Fun Ways To Style Your Favorite Casual Crossbody Bag

With the rise of styles like the belt bag and small clutches, the crossbody bag remains one of the most practical purses you can carry. Because the strap can be worn across your body, it's convenient when you're wearing an outfit that makes a shoulder bag impractical or you don't want to have to remember to carry your clutch with you. 

Maybe you want to wear a crossbody bag but you're worried it'll make your look appear thrown together. Matching the perfect bag to your outfit can make you feel confident and powerful, so it's important to know how to style them.  It can be complicated to figure out how to style your crossbody bag, whether that's because the straps look strange with your outfit, or you just don't know what kind of outfit to reach for to pair with your crossbody. Luckily, there are some sure-fire ways to wear one and make the whole fit look effortless. 

Pair your crossbody bag with a fun strap

If you're looking for a way to make your crossbody look more stylish, think about replacing the basic strap that came with your bag with an animal-print one that'll be sure to make your outfit look more fun. If you reach for the leopard print, you can pair it perfectly with a black or white top and reach for your favorite pair of jeans to match. For even more of a matching moment, match your strap to your shoes. 

Pair a white crossbody with a monochromatic black outfit

An all-black outfit is a classic look that you can wear just about anywhere. While an all-black crossbody bag might be your first instinct to match your outfit, consider reaching for a white style to add a pop of something different to the look. A white bag is always a safe bet to reach for when you're wearing a monochromatic or mostly monochromatic look, as white will match just about anything.

Reach for a laid-back outfit and a black crossbody

If you need some more space in your crossbody for the day, opt for a more dressed-down look and a larger, plain black crossbody bag. It pairs well with a cropped tank and baggy jeans, as Instagram user @inthesejeans demonstrates. If it's too simple or casual the look you're going for, you can reach for some simple bracelets and other jewelry to make the casual fit more interesting. The all-black bag will look good with any color outfit, so it's super versatile. 

Pair your crossbody with leather pants and combat boots

Another way to style your all-black crossbody bag is to pair it with an edgier outfit like leather pants and chunky boots. Edgy heavy boots have made a huge comeback, and they're the perfect complement to your simple crossbody bag that might otherwise look out of place or dress down your outfit too much. 

Consider taking some inspiration from @dianacantua and style your crossbody with an all-leather look for an edgy date night look. 

Go for a sporty-casual look

The simple black crossbody is a versatile piece that you can dress up or down depending on what you're going for. It's the perfect addition to your most casual, sporty outfit. Pair the purse with a sweater, jeans, and sneakers to complete the look and bring it all together. For accessories, reach for your favorite black sunglasses and watch, like Instagram user @nevin_varedgu. This is the perfect style for any time of year. If it's warmer, simply remove the sweater. 

Use your crossbody to add texture to your outfit

One great thing about a crossbody is that you can reach for a different one to change the feel of your outfit. While a simple black-and-white outfit can feel boring, adding a purse with a different texture can help elevate it. Also, consider changing up the textures of the bag. Reach for a bag made of faux leather, faux fur, or even crochet if you want to give your look a pop of something different next time you wear it. 

Wear it over one shoulder

If you want to use your usual crossbody bag but change up the style, you can always use the bag as a one-shoulder bag by shortening the straps to your liking, since most crossbody bags come with an adjustable strap. If yours doesn't and you want to choose this look, you can change out your usual strap for one that is adjustable. On the other hand, for a totally changed-up look, grab a crossbody bag that has handles so you can carry it with style even when it's not across your shoulder. 

Hack your crossbody bag and wear it like a backpack

If you want to try something different with your usual casual crossbody bag, you can try out the viral hack that makes the bag fit more like a backpack than a purse. To wear your crossbody like a backpack, first, put the bag's strap behind your neck before putting both of your arms through the straps while holding the bag. Then, pull the bag over your head and let it fall onto your back. 

Style a small crossbody with a sundress

The small casual crossbody bag is perfect when paired with a sundress in just about any color. Keep the entire look casual by grabbing your favorite bag, pairing any strap you'd like, and styling it with casual sandals, a hat, and your favorite sunglasses. If casual isn't your vibe for the day, you could also dress up your casual crossbody bag by switching up your choices in shoes, and glasses, and finishing the look with some jewelry. 

Match your crossbody with your jacket

One way to style your favorite casual crossbody bag is to go for a more monochromatic look by pairing your bag with a jacket that matches the color. You can even pair this look with some matching giant stud earrings to complete the style.

While this look would work with any color, consider going green and pairing your emerald green crossbody bag with a jacket that's the same color, like Instagram user @_rachoc.

Try a strap with a gold or silver chain

Your crossbody bag might be casual, but that doesn't mean you have to keep it all casual all the time. You can also choose to dress up your bag by switching out the strap with a gold or silver chain. Most bags come with hooks that allow you to switch out the straps easily, making this one of the easiest ways to change up the style of your casual crossbody and make it look great with any outfit. 

Go for a crescent-shaped bag

If you want to keep your crossbody bag casual but still try something different, you can go for a different-shaped bag like a crescent-shaped bag to complete your outfit. Pair the crescent-shaped crossbody with a casual white tank top and jeans, as @gabrigofis demonstrates, and feel free to change up the rest of your accessories to best match your outfit. You can even go for a pair of vintage jeans or a vintage tee to bring the whole outfit together. 

Go for a smaller bag when your outfit calls for it

If you're on the go or traveling, you might want to grab a smaller crossbody bag for convenience. If you're reaching for that smaller bag, consider pairing it with a jacket and blouse for a dressier, put-together look. To achieve this look, pair a neutral-colored crossbody and pair it with a white top, brown or black jacket, and black pants for a super-sophisticated look that's still practical for walking around all day. 

Opt for overalls and a tee with your crossbody

We all know that overalls can be tricky to style, but when paired with a striped long-sleeve tee and a casual black crossbody bag, the whole look comes together. To achieve this vibe, reach for a pair of black overalls and a black and white tee, like Instagram user @clara.milano. If you want your bag to stand out more, feel free to grab a crossbody that's a different color from the rest of your fit. 

Use the bag as a statement piece

Even if you're reaching for a casual crossbody, you can still make it a statement piece by grabbing a colored bag that will stick out against the rest of your outfit. Consider reaching for a peach or salmon bag paired with a simple black and white outfit to really make your crossbody the star of the show. You could also opt for a more bold color like orange or blue to pair with a neutral outfit. 

Reach for a crochet crossbody bag

One unique way to style a casual crossbody has to do with the bag itself. If you want something interesting, reach for a crochet bag in any color. Crochet bags pair with summer dresses and the cottagecore aesthetic. You can reach for a small or large crocheted bag to match your outfit. Keep the jewelry minimal, and complete the look with casual shoes, a French pin updo, and live out your laid-back style dreams. 

Change up the style of your casual crossbody bag

The key to styling your favorite crossbody bags is to match them to whatever outfit you want to go for. So, if you're looking for something to match a certain crossbody, consider reaching for accessories that match the bag, and the rest of the outfit will follow. 

TikTok user @drewjoiner offers the crossbody bag as a way to level up any outfit. "Bags and other accessories differentiate good outfits from great outfits," he shares. 

Match the pattern on your bag to your outfit

Another way to style your favorite crossbody bag would be to take a patterned bag and match the pattern to your coat or top. This makes the bag blend in seamlessly with your entire outfit but also allows you to use it as a kind of statement piece since its pattern will likely draw attention. Consider choosing one non-dominant color on the bag and matching your outfit with that color rather than the dominant color on the bag. 

Style your crossbody like a belt bag

Fanny packs and belt bags have both come back with a vengeance, but you can dupe the style by using your favorite crossbody and making the strap short enough that it fits like a belt bag. This way, you can reach into your bag easily but still use it as the perfect accessory for your outfit. Belt bags and fanny packs are traditionally worn around the waist, but people have begun to wear them across the chest for a casual on-the-go bag 

Reach for a mini crossbody bag

Try a smaller casual crossbody if you're looking for something that won't draw as much attention like a larger bag might. A small crossbody that's big enough for your phone, wallet, and keys can be the perfect addition to any outfit. Style a brown bag with a colored top and jeans, or throw on shoes that match your bag to bring the look together. If you don't want your entire look to revolve around your bag, consider opting for the smaller style of bag.