The Simple Reason Your Hair Might Be Losing Its Natural Shine

With countless hair care products currently on the market, hair care seems to be more involved than ever. There are hair masks, dry shampoos, deep conditioners, hot oil treatments, scalp scrubs, hair exfoliators, and so much more. If you chemically treat your hair to color, straighten, curl, or wave it, you may need more products to help restore it to its natural state of health.

In addition, many people use some form of styling tools and that can be a daily occurrence. The higher the heat, the more your hair can be damaged. Every time you apply heat or chemicals to your locks, they undergo a transformation that can leave hair looking and feeling dull and dry.

One of the first things that healthy hair loses when it becomes damaged is its shine. Hair can easily dry out, become frayed and frizzy, and appear dull. While heat and chemicals are obvious culprits, there is one surprising thing you may be doing that is causing your hair to lose its natural shine.

You may be washing your hair too much

While clean hair is the basis for a healthy scalp and beautiful tresses, washing your hair too often can have the opposite effect on your delicate locks. It may sound illogical at first since dirty hair will never look shiny or lustrous. After all, besides not smelling great, hair that hasn't been washed often appears dull, messy, and dry.

"Shiny hair is healthy hair, so if your hair has no shine, it could mean your hair is not moisturized," says celebrity hairstylist Tonya Le told Insider. "Shampoo washes away your natural oils, leaving the inner layer unprotected. Or even using too much shampoo can cause residue build-up."

If you notice that your hair is losing its shine and you wash it every day or almost every day, it may be time to rethink your hair-washing regime to restore the natural luster of your locks. 

This is how often you should wash your hair

Once the shine goes, there may be worse things in store. Losing shine is a sign that hair is becoming damaged and if you continue to overwash your hair, it can lead to a worsening problem. First hair loses its shine, and then it becomes brittle and then can break.

Though people have unique microbiomes and no one number of regular washes will work the same for everyone, there are some general guidelines about how often hair should be washed, per Today. Loosely speaking, most people can wash their hair every two to three days. However, curly and wavy hair tends to be drier and you may be able to go as long as five to seven days before shampooing. On the flip side, if you have thin hair, you'll want to wash it more often since it can quickly become oily. Keep in mind that if your hair is colored, the color will wash out faster with each shampooing.

If you have any questions about how often you should be washing your hair, the best person to ask is your stylist. They will know the specific texture and state of your hair and can best advise according to your personal hair texture.