively have both sported the fiery red color, and while it is a bold look, it is actually easier to achieve than you may think.

When at the salon, tell your stylist to put away her foils. Lee says that achieving red velvet hair is done without highlights and is instead a "one tone, single-process color." Doing this will give you that "wow" all-over color that the trend has become popular for. If you love the red velvet look, but are afraid of a single-process color, you can also opt for red velvet highlights, which will give you the look in a more subtle way.

How to care for red velvet hair

Whether you are constantly changing your hair color or are new to the coloring game, it's important to have the right products to keep your color long after you leave the salon. Purple shampoo is great for blondes as it keeps their bright locks from looking brassy, while blue shampoo is ideal for brunettes who don't want their ends turning orange. But what color shampoo, if any, do redheads use?

Colleen Flaherty, master colorist and educator at Spoke and Weal Salon in New York City, recommends cutting down on the amount of times you wash your hair, via Refinery29. Too much washing will leave your hair color fading faster than you hope. When you do wash it, be sure you are using a color correcting product in the shower — she recommends the Aveda Color Control line to keep your hair looking bright and shiny. Hot tools and hot water can also cause your red to fade, so try to embrace your natural hair and get used to a cold water rinse after you shower. Red is also a hard color to keep up with, so expect a few extra visits to your hairstylist for touch ups, gloss, and color revamps.