How Long Does It Take To Grow Out A Pixie Cut?

Taking a leap and cutting off your long locks is a bold move. Whether you've decided to go short with a pixie cut for the warm summer months or chop it all off as a symbolic major life change, once it's gone, it's gone. Of course, it's not forever, but at the very least it will take a decent amount of time to grow back.

A pixie cut is one of the trendiest and most complimentary haircuts to get when deciding to go short. There are also many advantages to embracing a pixie. When you go very short, you cut off damaged ends and in a matter of minutes, which makes your hair appear instantly renewed. Pixie cuts are easy to wash and style, won't get tangled nearly as much as long locks, and look fresh and fun.

Yet even with all the benefits, sometimes you just want to go back to long hair. If you find yourself regretting chopping off your long tresses, you might have to be patient about your situation.

The good and bad news about growing out a pixie cut

The good news is that if you want to grow your pixie cut out, your hair should eventually grow back. You may think that once you let your hair growth resume, it will just grow like weeds; however, while hair growth rates vary among people, it tends to grow roughly about a half inch a month, which is six inches in a full year. 

It also depends on how long you would like your hair to eventually land. If you'd like to keep it short and just grow it out to a bob length, that may take as little as six to nine months. Yet to have it grow beyond that to the point where it falls a couple of inches beyond your ears will take at least a year and a half or more. If you want to go shoulder length or longer, that process will take a couple of years.

Tips to foster hair growth

After you've decided to grow out your pixie cut and have resigned to enjoy the journey, there are some easy lifestyle tips you can do to promote hair growth.

Keep in mind you'll still need to get haircuts to help grow out the style and keep it looking good through all the steps and stages. "Even though you're trying to grow out the hair, frequent trims will help to control the shape and style as it grows," hairstylist Chad Wood tells Byrdie. "I suggest a trim every two to three weeks while you're growing the hair out."

There are a handful of other measures you can take to promote hair growth. For instance, you can make sure you are eating sufficient amounts of protein in your daily meals as well as vitamins C and D, biotin, omega-3, zinc, and iron. You can also ensure getting enough of these vitamins by taking a daily supplement to support hair growth. Finally, protect your hair as it grows in by not applying too much heat or chemicals, and keeping it out of the sun's harsh rays.