The Viral Bogg Bag Will Be This Summer's Must-Have Beach Accessory

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It may seem as though long, sunny days and warm weather will never arrive, but before you know it, you'll be sporting your new bathing suit and washing the sand off of your feet. If you foresee a summer season of days at the beach, pool, lake, or any body of water for that matter, you're going to need the right accessories.

According to Glamour UK, this summer season is veering away from bright pastels and instead focusing on dark colors like cobalt and even black. Sheer fabrics are making a comeback, paired with (to many Millenials' dismay) low-rise pants. As for your beach days, consider looking for retro styles or bikinis with underwire, via Seventeen, or some of these uber-popular one-piece suits. Beyond fashion, this summer is also about staying safe in the sun, but doing it stylishly. Add a fun hat, visor, or rash guard to your beach bag, which should also get an upgrade this season. If you have yet to hear about the viral Bogg Bag, here's what you need to know.

What is the Bogg Bag?

It may look like a simple, albeit slightly weird-looking, beach bag, but the Bogg Bag has gone viral for good reasons. The origin story begins with a simple family who forgot their son's shoes during a day at the beach. After buying a pair in a local beach shop, they realized that there should be a beach bag that incorporates that same material. This was back in 2011, and while beachgoers, specifically those near the Jersey Shore, fell in love with the Bogg Bagg immediately, it wasn't until recently that the bag went viral all over the country.

If you're still wondering why this bag is so amazing, we'll give you the short version: it's durable, it doesn't tip over when placed in sand, it doesn't leak out of the bottom and when you finish your day at the beach, all you have to do is hose it down. Plus, even when you're not at the beach or pool, the bag comes in handy in so many different ways.

How to use the Bogg Bag and where to find it

The Bogg Bag was originally created as the ultimate beach bag, but since it went viral, many people have found countless ways to use the bag in their daily lives. One user shows how great it is for everything from work to grocery shopping to even picnics and tailgating. Another TikToker showed just how roomy these bags actually are, pulling out a number of peanut butter jars and an entire stuffed backpack from it. And while not everyone loves the style of these bags — yes, they do look like a giant Croc — the loss of fashion is made up big time for its awesome capabilities.

If you are on the hunt for one of these, consider buying one before we get too close to summer as they are known to sell out. Currently, you can score one on Amazon or the Bogg Bag website, along with at many local boutiques and shops. You can choose from countless colors and designs and even a variety of sizes. And while the price may be a bit of a shock, they are sure to last you for multiple summers, making the cost worth it.