The Reverse Smoky Eye Is The Edgy Twist On A Classic Makeup Look That You Need To Try

The smoky eye is a classic makeup look, and, like many others, there have been several different renditions of the style over the years. So, when "Wednesday" star Jenna Ortega stepped out wearing a stunning, frosted reverse smoky eye at the 2023 Screen Actors Guild Awards, it wasn't terribly surprising when makeup artists and fans on social media alike took note of the new look pulled off by makeup artist Vincent Oquendo.


Oquendo shared on Instagram that he was going for a '70s-inspired look with pastel shades, explaining, "We used a white eye shadow stick as a base of her eyes, and we created a reverse smoky eye. I then wanted to create different textures using multiple metallic silvers and gold to brighten her eyes. Finally, I used a very thin black liquid liner in the outer corner paired with just a few stiletto individual lashes." 

Ortega's frosted reverse smoky eye was paired with bronzer and a rosy lip. Naturally, everybody is dying to replicate it. 

How to recreate the frosted reverse smokey eye

If you want to recreate the reverse smokey eye at home, it's relatively easy once you get the hang of it. First, prime your face including your eyelids and under-eye area. Then, apply a bright, light shadow to your eyelids using a skinny makeup brush. Next, use a solid or liquid liner to line your lower lash line and then soften it with a thicker makeup brush.


For the traditional reverse smokey eye, use a dark shadow just below your lower lash line. You can then add mascara or false lashes to finish off the look. TikToker Laura Johnson shared a video tutorial if you want another visual reference for how to recreate it. For a more frosted effect, like the one worn by Jenna Ortega, you can use silver and gold eyeshadows on your lid, concentrating on the crease, as Vincent Oquendo detailed. 

Try out different colors and don't be afraid to go bold

Don't feel pressured to go soft or light with the colors either. The reverse smoky eye can also be accomplished with any bright, bold shades you like, as demonstrated in Allure with neon colors under the eyes. To pull it off, prime your eyes in the same way as you normally would, apply a white shadow to the upper and lower lid, and grab your favorite bright colors to apply under your lid and in the inner corners of your eyes. 


If the reverse smoky eye isn't working out for you, but you're looking to try other reverse makeup looks, consider the reverse cat eye or the upside-down winged eyeliner look. Likewise, if you don't want to go too bold with color on the eyes, you could also consider adding a bold lip to the mix, like red ombré lips for a more dynamic look, or keep it simple with a classic red lip or just a slick of gloss.