The 'Sachel' Is The Perfect Combination Of The Shag And '90s Favorite 'The Rachel'

Most "Friends" fans are familiar with "The Rachel " haircut. The cut, worn by Jennifer Aniston in the '90s sitcom, is a choppy, shoulder-length bob with a lot of layers, and it was one of the most popular haircuts at the time. As with many other '90s beauty and fashion trends, the Rachel haircut was updated for 2022 as it made its modernized return. In fact, the cut never truly went all the way out of style, and it continues to be updated and fused with other styles to create new looks. When combined, the shag and The Rachel create the "Sachel" haircut.


The shag haircut, which can be hard to pull off, features short, disconnected, and choppy layers. It's great for adding volume around the crown of the head. It saw a large resurgence as celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish began rocking the cut. When mixed together, The Rachel and the shag create a longer cut that can be more forgiving for people who don't want to commit to one or the other. Bella Hadid debuted the Sachel cut in 2022, and the look doesn't appear to be going anywhere.

What to ask for at the salon if you want the 'Sachel'

The most important thing to do when visiting the salon for a new cut or color, even if you've been to your stylist for years, is to bring in photos of the look you're going for. Bring in multiple pictures and be prepared to explain what it is you like about each of them. If you're going in for the Sachel, emphasize that you want to see many choppy layers that create volume all around your head. The haircut falls just below the collarbone, and you could pair it with bangs or face-framing fringe.


Celebrity stylist Syd Hayes encourages the look for people who have had a shag haircut. He told Vogue, "If you've been growing your shag, this is the perfect moment to rock the modern Rachel. Make it modern by keeping the shape around the face a little longer but still featuring those sliced layers."

How to style your 'Sachel' cut

If you want a haircut that can be worn naturally or styled into a more perfected look, then the Sachel might be for you. For the majority of hair types, it's low maintenance when it comes to styling. The cut is supposed to look effortless even when you take the time to style it. You can wash and air-dry your hair, or you can choose to style the look with a round brush and blow dryer. Finish off with a texturizing spray and a hairspray for all-day hold. 


The Sachel is a perfect cut for people who want to go short but don't want to have to head into the salon every four weeks for a trim. Since it's longer and there are more layers than are present in a blunt haircut like the bob, the cut is much more forgiving when it comes to making time for upkeep in the salon chair.