Pairing Powder Blush With Liquid Foundation Could Ruin Your Whole Look

Finding a new makeup product that you immediately love is exciting. Not so much is getting home and discovering that your new blush completely clashes or just won't blend with the rest of the makeup that you already own. Certain products just don't work well together, whether that's because of the colors or the type, and mixing powdered blush with liquid foundation could be one mistake you're making when it comes to application.  

Like with any other product, there are pros and cons to both liquid and powder blushes. Ultimately, the choice between them is going to be made based on personal preference, but it's worth noting that whichever one you pick will affect how the rest of your makeup blends with your blush. Aside from possibly applying your blush wrong, using your powdered blush on top of your favorite liquid foundation is a pretty common mistake. 

There are some easy fixes to the problem, though, and you can easily avoid any other issues by simply pairing the type of foundation you're using with the same kind of blush.

Powder blush is harder to blend over liquid foundation

Powder blush doesn't usually blend as well when placed directly on top of a liquid foundation. As celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles informed Self, "If you try to apply a powder blush over liquid foundation, the pigment will streak and be almost impossible to blend." She also pointed out that, in general, cream blush should be used after foundation but before setting your makeup with powder.

If you're using cream blush for the first time, be aware that the color might look more intense than you're used to, but once it's applied, it will blend just as well. Aesthetician Anna De La Cruz explained to Glo Skin Beauty, "Use a light touch with both cream and powder, then build from there." Choosing the right brush does matter when you're applying blush too, so make sure you're using the correct size and shape.

Make powdered blush blend more easily by using powder first

If you're in a pinch and you don't have powdered foundation and powdered blush, or liquid foundation and cream blush, to hand or you just prefer using your liquid foundation and powder blush and don't want to stop, you can still pair the two. There are just a few steps you need to take to make sure everything blends in seamlessly and you won't be left with uneven-looking skin as a result.  

If you don't have a cream blush to pair with your liquid foundation, apply your foundation first and then follow that up with a setting powder to set it properly. Then, you can add your powder blush and blend as usual. The added layer between the foundation and the blush will give it something to blend more easily with, which will help you avoid streaky, patchy-looking blush later in the day.