How To Bring The Cluttercore Trend To Your Nails

Maximalism is an aesthetic characterized by bold and eclectic choices. Geared towards self-expression, it can be found practically anywhere where the visual is prevalent. As interior designer at White Arrow, Keren Richter told Vogue, "Maximalism is the art of more-is-more; layered patterning, highly saturated colors, ample accessories and art ... and a real sense of playfulness and bold gestures."

With the ongoing resurgence of '90s and Y2K trends, it was only a matter of time before the next era, the 2010s, began trending. You guessed it — it's time for mismatched everything. A forgotten core is on the horizon, maximalism's younger sister: cluttercore. 

Cluttercore can simply be described as having a lot of stuff you like around you. According to BBC, the premise of cluttercore in interior design is filling your space with sentimental pieces without a particular theme but with everything in its rightful place, no matter how disorganized it may appear on the outside. When applied to fashion, cluttercore is taking us back to the original fashion blogger style from the 2010s. According to Refinery29, the likes of Susie Lau and Tavi Gevinson are back. Wearing what you like unapologetically and having fun with patterns, textures, and colors is what it's all about. Refinery29 describes cluttercore fashion as a mixture of different aesthetics of your own choosing, most prominently retro and vintage. Now, you can bring the same enthusiasm to your nail art!

What exactly are cluttercore nails?

The maximalist cluttercore can be applied to different modes of self-expression. Nail art, as an extension of style and preferred aesthetic, is cluttercore trend heaven. The beauty of cluttercore is that there are no rules. What that means for your manicure is that you can do whatever you want, literally.

Actually, there is one rule, and that's for you to put something you love on your nails. You can mix and match whatever design and color come to mind to channel an aesthetic that's most you. You can showcase your favorite artwork on your nails or send a message for a cause you believe in. Anything you care about can be a source of inspiration for the cluttercore manicure — your pets, favorite movie, foods you love ... Anything you might want to carry with you!

You don't need to stop at choosing just one of your favorites. Create a theme unique to you and you only. Combine the likes and manicure techniques of your own choosing to create an original design. If you're loving multiple things right now, showcase them together on your nails! It could be your favorite artwork on a pattern you love at the moment or something completely different. Get inspired and have fun!

How to get cluttercore nails

The 3D nail technique is popping when it comes to the cluttercore trend, as it literally makes nail art pop. Ranging from raindrops on your nails to jewels and flowers, you can choose practically anything to put on your nails. If 3D art is not enough to make your maximalist dreams come true, sculpture manicures are also a fabulous choice for having literal art on the tips of your fingers. You could even rock pierced nails and attach jewelry or any other objects you see fit. With the freedom of expression in design, all you need is the skill to execute your ideas.

Unless you're a nail technician yourself, you'll likely have to visit the nail salon for this trend, and not just any. Not every manicurist can do these techniques, so you might need to switch nail techs to get exactly what you imagined. Make sure to do your research before booking a session.

When creating your unique cluttercore look, don't be shy. Use different techniques together, mix colors, incorporate patterns, and enjoy the process. Remember that all of your likes mix well if you love them!