The Fairy Nails Trend Is The Subtle Sparkle You Need In Your Manicure

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Nothing brightens our day quite like a little sparkle. If you want to ensure you get a glimpse of shimmer at any moment, consider adding that sparkle to your nails. While 2023 nail trends include simpler things like naked nails and airbrush nails, one thing that never seems to go out of style is glitter. Celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik says that glitter liners on French manicures to replace the classic white or pink is a big trend we'll be seeing this year, along with single crystals as accents or chunky glitters for a dimensional look, via Marie Claire.

But if you gravitate towards shorter nails, single colors, and effortless designs, the fairy nail trend is the ultimate glittery option. In fact, editorial manicurist Stephanie Stone calls the fairy nail "a minimalistic take on a glitter nail." And the best part of this trend? You can bring the style to your manicurist without any weariness on their end, or you can achieve the look at home. Here's how to do it.

How to get the fairy nail look

If you have been feeling drab or need to spice up your look a bit, there is nothing easier than adding that spice to your mani. The fairy nail trend is as easy as painting your nails. But while it may not be difficult to apply, it does require the right polish. Stone recommends starting with a coat or two of your favorite base color, opting for something sheer so the glitter really shines through. The pearly white base coat of Essie's Iced Out FX will make your nails pop. If you want a bit more color, their color Feel the Fizzle will give you that plus some sparkle even before you add a top coat of glitter.

Once your base coat dries, top it with even more shine. The Nails Inc. Electric Avenue Glitter Nail Polish, which is a chrome sparkle color, or Essie's Birthday Girl are both great top coats to give your nails that added shine. If you want to keep things super simple, find a polish that does double duty, like the Olive & June's Frosted Gloss. One user said it reminded her of "90's lip gloss" which has us running to add this one to our cart.

Other simple nail looks we love

While there is something so gorgeous about a long nail with rhinestones or intricate designs, there's also a lot to be said for a short, simple, clean-looking nail. According to Vogue, 2023 is all about low-maintenance nails. Instead of a blinged-out chrome, OPI global ambassador Harriet Westmoreland says that this year, chrome will be more subtle, with sheer base coats and more of a glossy style.

Another big trend comes from the popular "clean girl aesthetic," which entails simple fashions, small gold jewelry, slicked-back hair, and a bigger focus on skincare than makeup. Similarly, clean girl nails are about buffing out the nails to look their best naturally and covering any imperfections with a light pink or nude color like OPI's Bubble Bath or Tiramisu for Two. French manicures are also back with a more modern approach, but now will be much simpler and the tips much smaller, offering a simple yet polished look.