Infinity Point Lipstick Is The Product You Can Use Without A Lip Liner

Lip liner is an essential step in the makeup application process. If you want a perfect pout, you should apply lip liner before lipstick to ensure that your chosen color stays in place and does not smudge throughout the day. Unless you're going for a Joker-inspired beauty look, you don't want to apply lipstick without a liner and then have it smear across your lips or even your face. 

However, beauty brand Sigma Beauty has created a line of lipsticks that you can try if you want to skip the lip liner step of your beauty routine: Infinity Point lipsticks. Co-founded and launched in 2009 by Dr. Simone Xavier and Rene Xavier Filho, Sigma Beauty is dedicated to creating beauty products to make makeup application easier for its users. 

As their website states, "We're looking to you and your every day for inspiration ... Every innovative beauty tool, texture, formula, and cosmetic color makes your life easier, more fun and uniquely beautiful." So, if you find applying lip liner painful, or just want an easier way to do it, the Infinity Point lipsticks could be the ideal solution. 

What makes Infinity Point lipstick unique?

Sigma Beauty's Infinity Point lipsticks were first launched in 2020 with four shade options; bold red (Ecstasy), nude (Déjà vu), mauve (Temptation), and peach nude (Epiphany). While standard lipsticks come in rounded, cylindrical cases, Infinity Point lipstick is in a patented, teardrop-shaped case. The tip of the teardrop on the back forms a ridge that allows the lipstick to keep its shape over time, as opposed to becoming duller and rounder each time you use it. 

Likewise, the angled shape of the lipstick with its forever point will make it easier to apply on your lips while also negating the need for lip liner. There should be no messy lines over your cupid's bow either. The Infinity Point lipstick colors are designed to be long-lasting, while the cases are heavy-duty to withstand scratches just in case you drop them. Other benefits include that the lipsticks are gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegan, and they are not tested on animals.

What people are saying about the product

Reviewers on the Sigma Beauty website overwhelmingly sang the lipstick's praises. One customer noted that they especially liked how the lipsticks are moisturizing. Another raved about the Temptation shade, adding that "It picks up and pulls out whatever color I'm wearing that day. ... I think this color would look so good on about any skin tone."

In TikTok beauty influencer Erin Dugan Jurchak's video above, she acknowledged that lip liner is a personal beauty fave. Jurchak was therefore unsure whether the lipstick's shape would be enough to replace it. She decided to try the Temptation shade. After applying it, Jurchak showed off the final results to the camera and said, "The lines look great." 

She gave Infinity Point her full seal of approval when she enthused simply, "I'm a fan!" So, if you're ready to forget your lip liner and go for something new, or are simply too lazy to perfect your technique, Infinity Point lipstick is definitely worth a try.