Fresh Ideas To Incorporate Floral Accents To Your Look In 2023

The friendship between florals and fashion extends far back in history — way, way back. The exact origin of flowery clothing prints is up for debate. Some sources claim that floral fashion designs started in ancient Egypt, followed by the use of live flowers in old Greek and Roman attire. However, most can agree that Asian designers made floral fashion mainstream. According to Shutterstock, flower patterns started popping up on East Asian fabrics, such as Chinese silk, between the 11th and 13th centuries. Eventually, these fabrics spread to India, Europe, and, with time, the entire world — and the rest is history.

Flower designs have come a long way and have constantly shifted with the trends. In the 1960s, for instance, bright flower power prints were the norm. But by the '90s, muted ditsy florals were all the rage. And in 2023, floral accents are still a fun way to freshen up your style (just ask celebrities like Camila Cabello). This year, get inspired with these garden-y garments.

Try a flowery matching set

Matching sets make getting ready in the morning a breeze — no time wasted on wondering which top and bottoms go together in your closet. And while your go-to co-ord set might be monochromatic or in a classic print like plaid, consider swapping it for a playful floral version this year. Here, style expert Jenee gives the matching set trend a spin with a retro flower pattern. For a cozier option, look to Instagrammer Mária Krkošková's knitted cardigan and shorts combo instead.

Go big and bold

When was the last time you wore a tea party dress splashed with pretty flowers? During your second grade Easter egg hunt? Then you're overdue for this look. The big, bold florals you played dress-up in as a kid can totally work in adulthood too — just peek at fashion influencers Oliva and Alice, above, for an example. After sweeping the spring 2023 runways of designers like Carolina Herrera, expect to see more eye-catching florals in the upcoming months.

Combine florals with the still-strong vest trend

By now, practically everyone seems to have a vest in their closet. The 2020s vest takeover started with the sweater vest trend and has since morphed into more tailored, menswear-inspired iterations. If neither option appeals to your personal style — or if you're simply ready for a change — try a fresh flowery vest. Content creator Auré prefers a pretty pink version, though this trend also comes in a burst of pastels (like Monki's '60s-inspired style), childlike primary colors (like Kina & Tam's Floral Funk Vest), and other hues.

Add an appliqué

Microtrend alert: Flower appliqués are everywhere this year, and they're one of the easiest ways to add floral accents to your outfits (especially if floral prints aren't really your thing). Look for garments that already have a flower attached, like Alicia Hadid's Barbie pink dress. Alternatively, pin an appliqué (or two!) on your blazer or top. With this look, there really are no rules, so gather as many flowery brooches and pins as you like, and go wild.

Bundle up in blossoms

Floral accents may be thought of as a detail that only belongs in spring or summer, but flowers instantly become appropriate for colder seasons, too, when sprinkled on outerwear. Here, Julie Sariñana rocks a sweet quilted jacket that kind of resembles the bedspread your grandma made for you as a kid — but in the best, coziest way possible. Teamed with thick socks and other cold-weather staples, floral outerwear adds a bit of cheer to chilly days.

Dial up the dopamine with bright prints

Dopamine dressing was the trend we all needed after the early days of the pandemic. The idea was that your clothes could be a mood booster, especially when done in bright shades and poppy prints. Even if the peak of dopamine dressing has passed, there's always room for light-hearted looks. Choose colorful tops that can be layered and add a splash of flowery print. Don't be afraid to mix and match with other bright hues (as Anaïs Van Oekel demonstrates) for an ensemble that'll cheer up anyone, even on their worst days.

Top off your look with botanical accessories

You don't have to be into bold prints or the romantic cottagecore aesthetic to pull off florals in 2023. You can still add a touch of flower power with the right accessories. Style influencer Nina Sandbech shows off spindly rose heels — perfect for the daring fashionista who loves turning heads. However, floral accessories can be much smaller and daintier too (think flower-shaped rings and other delicate jewelry). You can also add interest with a flower-patterned scarf or embellished hair accessory — the options are practically endless.