The Cherry Cola Lip Trend: What Is It And How To Get The Look

Coke is turning out to be a major source of inspiration for beauty trendsetters. The viral Cherry Coke red hair trend is everywhere this season, and who could forget the Coke-inspired makeup collection from Morphe that had cola fans scrambling to get their hands on a palette?

There's just something about that carbonated sweet drink that makes all of us in the hair and makeup community feel kind of bubbly. But the tragic thing is, it seems like no one's really developed a fashionable lip trend inspired by the fizzy pop ... until now.

TikTok has introduced us to the up-and-coming "cherry cola lip trend," a wonderfully buildable lip color that takes your love of soda and combines it with your love of a fashionable lip. Finally, we have a decadent lip trend that embodies cola and isn't an artificial-tasting, cola-flavored lip balm. If you want to get up to date on this trend, we'll show you exactly how to get the look and how it got its tasty name.

Breaking down the cherry cola lip trend

Unlike TikTok's blurry lip trend, which is all about toning down your lip color to make it appear as soft and natural as possible, the cherry cola lip trend was created to stand out. It was made for people who enjoy a luxurious lip color, like something an ultra-fashionable vampire might wear on a night out. It's also tweakable enough that you can wear it to work or out for brunch with friends.

These bold lips are characterized by their rich, deep shades of brown and red. You may not think brown and red were meant to go together, but this trend makes the combo work thanks to sticking to a darker palette. The result is something akin to burgundy or wine red. Makeup artist Mira Parmar agrees; while talking with Refinery29 about the popular trend, Parmar said, "They actually complement each other as the brown gives the definition and the red lends the punch." The colors combine perfectly to create a delightfully similar shade to your favorite cherry-flavored carbonated drink.

Getting cherry cola lips is shockingly simple

Let's keep in mind that cola is the base of any good cherry cola drink. The same concept applies to the lip trend. You'll want to start with a dark brown base and then add your cherry flavoring –- or favorite shade of red -– on top. By doing it this way, you can build on your color to get it looking just the way you like.

To get the look underway, you want to have a dark brown liner and red lipstick or lip gloss on hand. You can also try lining your lips with a dark burgundy color, like Nyx's Shine Loud Vegan High Shine Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Never Basic. You're aiming for that same color combo you see in your cola bottle, so feel free to play around with your shades.Β 

Use the darker color to line your lips, blending it inwards a bit once you've finished lining. Next, add red to the center of your lips and gently press them together to blend the colors. The final step is to layer a clear coat of gloss on top to add some shine. This step is skippable if you're happy with what you've already accomplished. Once you're done, you should have lips that look even tastier than a bottle of Coke.