Use A Heavier Hand When Applying Blush On Designated Photo Days For Better Pics

It can be difficult to figure out how much blush to apply. On a regular day with no photo opportunities or special events scheduled, you might be very light-handed because you don't want to look too rosy-cheeked. On a day that will be heavily photographed, or when you want to take some fun new selfies, however, you'll want to apply more than you would in your normal day-to-day routine to create the perfect camera-ready makeup look

To ensure that your blush looks perfect in all your photos, take one while using the flash before you leave the house or start taking selfies. This will allow you to see if you've used too much or too little product to show up on camera. As professional makeup artist Apollo Barragan told Byrdie, "A little extra bronzer, blush, or both definitely won't hurt." Luckily, if you find that your blush isn't showing up as much as you'd like it to, it's a quick fix.

Use more blush on photo-heavy days

Makeup artist Jenny Patinkin informed Self that one major mistake people often make is not going heavy-handed enough with their blush on big photo days, such as weddings. As she explained, "I tell brides you want to go with 20 percent more blush than you would on a regular day because you want to balance out the lights." Patinkin elaborated, "If you're not wearing enough blush, you can lose the dimension of the cheeks."

Of course, one common mistake of applying blush is also using too much, so there's a middle range to aim for here. Start with less than you think you'll need, snap a few photos to see if it's to your liking, and then add more until you get the desired look. Make sure you've chosen the right shape of brush for your blush too, and be sure to bring both with you if you're going out so you can touch up your makeup throughout the day.

Layer blush products so they last all day

If the highly photographed day you're preparing for will be a long one, like a wedding or a graduation, you'll want your blush to last longer while still remaining visible in photos. To make your blush last all day without touch-ups, consider layering your products. If you're using a powder blush over a liquid foundation, add a layer of translucent powder in between to help the blush blend into your skin more evenly and naturally.

For long-wear days, you should first use your usual cream or liquid blush and then apply powder blush on top of that. Just be sure not to go too heavy with either of the products, since you want more staying power, not more color. Likewise, because you'll be layering them, use less of each than you think you need. Always blend thoroughly using your favorite blush brush, and your blush will look amazing in all of your photos.